R.T.V. fecit "The revenge of Ziggy Stardust"©All rights reserved

R.T.V. fecit "The revenge of Ziggy Stardust"

"Secret confidential 2" Sitting in the empty bank, I really don't know how to get all money, People mess around, They're too bored, I'm looking for my angel Lily in this crowd, Tell me what to do, I create this bank, Wall Street is bursting, The violence is everywhere, Digital technologies. No more good news for you, I'm breaking through, It's my show and I’m true, I do lie, you will cry too, Do something for yourself, Do something for me, please. ©R.T.V. fecit-21.01.2008
"Supermaster" Usage of my ego for insulative connection, phase labelling and colligation of wire and fire. it can also be used for bandaging fixation,splicing,remedy, encapsukation and protection in the urban industry. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.01.2008
"Supermodel #1" I am real as I am, And I'm culture and I create it, Human,angry,hungry and correctly radical. I am supermodel #1, I've got soul and heart inside, I love my angel Lily, I can love and I can kill. I can work and do rest, I can talk and do protest. I believe in my love. Don't let them see my death Or use my lies, Oooh,I am supermodel, oooh,I am superstar Like you're,kwa,kwa. Supermodel #1, Supermodel #1. I am titan of art, I am lion of culture. ©R.T.V. fecit-24.01.2008
"Problem" -???? -!!!! -O. ©R.T.V. fecit-24.01.2008
I know that I have very nearly been asked blatantly to leave my cyberpunk behind before for Lily Cole, and it strikes me that cyberpunk and love just don't seem to see eye to eye. Either it can't exist right, or, one of the two has to be left behind for the other to function correctly. What strikes me is that love, of all things, should bethe thing to exist in the cyberpunk realm. I mean, amidst the darkness nights and the rain and the wiring and the implants and the information and the weapons and the blood and the violence and the technology, wouldn't love be the thing to keep me going. That sense of warmth that would get you through a world of pain and work, love. Then why is it that love is either not mentioned or simply doesn't seems to achieve much in the world of cyberpunk? Perhaps I'm blind, and maybe someone will point that out, but I'm looking, as always, for Lily's love feedback. ©R.T.V. fecit-26.01.2008
"I am the King of world, I am Zippy God, I can do anything" ©Ruslan Vasilyevich Trohnyuk-01.01.2008
Ruslan Trohnyuk “A dirty snow's gonna fall” (with guitar chords) E A E Oh, where have you been, my blue eyed angel lily? E B Oh, where have you been, my darling young one? A B E I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains, A B E I've walked and I've crawled on sixty-six crooked highways, A B E I've stepped in the middle of seventy-seven sad forests. A B E I've been out in front of a thousand dozen dead oceans, A B E I've been hundred thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard. E B E A And it's a dirty, and it's a dirty, it's a dirty, and it's a dirty E B E A E And it's a dirty snow's gonna fall, I do my love, And so on's cyber blues song. ©Ruslan Vasilyevich Trohnyuk-02.01.2008
"Never sleep with anyone crazier than Zippy" - Zippy's laws on sex -
*** Hello, America! I protested screaming Laying on the stage floor Jumble up! No more romantic vision! No more beads and flowers She said .."Whoa! Fuck me tender!" Yeah, I'm the vulture, Wacky vulture of post-modern culture My horrible hair-do… Hey,kids! Will you wait for me? Will you love me as you do it now? Going downhill I need the wings to touch the sky Hello, goodbye! ©Zippy Kid,king of world
Personal protective clothing is to be worn at all times when handling chemicals, I use my smile to be radical. I want to sleep. ©Zippy Kid,king of world
[ml_pmp] syncOnConnect_time=1199107301, I am devil's advocate. ©Zippy Kid
"First love" One night I was playing cards, I decided to go for it. We lay struggling on the floor, We started to kiss passionately for the last time. She kissed me like the girl who knew what she wanted. The act itself didn't last long, She didn't say anything tender or loving, We started to kiss passionately for the last time. I felt happy, I like my poses to be provocative and tasteful At the same time. I suppose I was dying.She looked fantastic. ©Zippy Kid-2008
"Lucky escape" I see her walking, I see her talking with all my friends, I'm shadowed under you're like some thunder I wanna be your lover. I wanna fuck you, I wanna copy you all night long, In winds of passion my heart is falling, I wanna get you and then Oooh you're strange, Don't lame me angel strange Don't lame me lady, The city's shaking, I ain't faking Lily this is the beginning, I'm overloaded, my head exploded I wanna get you and then survive in this civilization. ©Zippy Kid-2008
"Lily the sexy." Lily the sexy has eyes of sea blue, She wears shining latex That you can see through with her pretty face And her unique hungry look, She will break me. ©Zippy Kid-2008
"Blonde sexy bombshells" Lift the ring and bend it back, Pull up and peel back. ©Zippy Kid-2008
"Lust and her embrace" When the moon has wept upon the restless lake And the whores steal in with ease Covened wolves are their eerie dissonant napes In adoration of the devil and her "You call me dominant...." And I will come, as if in dream My languid, dark and lustrous English Queen Of vengeful, ancient breed of sorrow, Gilded with the pelts of many enemies Erishkigal, raven-haired Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair I can taste thy scent by candlelight. Legs of porcelain traced and laced to their lair Appease the beast on spattered sheets Dyed unearthly red as sobriety weeps Eternity.... She shall come for me A black velvet painting sprung to elegant glamour life Like a poignant Madonna perverted to night, And I have ridden from the westerning light To expend my lust, Tear away her latex dress Know that I will escape from your death, Surrendered to the splendour of her sharpened caress Lily! The pale moonlight Weaves a poetic spell of vital protest and decline Of mist and moth and the hunger inside Kisses took to fever and the fever, demise "Through twilight, darkness and moonrise My angel tears will rape me As stolen blood and whispered love Of fantasies undone" Rape me tender. Countess swathed in ebony And snow-white balletic grace Her rouge-filmed lips procure the wish For lust and her disgrace Lust and her embrace, Sperm on her pretty face. We shall flit through the shadows Like a dream of (were)wolves in the snow Under deadly nightshade Still warmed with the kill's afterglow Beneath the stars thy flesh bedevils me (Beneath the stars taste the death in me) Bequeath to me thy fiery kiss To sever thin mortality Lily My heart is thine Thy fragrant words Warm within like wine.... You are in my dreams, The darkness in my eyes, The rapture in my screams Fetish Goddess arise, You are in my dreams, The darkness in my eyes, The rapture in my screams. Fetish Goddess arise "Let me come inside With eyes like Asphodel Moon-glancing, loose desires free To writhe under her spell" Ereshkigal, raven-haired Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair I know thy scent by candlelight Immortal flesh I yearn to share Appease the beast on spattered sheets Dyed malefic red as sobriety weeps She's my lady Eternity She shall rape me.... Nevermore,Nevermore,Nevermore,Nevermore, Unfurl thy limbs breathless succubus How the full embosomed fog Imparts the night to us.... Lily, My heart is thine Thy fragrant words Warm within like wine... Another day to go nowhere, Another day to go nowhere, Another day to go nowhere, Let me live my life my way, Living it from day to day, I'll do the things that I want to do, It's up to me not up to you, It's my freedom, Go away, go away, Kiss me, be naked. ©Zippy Kid-2008
I didn't think you couldn't hurt me, I love you, I destroy you,I destroy you, I,I please you, You were giving head to my dick, I am your slave, you're my queen, lick my ass, It's my fire. ©Zippy Kid-2008
“Lily” You look just like Lily Cole: Well you look like her to me – (Don’t be stupid it’s Lily Cole). The way she burn my core of my ego. Oh, the way she love to be. I've not seen her forever though I've heard she's my goddess. (She's my goddess) So keep dreaming and do what you do, I love you but I know things are gonna get better. I love you. And please stop asking, kiss me, kill me. Oh, keep dreaming you know that you deserve better. Yeah you know that you save me from my insanity. Oh Lily.I love you.Empty problems. ©Zippy Kid, king of minimal music and postmodern blues orchestra.
"Vacuum void" Like a mirage riding on the desert sand, Like a vision floating with the desert winds, You dive in my secret dreams, She knows the secret of the ancient desert lands I am the keeper of the mystery in her tender hands, She's my sweet baby, She's my tender burst of this world. I am Zippy God,Ruslan Trohnyuk. I am King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS, agent 009 of C.I.A.,real director of C.I.A., superhero,husband of Lily Cole,greatest hacker,cyberpunk. ©Zippy Kid, king of post rock, crunk and sympho death grind cyber fresh raw noise.
"Passion" I can’t remember When I am young, I can’t explain If it was wrong. But my life goes on But not the same Into your blue eyes My face remains happy, I’ve been so high, I’ve been so down, Up to the skies, Down to the ground. I was so blind I could not see Your paradise, your shining light, Lily Is not for me? I’ve been so high, I’ve been so down, Up to the sky, my angel. Down to the ground Into your blue eyes My face remains I’ve been so high, I’ve been so down, Up to the cyberheaven, Down to the ground, I can’t remember, When I am young Into your blue eyes My face remains lonely, Into your blue eyes, My face remains happy, Kiss me, I want you. ©Zippy Kid, king of punk rock and abstract hip-hop.
"Rotary Hammer" I'm gonna show you that king of abstract hip-hop don't always win, So when I am six feet under, I won't wonder why, I do love for my queen, get into the groove Sexy girl you've got to prove your love to me, yeah, Get up on your feet, yeah, step to the broken beat Sexy angel what will it be our immortality. I love to see you dancing, my queen Lily. Live out your fantasy here with me, Just let the music set you free, Kiss my body, and move in time Now I now you're mine, Feel the silky touch of my caresses, Whisper do you love me? I want you badly.I want to free my soul, I want to free my soul. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, king of punk rock and abstract hip-hop.
"Steam Clean Guide" 1.Fill water folowwing guide line (water level) outside the water bowl. (The line is about 50 ml.) ©His majesty Zippy Kid, king of punk rock and abstract hip-hop. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, director of CIA
I'm worth a million in prizes Yeah, I'm through with sleeping on the sidewalk No more beating my brains, No more beating my brains With the liquor and drugs... With the liquor and drugs... Everything is happy way to be happy guy. I've got conceptual art... I've got straight edge. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, director of CIA
© Twang-2008 ©R.T.V. fecit ©"The Raptiles"+"Gouache"+"She smiles" ©DJ Zippy Freak ©Written by R.T.V.(©Ruslan Trohnyuk) ©Zippy Kid-2008 No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006 ©Ruslan Trohnyuk ©Никакая часть даного издания не может быть воспроизведена, передана, переписана, помещена в поисковую системуи переведена на любой язык или компьютерный язык, в любой форме и во всех значениях, электронным, механическим, магнитным, оптическим,химическим, ручным или любым другим способом без предшествующего моего разрешения.©Руслан Трохнюк

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