R.T.V. fecit-"77 sonnets for Lily Cole" Cyberdrive of my impressions©All rights reserved

1 Break and catch the future, The future is now, let’s kiss! Breath life into your mouth, Psychedelic vibrations, Dangerous elements of technology, I built for her landscape Of isolating sonic textures. We survive in contemporary society, Slide to my clear space. Search engines is killing extra environment. Faked cryptography for lonely community. Ignore the system! Kiss me. I love you. 23.02.2007
2 It's now or never Come to fuck me, Hold me, be mine tonight. Tomorrow I will fade. My heart is yours, Lily. I learn who I am, I'm playin' my abstract jam. I am insane, I am the clown, I am king of world, I need your lips, It's the flame, say:"Hello!" Do this mistake, don’t worry. 23.02.2007
3 Everything is fine, I am playin' my game, I belong to her, I am her slave, It's the rhythm and raw noise, It's my sperm and her hot lips. Come on, phone, crawling phone. Some stupid guys tryin' to buy my art. I love you Lily Cole. Run over, run to escape. I want to hold you, I want to wash your face With the cold water. Wake up, get up, be yourself, Wake up, get up, be yourself. 26.02.2007
4 Chelsea is mindless. Be my white angel, be my black whore. I am your lover forever, please you, Please me, shine on, turn off, Jump in my soul, create and destroy, I give you all my love, all my love. My information is killing London, New York, Moskow, Los Angeles, I am jobless. The money is useless forever. The crowds are dead. We will survive, we are strong. The revolution, the war, the protest. 26.02.2007
5 Ibiza,Viveenne Westwood and Beastie boys, You're inspired with my raw noise. Sex Pistols,T-shirt,modern spam, It's my real life with found objects. Are you ready to burn "Hard rock cafe"? Whores are too ugly and stupid, I wanna be cyberparanoid, Wearing red heels,stayin' here naked. Back in Brooklyn,she's superhero. Tea ceremonies of all genres, Zippy's club is still popular and attractive, Quite a few guests invited. Feed is adapted to European taste. Ice-cream is the only exception. The shabby mirrors are broken. 03.03.2007
6 Cyberfunturistic,data 00, Things that lovers do, In the name of Lily Cole, I got all property,pret-a-porter, She's superhero and I am too shy, New York city and turntable extraordinaire. Zippy Kid mixed logos and kisses for your look. Z,z,z,z,z,the last remix, Robbie Williams and Zippy Kid, She's my secretary,die another century, Catch 009,homies, Zippy Kid strikes back. 06.03.2007
7 Let's spend the life together, Armagedddon is over, I am served as a go-between from seed To the unseen world, i cured the sick, I gave advice and passed on wisdom From thе other side, Taboo of necrophilia on the big screen, Be happy with your body,slim strong desire, To be sexy,she want to marry a good husband, where do my files go now? It's love and I love you, I am screaming,the day goes by. I'd never seen her fresh lips. 07.03.2007
8 Metal wood,fire,earth and water, Cubic meters of spam, Aid is meaningless,her eyes are burning me, It's time to blow this fire outside, Noise,noise,believe the lie,pure noise. Zippy's Cola is bad,drink green tea, Blecker street is ready for winner, Birmingam and London.Crawley. South Africa,Iam prepared for love and fame. Her fat free mass is made of water,i'll be her lover, I'll be her lover forever, Lonely office clerk. 07.03.2007
9 All the tools I need to complete my mission Is in my battle with her surpise, I was happy when I met you, Tell me something, Play with me as fast and wild as you can, The speakers blew up during my show, She just wouldn't stop talking, I'm shadow of fantastic shoegazing, Building my begining,loopy rthytm, She will contact me once,her flesh of my flesh, My flesh of her flesh. Say she comes,say she comes. 08.03.2007
10 I am coming right to your lips,Lily, Your breath is too fresh for me, Insanity is cyberescape,it's the beats And voices for everybody,get funky, Content of my data is immortal, I am stayin' hungry,I am stayin' king, Resisitance,underground,feel happy, She's real queen of abstract hip-hop style. I am back to save the world, Stop spam monster,whisper for me, We need peace and records of Elvis. 08.03.2007
11 Letters for gods and fetish girls, They are too sexy,pop faked jazz, Empty heads,silence,scream inside my void, Poetic boom,I broke it all, Rabbits,abortion kills children, Her big red boots with slim hells Showed how to pump my sperm out, Suck it for for nothing,suck it for nothing, Eat it alive,her blue eyes, Сlubs,flowers,stockings,suddenly she kissed me. 08.03.2007
12 Elevator operated,heat up, I kissed her halthy,shiny,sexy hair, Urban shine of my New york City, She's girl in my life, She made great style too. Zip-hop,we received a trip for two to NYC, Throw away tickrts to a broadway show,kissed on Madison avenue, Yes, I love you,Lily Cole, I adore your absolutely divine curls, I want to kiss your shiny lips, ...what could be greatest, I transform my dreams and get inspired. 09.03.2007
13 Lonely beats for queen of abstract hip-hop, She's makin' slogans on her T-shirt, Give me more raw noise,we control this world, Do you want to kill me now,say you can do it, The fear of death is my protest, DNA for C.I.A.,immortal insanity, Her samples changed everything,now she's my queen, She was terrified,her hippie soul is under my control. I changed everything inside my head, I changed this cyberworld, I am still fighting with you. 09.03.2007
14 Lift the ring and bend it back, Pull up and rel back, Bring the beat back,bring the beat back, Total massive attack,industrial blues, She's too sexy in black shoes, She's too sexy in red shoes. She gave me the greatest spam, I want to be your man, I want to be her man. It's my greatest problem, Her spring fragnance, I am from Chicago, my name is Hugo Pip, Lift the ring and bring the beat back. No more styles,it's all global. 09.03.2007
15 They're dying in clubs,naked and lazy, Open your doors and see your difference, They're monsters,explode in my last episode, The show is over,break the system, Tell the truth,sing my blues, Twinkle,twinkle,save our future, It's your world,visit my grave, Remember I am your slave, Freeze my teeth,survive,remove me. 09.03.2007
16 That's how the story began. I wrote the primitive grafiiti and my logo was "ZF". I studied in the Kharkiv national university. I was romantic student, I was dirty,tryin' to chnage myself. I became the gretest freak,I became the greatest producer. The teachers gave me the knowledge. But I went out with my little plastic pink ball. I was out of control,washing myself. I look inside myself and I found here the light, I am dying with my love Lily Cole, Crown my queen,she's my torture. 09.03.2007
17 The clear frozen lake with my blood, The light of the day is fading out. Look at me,using limited material for my life. Design my death at this faked fashion pop show. Rthythms of the Indian raga,boring ambient. It's my pwn home private apocalypse. Fetsih queen and LA police, Earthworks and drawings. Culture is strange,kill and hate, Rip my face,shake your tits, You're too tired of my spam. 09.03.2007
19 Some kind of dirty variations, Yohji Yamamoto and royal strong gothic, Be depressive with my twang depression, You're too sexy in this cyberspace, Ugly croco and golden lion's reflection, Chelsea and Notting Hill, Digital greatest blues corporation, Protect me from the bullets and stupid records, I am your king, you're my girlfriend. I am licking her wet tits, dreams, Fetish dreams, greatest flip. 10.03.2007
20 I come to you and tell where's the light, I will promise your name for ever and ever, Lily Cole in you I take refuge, She replied, he replied, Then I heard a voice from heaven say, I go my way till the end, you will rest in my bed, Be my bride, I know where you will stay. I write down my revelation, Let all the Earth be silent, Take me up, take me away. 10.03.2007
21 I suffer without your love, I am dying and I can't escape, Soap to wash myself from this pain, Foam to build my stones, Who is like the wise freak? Let it go, This is too meaningless, Let me kiss you with my kisses of my mouth, Here she comes again, Burning project. I will put my trust in her. They do what I will say, I leave Babylon, I married to a prostitute. 10.03.2007
23 There are tears published in my digital book each year, Giving me idea, content, style. I love your smile, Lily Cole, I hear your steps, your high heels, You're stupid, you're my whore, Say we make some hard core, The vibrancy and diversity of this society, Literary scene is ready for my jam, I'm the last samurai with my powerbook, Come here to see the king, The guns are the law, The guns are broken. 10.03.2007
24 Telling your stories, the world of plastic surgery, Analysis of failures, rivalry and lust, Dawning satire of strong atmospheric, Allegory of single exploration, she is angry, I doesn't have to be a killer, I doesn't have to be her victim, Love story, set in cyberspace, Teenage paranoia and great escapism, The lives of ordinary people in the heart of the capital, Contemporary claustrophobic relationships of the their secrets, check your mind. 10.03.2007
25 Rip her vagina, sex and guns, Shots of drugs, burning magazines, Do you ready to crawl, Do you ready to control this world, Stupids try to sell new dope of shit, Boss is dead, his chair is free, Be connected to my raw noise, Breath, tomorrow will be too late, It's the life, it's the highway to spell. My friends are dead, get up from dust. Do it once again, catch this flame, The return of clown, shake your tits, Lily Cole, I adore your light, Special song for your corpse. 10.03.2007
26 Through the eternity we travel, Our speed is the most fast, We're stars, we're papers. We're space invaders,we're crazy, We're happy,I am Zippy Kid, You're Lily Cole, It's the burst of this rotten world, Raw noise, bad smell, fetish hell, psychedelic spell, You're free, I am free, I love you. We're conected in cyberreality. 11.03.2007
27 Condor, acess all areas, code is yours, The mentor,I'll b there, 414, 2006,Zippy Cracker, legion of doom, Welcome to my room, heart of stone, Hacker's zone, copyright to my virus, Do you ready to download, Wall are dirty,I'll be there for you, Steal secret info, destroy all data, Arrest of Zippy Kid's server, Burning servers, cybercreation, I feel love to Lily Cole, I am dead. 11.03.2007
28 Steps to nowhere, confused, naked, She's saint and shy, she got this cyberspace, Overload, cybervibe, harmony, Dance with me, her majesty Lily Cole, Fading in the purple mist, insanity, Broken glass on the stage, Kissing her shoulders, screaming, The silence is melting my brains, Stop, stop, wake up, her face is perfect, The world is burning, it's the fading of poetry, Load this gun and shoot me. 12.03.2007
29 The monster in the city, I did the greatest spam, I do love for Lily Cole, she's my fetish angel, Dominate, do your love, love and resist, Diamonds are dust for my boots, I'm rapist and victim, sonic arrow, I'm slave in this cybercar, Run, fly, I will find you, Show me all your love, my black angel. Be my sweett pain, turn around, Jump down, dive in this window. 13.03.2007
30 Run, Lily, stay, run, it's all the same, But the system is broken for my love, I hate it all and covered floor with my blood, I can't survive without your love, "Virgin" corporation is closed, I sold all my art, pure hardcore, We love them all, we eat them alive. Do this cyberdrive, smile on this cyberdrive. My real Mona Lisa, my angel, my queen, beat my drum and all weapon is broken. The peace, satisfaction, baby, Get me there. 14.03.2007
31 Fuck me, suck my dick be my slave, Nowhere, I am dominant, dig my corpse, Let me kiss your tongue, no more air, Breath control, next dirty game, I am broken, I am broken, total enclosure, I am your slave, no more escape, cracks, Break the system, kill your future, Burn myself in this crowd, I am tired, This is faked escape, I do my love, Her eyes are the gates to cyberheaven. 19.03.2007
32 All my tenderness will cover you, I protect you from enemies, I wil die for you, but the reason is to stay alive and survive, One drop of water breaks the silence in my little bathroom, I start new declaration in my 26th spring, You broke me, you got me, you're kool, Do it, you're my muse, I am your toy, Blank page for nothing, I am happy that I love you. 29.03.2007
34 I wrote twang scenario of my T-mix. Are you ready to be my help asisstant? It's only show, it's only show. It's so hard to make it, It's only love, it's only love. Kiss me Lily,kiss me my angel, She killed me suddenly, I can't write I am dead. It's the burst of thi sworld,it's over, BBC vs. ZK,CNN vs. ZF, "Rolling Stone" mag vs. "Crawling phone" mag.
35 Her sensitive skin needs my vitamin, I am sitting on the top of the world. Drops of melting gold are foaming. Wake up,it's april morning. I found Iggy Pop's records. I made simple TV text. I am without money,I am jobless gorilla. "Jack Daniels" is broken,the burst of supermarket, Our target group is dead.She is not sad. I am kool as Radiohead. 04.04.2007
36 Lily Cole is coming,Zippy Freak is coming. Broken skateboard, don't touch my heart, Sludge core,stoned billboard, Hate, demon, noise, whore, Love, angel ,music, baby, Bottoms of picopop,nintendocore, I want more, I need all your love. Black tatoo,megabillionaire Zippy's club. Graffiti is spam on this walls. Tony Hawk vs. Zippy Kid,backflip. Dead bodies anywhere,jibbing. Deep ambient escape. 07.04.2007
37 I am lonely.You're girl. My name is...You're Lily Cole, Now you will find me layin' naked here, The clock is fast engine.Beat the drum, Money for paint and free warm fan. Are you ready to print her spam? I feel you. I kill you. Emo for tank primitive drug. I burned the flags of Ukraine, Stop the peace, sport is air, I don't care, I don't care, I love you, I love Lily Cole. 08.04.2007
38 The ball, the look, fashion glam, Ho wto love her, I don't know, Too tired after superjump, Madonna is dead, Robbie Willlams is freezing in my office, Groove on, it's my strange dream, I realize my dreams in this world, It's very easy to groove in.. Seven, twelve, two, my cybervibe, Bottles of poison, fight inside empty house, Reality is my corporation's tool, Mistake will fade after her coming. 08.04.2007
39 Sunflower's seeds everywhere, We're tryin' to hide our weapon, Date of production, mass destruction, Let's be all together, I am lonely, All shadows are here, true magic, Files will delete your passion, Standing and smiling, Tell me you're mine, It's the greatest stealth. The death is over. 08.04.2007
40 She's my whore, I adore to shot in my heart. She's very talented,she gives me pleasure. I want her to kill me. I can be sure that it's good. Believe in one's own fantasies. It's great feeling of satisfaction. I like what I am doing now.Repent, I don't mind too much if I shock anyone. She likes waht I am doing. Billons of people have come to see and to kill me. Empty clubs full of guns. Are you ready to die? 08.04.2007
41 Lily Cole was so kind, kind of blowjob I'd never seen, the elephant is big, I'm screaming, I met you this way, I like her still, she said she knew, She would trust me,she burned her tapes, I'm microbiologist of contemporary art, I began to sing along and realize Her nudity in this cyber-reality. I was lying in bed thinking about Watching you masturbating. Brutal orgasm of Lily Cole. Shizophrenia of LA-ism, lot of stuff. 08.07.2007
42 All around me, all around us, Bouncing tracks, she bacame a drug addict, The kingdom is here, be the death of art, I can do nothing, the romance of technology, It's getting better, it's coming up around, Dance music is fading in her futuristic voices, Do everything, Detroit changed, Everybody can make it using my way, Real life is mantra for her slow speed, Oh, yeah, I get that feedback, Flickering strobe lighting, The teenage chickens stared to my first act of fellatio. 08.04.2007
43 Hamburg, Koln, Perm, Riga, Search for data, Post art is over, flexible as possible in order To meet the needs of the individual, Candidate, normal way, intelligence, I am the man who rise the Earth, Desolation, frustration, bittersweet melancholy, Eveyone is creative in my own hell, Wallfire executive board, diagonal, curved, Horizontal, now you will learn all, All about all, You feel good about yourself. 08.04.2007
44 Agressive emcee style is the result of work, Down nice and easy, kicks, rewind, Edgy bass, glitch, resurfacing of memories, Her feeling of "oneness" with the Universe. Micrograms of noise, anxiety, I escape from reality, Loss of the boundary, she kissed me, I tell in the white house, Where's Zippy Kid? Let me change all this world, It's hyperfantantastic stereo, All masks off, all weapon off. One click and evebody is ready to spread her power. She's the flower. 08.04.2007
45 Afterlife, cybervibe, jump and slide, Aftermath, new wave, glamour, dream, You're sold, you're sold. I bought it all, strange slowcore, You're dead, you're dead, it's the war, The lamp of stigmates, I found myself, It's evolution of all versions, They all gone crazy, maybe forever, Yes, I said forever here, carrot, Dust, sit here and don't talk, I control this world forever. I started my own private home era. 08.04.2007
46 I think about you, I just won't to be pervert, I just want you to promise me that, You'll show this fire, I'm already dead, Spasms, breath, she liked to be naked, Adult paly, heavy rubber, only Lily Cole, All temples are burning, come back to me, Vibe will cover your grave, Her gloves and stockings are part of the etiquette of service. She's real angel, she's queen on my art. 11.04.2007
47 I asked myself why humankind is tryin' To get this stuid aim, waste and destroy, The progress is the step to nowhere, Sometimes it can be the most stupid idea, Be creative or do nothing, Inspired by her blue eyes, I found more Than paradise in my heart, More than flame, I am insane in my fashion, I've got reaction, broken mathbox, empty hands, She's mine, I'm hers,open the doors, Save yourself from spam. 08.04.2007
48 I don't be aggresive,scream and shout, The atmoshere is getiing bored. I've lost myself somewhere, Corporation is over.It's the freedom, It's her own property,it's her own property. I stole myself,I kill myself. Hangin' with blues riff, she's lonely. She's free, she's saint, don't fade away. I am stupid, but I control her purity. 11.04.2007
49 My family is greatest for me, shopping, I am writin' these lines for real gansters, Change your ways, change your ways, Repent, confess, protest, my name is eternity, Study, my mark is the highway, Dead frozen food from cybermarkets, I am part of television, empty balls, Faked time, faked news, it's all old, I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you forever. 11.04.2007
50 It's the simple trumpet,the golden bricks, the magic, I am king of the world,I am king of the magic, I am king of art, It's my sonnet about feelings and strange moods. It's mood in love.Get it right,I made my movie. No more money for humankind. Thanks,it's our life. 12.04.2007
51 Where can Lily sleep,the modest rose, The Lilly white bless,pretty joy, Her divine image is bad,come and lick me, Hyperterrorshock,we can be youthful pair, Rising the night,we're holy, The time is to open the doors of perception, Infinite virgins of youth and her feet, Cradle of lust,sweet streams, The blast of my power is over, I hear how London blasts tears. Turn away th elaw from humankind, Live in my cave,she's naked in the sunny beams delight, Opposition is my true breakbeat. 12.04.2007
52 Let me kiss your soft face,so do you, Inside the human breasts all my gods, wet from my water,turn me away, I said she's flower,start to dance, We're kool,I love to change the world, Her tender wings of exuberance is calling off the names, Stop this worship. 12.04.2007
53 She's in my heart,she's in my soul, I love her,I cry, Riot is the spring,she's my queen. 12.04.2007
54 Yellow light,star shower,secret world, Tom's death, shadow of Marylin, Stereo, hot wire, swim suit, Lights in, hits of divine genetic, I am free to be wildflower,washing sea, Kissability,mary teen, total fashion trash, Pacific white trouble, exit from art, Street rats, waste of dude dreams. 12.04.2007
55 I came along to call it, copy, dirty, Something superbeautiful evil is cold, She's real, I am real, reality, How I escaped from clouds, forever, She's here, she's burned my eyes, It's my world, all property is mine, Sit here and do your work, My ideas are immortal. 12.04.2007
56 When you look at Adam, he could be just as well as me, Article, photo, diagram and drawning Published worldwide, dazzling palaces, Museums and 56 million souls, They suffered a bit of century crisis, Before and during, abstract hip-hop era, Let's move New York there, Burn slot machines,stop tea ceremonies, Turn off stylish space, superhigh prices, Cybercity is over,ice-cream, country is over. 12.04.2007
57 No more teenahe dreams,but it's all nothing, I've got all I wanted,crazy hapiness. Live in your stupidity,heaven's rape, Kick it all,use my riffs,use my fingers. The time will tell al my truth. 12.04.2007
58 You're mine,I want you too bad. Jump in my bed.All right.I've got you. Thanks.It's the last day,I am top art producer. Music creating,design' making,video data, Exclusive slogans' production, Sculpture production,media support, Web study,be human on this island. 12.04.2007
59 What's about modern art? Too much noise. Listen to sounds of nature. Ressurection, This is my way to escape from my depression, Be happy with modern technology, This is label for Eminem and his friends, Study to learn beats,destroy world's madness, I throw away my fame, We know each other, stop this show. Stop this search, I love them all. It's not dangerous, gansta rap is over. 12.04.2007
60 The television of industrial dumb, Her deplorable passion and she's angel, She's tender,she's corner,she's my hell, She's beastie alien,she's real girl, She's exquisite frivality,she's my insanity, Mind how you cross the street,modern order, Shaky structure of lonely streets, She's sacred croco,news about Lily Cole. 12.04.2007
61 Grand and hard,I am horse on Royal Ascot, I sold all her stuff at Art Basel, Everybody's kool,run Lily Cole, run. You're be the reason to kepp this world alive. This world is free,do your love,Lily, Grand hotel,majestic logo di maggiore, Poetry will save my heart,gamble, Art will save humankind,Crystal Palace,wasteless spam. 12.04.2007
62 I can wait forever.Throw away flowers And drugs don't work,be my lover, Dismanter,major labels,disown rainy slip, Click,mystery and reward industry, Freeze,freeze,cluck and caw, Girl,be my lover,Lily,be my whore. 12.04.2007
63 All that she said,I forget In your black'n'white movie, Don't believe in radio noise, I don't need to cross this universe, Dive in this cyberspam,stay here, I dissapear in the sunбефлу it all away, Breath with dust,no more reason to make this freedom useless. 12.04.2007
64 Open and grow,the lights,lonely nights, I am dangerous,feel this way, I hate to stay there, sit and relax, 13 steps to her ballads of fashion, Vogue of summer,they don't know how To survive without this little lamp. She's mine,wasteless time. 12.04.2007
65 Create and drink,cry,see the light, We're humankind,eat and break,sit and relax, Show your teeth,smile,bring the noise out, Why I do this job? The future will tell more, Clean and be mean,stop the time, Your blue eyes are the keys to my soft skin. Anarchy of eather,slide to her hell. It's the snowfall of modern rock'n'roll.
66 Tonight we hold hands in the last dance. Love song,you kill m ewith your knife, You want to steal this world, Do it,your hands are weak, Be my freak,she said:"Never". I love her forever,she's Lily Cole. 14.04.2007
67 The subway of my kingdome,I dive there, Kiss my insanity,nothing to steal, "F-117",funk is new,rhythm and noise, Beastie Boys use one component polyurethane foam "Magic PRO". I made for her slowcore, She don't want me anymore. 14.04.2007
70 She's my rain,she's my joker, She's my skyscraper,She's my 70's, She's newspaper,she's private studio, She's my sectet room,she's the boss, She's real lady,she's dope London, She's vitality,she's natural quality, She's all the goodness of me,she's cyberreality, She helps to revitalise my mind and body. 14.04.2007
71 She's my silent radio,she's my spy. I am her dirt,I am her slave, Empty coffin of this lonely highway. I saw our changes,lead me, I worship you,true love waits, Kill me with your velvet heels. Ask me when it will end your insanity, I need you to survive. 17.04.2007
72 All my life is the sand of time, Cyberfuture is mine,she's my silence, My heart is yours,open my doors. My declaration is dying in the space of spam, I need to surf worldwide. Tonight be my whore, I adore you. 17.04.2007
73 "A life in the play" I watched the news about Zippy Kid who loves Lily And I understand who is Zippy Kid I saw his face in the mirror. I watched the movie "The Matrix4:overload" I'd love to kiss you, Lily Wake up, drink green tea, make twang sensation, Support "The Rolling Stones", Raw noise, twang tour. I watched the news about Lily Cole who kissed Zippy And I check my face, dirty from her lipstick. And I said to myself, Now I've got myself satisfied, I want to bи your freak. Are you ready for this final chord, I repeat it tonite. 1.04.2007
74 Dreamlike project is boasting, Her bones are my kisses, Through my bad mmories,wipe off my blood. Zeo,zero,waste myself,take all my love, She's my fantasyбрук waves are the symbolic exchange of our souls. We're cold,we're virtual. It's the brutal technology of machine and human bodies. 17.04.2007
75 Her majesty Lily Cole,queen of abstract hip-hop, Are you ready to form this myriad Of smiles and radical paradigms? My living organic structure of real magic is swaying in the breeze. Extraordinary jurney to her cathartic moments of pearling freedom. It's the absolute atiitude of her intimate creative system. 17.04.2007
76 This world is transformed by my love. water sounds,my goal is to kiss you, You can see the light inside of my heart. I'm very optimistic,I wanna be your freak. 17.04.2007
77 Bring myself,becoming Zippy Kid Was always the key aspect of my art. Absurd news on stage without editor, I met her,she's my temple. I need exile from this world. Rebellious attitude of my vital galvanizing sunrise. Her satisfiyng pussy is burning me. 17.04.2007
©R.T.V. fecit-2008 ©His Majesty Ruslan Trohnyuk ©Zippy Freak-2006 ©Zippy Kid-2007 ©Ruslan Trohnyuk-2007 ©Written by R.T.V.(Ruslan Trohnuk) No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©R.T.V. fecit-2007 ©Руслан Трохнюк-2007 ©His Majesty Zippy Kid,King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS ©Zippy Freak ©Gouashe All rights reserved

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