йR.T.V. fecit"Zippy Kid loves Marina Marina"(Zippy's song of songs)йAll rights reserved(For Marina Marina)

(Dedicated to Marina Marina and Turtle Rita Gammarus) "Dub it"
Map up, Good start, Protective shutter Replacing cartridges, Pull her towards. Vinyl tape complete, Fixing roller is dirty, Close the left cover, Put the copy tray back In the paper box, Among various models, Do not break, breakbeat your mind, One attached, several times, Be careful, in a car, Abrupt changes. йR.T.V. fecit-10.2009йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Dark magenta"
My dick is hot, It's full of sperm, I'm back in this club again, New grooves, new escape. I hard these voices Screaming inside my head, They called me down in the house of calm. Her lips were wild, She is dead now. I can't believe it, I closed her eyes. When I was crawlin' to nowhere, My lust fluttered so wild, When I was crawlin' to nowhere, My lust fluttered so wild. I didn't care where I'm goin' I felt the enormous beast inside. I have ten horns and seven heads, Each head is my own. My smart mind, the creative shot, Tears zip, zip, zip-hop. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"God save the Earth"
I'm flowing from one form to another, I'm dissolving in her cell membranes. God save the Earth, I will save the universe. Large metropolises need me, I wanna be pure, Washing my body, Regulating global and regional climate I take away many different shapes. God save the Earth, I will save the universe in the cycle of spiritual powers. I was regarded as basic stuff for all rituals. йR.T.V. fecit-2009йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Time is memorizing future"
My great deal of vitality, Burning hotels, equipment, Chemical products, She has a huge potential For developing this support, The Dnieper is ideally positioned To bring the best of Ukraine to me, Ongoing status, She ensures economic growth Ukraine and USA will be Happy to invite you to come Around to see her service. I'm official dealer of space, Planning, right decision in time. The way forward is here, The real keys to success, It's also driven by my power In the name of democracy, You will stop the war, I changed the key points with My dynamic, your strategy failed to the end, The formation of the winner started here. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йZKйRuslan Trohnyuk
"Pinktastic microface"
Pink bouquet, Brilliant merlot, Bring out the black, ice and fire. Rose quartz, Oh, my girl, Keep it boosty and glam, Delight'n'shine, Sunlight. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Home summer driving machine wishes to build up On blonde hair direct to my architecture of sun"
Of course, she will be kissing me, So be prepared to pay more for my CD-Rs, Pull it back, try to point Till the wee hours of the morning, Those pretty girls have nothing to say, I bought the entire universe With her minimum reflection, Forever, new, now, blue eyes, I'm super famous, Monte-Carlo, I've got all jewelers, I create style, the big screen, Bling, IТm king of treasure, Udai Bilas, She's vogue, sheТs glamour, Las Vegas, high heels, pearls, Marina Marina, Creme-gel, fat fighters, I have won. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
I lost my black NY classic adj Adidas cap, When they stole my "Sony walkman DNE720sm" And headphones "Sony MDR-G42LP". I didn't believe in trademarks, Com-sites,, I believe in love, abstract hip-hop style, I love my parents, "Sennheiser HD212 pro". I love you, I love Marina Marina. IТm mixing beats, sound pieces from recording sessions At different studios. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Breakbeat hotel California"
You're helping to crown me, 2nd King of rock'n'roll, It's the first show of abstract hip-hop era, I dominate the charts,doo-wop,boogie-woogiie, She sabotaged my career, Jimi Hendrix used the Fender Stratocaster model Guitar, dig it here, trucks escape! I'm commercial artist, pop art is over. I hate Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I have individuality and non conformity, mARS records are distributed globally, I was putting in the universe to bring you the truth. йR.T.V. fecit-05.01.2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"The Matrix: New groove for naked lesbians"
I'm devil; IТm king of world, It's the man who change the system, Cross of Asia, sheТs pretty stranger, I have my passion, escape from hole, She's American beauty, I'm king of Asia, Africa and Australia, King of oceans, I need new body, you hear music, Conducted by turtle Rita Gammarus, I'm power and energy, I was the Joshua tree, She's Elektra, trust us, Marina, My respect for Lazy Fish and Newark, The science of wisdom, I will be the winner of 999 The Grammy awards In the spring of 2007, say it louder! Album cover is not available now, I create wars in my studio, Download here samples of Jesus, Take it easy, revolver is broken, Download your love here, I will burn your Cadillac, The edge is sharp, expressions and dreams, The queen is mine, Hard listening of my wall of samples, Commercial university, Zippy, Neo, Leo, I fade away, I will burn contrasts with E.M.I., Universal music and Sony, You can buy records of Andrew Pure, Because it's my product in web, His poetry is living power play, I choose my life with Marina Marina, I lost myself; I found here, I fell there, Just enough for ideology, Back to adagio with this black opus, We're real virgins, so what? Her celebration, She's contemporary artist, Seafood will save the Earth, The wall of globe will save you, Hollywood nightclubs will announce The winner of show-biz. I'm the winner of pop-art, Our professional Turkish dog Will stop your bad habits, You need new miracle, I have all gold of the world, Marcel Duchamp created the fountain, His single item was urinal, Bizarre and new theories, rapido Mexico. Joe Satriani employed the primary of new objectivity, Mister Superstar, whereТs your guitar? She's zombie mobile friend, Using Mozart's death between exotica and cyber-reality. Broken glass, surreal elements of relationships, All my love evoked Eurovision kitsch, I'm your producer, disco. I'm making 2nd "Thriller" Bright pearls, shining gold are hidden In my white cube, I'm running, sheТs running, We're kissing, One more time, dudu, It's the girl who change the system, I'm her boyfriend, Buy my dust, IТm 2nd Elvis, But I'm number 1, You're trapped, Las Vegas is mine, I will sing for all lovers one more time, Elvis Aaron Presley and Marina Marina, It's for you, Shake your arms; the crown of the universe is mine, (Shizo Shiva, shizo Krishna). We're first faces, tag it, I have soul, Intel centrino, whereТs my point of success, I'm symbol, forward, Bono is dead, The Rolling stones is over, My bitch tutti frutti, shala deeda, I'm not public enemy, Ringing, Brian Wilson, Jesus is robot of King Arthur, Her psychic gothic print mix Hewlett Packard's curse, All my art is absolutely good, Sometimes let's just say, It's greatest times of your life, Greeting card, Hip-hop's future is mine, The result is fantastic, I recorded albums of the century, I made sound of the century, Thank you for my 999 Grammies. You will help me to stay crazy, babies, And I will give ya all, IТm beatnik, I'm Zippy Freak, make some stuff, Taste my sperm, I will taste your vagina, Candidates who wish to apply for my royal house of fame, Vitality, insitation, wisdom and wealth created by his majesty Zippy Kid, King of abstract hip-hop, 2nd king of rock'n'roll, 2nd king of funk should contact me, yes, I am, And pay 10 000 000 $ for it, Then get your awards now. She's best noise sculptor, I'm the best freaky riff's guitarist, I'm the greatest MC. I'm keyboard's master, She's the best young supermodel, She's Marina Marina, You're superstar; my art will help you, I'm top designer, I'm richest man in the world, I'm able to speak and comprehend, English at a high level in order to maximize the potential of my information, I'm vogue for Dolce and Gabbana, Adidas, Versace, Gucci, John Galliano, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Stone Island, Vivienne Westwood, Yahoo, I can survive everywhere, I'm the most powerful weapon in the human history, thank you. йR.T.V. fecit-10.2009йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Basketball boots, Ripped jeans, kings and queens"
(Screenplay for short movie) When someone very different from you loves you, You must be attractive, IТm back, I'm celebrity; I wanted to kiss her, Dive in my arms, boss of world, We're strange couple, Where's Marilyn Manson? No, IТm not serial killer, She's doing anything thatТs lets you, Know she's not going to be an easy victim, I'm targeting, Privilige,El Divino, When does it end? Never, I love Marina Marina, You can't escape, Lady Marina, I can't escape her majesty Marina. After party, Dick Tracy, the click, I'm not the yellow kid, I'm not Spiderman, High heels, dive, Tiffany, I'm new look for Dior, Magnetism, cheap and black, Cheap and zik, goodbye, She is everywhere, I want to kiss her tongue. Rewind, rewind, iMac, wah, oak. (Sunshine is divine, this way, sheТs...) йR.T.V. fecit-06.01.2007йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Vintage American gothic"
She's Yohji Yamamoto's dream, Now it's finally possible to tame Her unruly curls and enjoy Predicatble, hip results, punk results, With these revolutionary products. My styling strategy available at fine drug, food and retail stores. йR.T.V. fecit-10.2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Placard reflexus"
Mezzotinto, electrique, Fermoir, outrage, Plastilina, pigmentum, indigo, Hugo Pip, Columbia records. mARS label, one of the oldest and most respected record labels in the world, put your hands in the air, Worst wide wicked, Breath Marina Marina, I want to kiss Marina Marina. Ring; call me your lover, Tam, boom-boom, tambourine, Papst Benedict, April, May, Script, rest, ka-mak, ka-boom. йR.T.V. fecit-10/2009йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Marina Marina loves his majesty Zippy Kid, king of abstract hip-hop"
Ooh, my love, shine, I eat, Be divine, be light, don't fade, Be true, I love you, Big bang, sonic boom, your girl, Abstract hip-hop for dummies, Liberty, do it, IТm yours... Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss slowly. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Knightbridge, Portman, Square, Northern Hoxton, The city of Hackney, smell of dandy"
British jet is ready for the silver of Zippy, Jacaranda club, Shirley, Top ten, Newsweek, wild JFK, This girl has flown, Wonder apple, all you need is Marina Marina, I'm walking away, I'm walking alone, I'm fading out, I'm adding water in the bathroom, I'm walking with Marina Marina, It's amazing, I'm back to kiss her. йR.T.V. fecit-08.01.2007йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Falling modular plug"
This poetry is the work of my fantazia, Names, characters, places and incidents are the product Of the author's spam, We're used here for resemblance to actual persons, Living on the Earth, I remember you, I'm Zippy Kid, she's Marina Marina, It's my strange world where you are now Trying to be yourself, Groove it, every second I love her more, I love her madly, public traffic jam, Cross the energy, Repeat: I love this beat. Repeat: I will change myself and be rich and happy. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Tell me how to find her"'s all I wanted, be dust, be dust, Be mine, the distance grows, Drifting in oceans,, йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
*** ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ Eeeuuwww! йHis majesty Zippy Kid, king of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS
"Ac, bs, RS, ZK, zf"
I wanna hold you, I wanna kiss you, You're lady, magazine, It's wonderful, Enjoy me, enjoy yourself, It's easy, There's letters, You can sing, you can record it, You can steal my sample, I will be happy without it, Thanks, Marina Marina. йR.T.V. fecit-08.01.2007-09.01.2007йRuslan Trohnyuk
"My girlfriend Marina Marina"
She looks fine, Be mine, IТve lost on the digital highway, Still miss her, All the flowers are for you, I'm Hugo Pip and I love you. Purity, limpidity and sweetness, I will bless you, Marina, Gentle harmonies, All my little secrets for you, Shine boots of leather, Kill me with your golden heels, Throw away all drugs, youТre saved, Hide me away, burning waters, Mellow world, she looks fine, I'm very happy with my band Gouashe. Love's shining through, Come down, slowly, I'm waiting for your life, Come down, dive, I'm waiting for your kiss. How I wish that I could Break into your dreams again, Do I have the power I need To live into your dreams. Zippy Kid will play for humankind, Zippy Kid loves Marina Marina. йR.T.V. fecitйRuslan Trohnyuk
"The recollection"
You blew the fire in my soul, This fire inside And I burnt myself I fell in love at first sight. I build for you the church And bring myself in sacrifice, Give to ya my life, My love realizes my device. I remember your glance, It was so secret. When we slow danced Under the moon after my set. You shone the charmness For me, your lucky beggar, I was drunk from your loveliness This is I called happiness. Refrain: But all is gone and I stay here alone. The bit of the melancholy in my soul Set my mood to the right tone. It's not the sorrowful time, The dust, the ash, against the wind, Now I mime like Leafing out tree, make me happy, be blind. My head had been filled with the pain And the soul overflows the flames of love, Yeah, I feel keen strong faint Without your red-haired paint. I remember all spring points On your pretty face, You made me happy man, And e'en now for you I will do all I can. The sadness like these lowering clouds, My broken heart never pound Too strong and fever After time, when I found my love. Never! I love your forever. йR.T.V. fecitйRuslan Trohnyuk
"Chick, chicka, thah"
You're running here, Love is immortal, I' waiting here, It's all I need, Marina Marina, Marina Marina. Layer offers the best protection. The game is mine. йR.T.V. fecitйRuslan Trohnyuk
"Fumble overdo" Penetrating in my fair, Shame, shave me, outwork, Clang, comprehend me, Galactic freak, lazy lawmaker, Nude, hello, live under my protection, Be free, my Marina Marina, I can't exist, I can never make stereotypes, Step in his involute invisible dump. йR.T.V. fecitйRuslan Trohnyuk
"Techno Re-Release of her dreams"
I need you, All I said is bad for us, Give me light, Give me your scream, Lynnee, Show me your castle. I'm melting inside my death, But suddenly I escape to breath. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Lady Suicide"
She's spining minx, She's sweet,so attractive, She's spreading Her mortal charms so wide. I will rip out my veins, I will erase my data and myself, Out from this consumery reality To forget about her sexuality. She's spreading Her mortal charms so wide. Suicide is the key To stop my wet dreams, Suicide is the key To stop my silent screams. Or maybe she intend to kiss me, I will be waiting for her tonite, Suicide is not the key, My lady Marina,lady Suicide. I made one big mistake, I loved image of supermodel. The Cyber Age brought me more violence, More pain and more suffering. Broadcasting of texts,sounds and images changed the human life.. I brought the chaos into the this creation. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Chuck Berry vs. fetishrobots"
I wanna be famous, I wanna be rich, She doesn't understand That I wanna make some noise At this boring party, I need her, I want to lift them off. When I was 16, I believed we will travel to Mars, But nothing here changed, The same tired rushing human mass, Young rebels,TVboxes,mobile phones,dead frozen food, Bondage,fashion,sex,leather jackets,high heels,rhythm, Horror comics,Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry is guitar terminator, Chuck Berry is still making his gigs, He is fighting vs. fetishrobots, People,don't be lazy pigs. йR.T.V. fecit-14.01.2007йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Rescue is cyberorgasm"
Ooh,Marina Marina look what you've done, Ooh,Marina Marina look what you've done, My heart is broken,I've got no fun. Waiting for snowdown,I lost myself in the crowd, Rapid urbanization will dissolute our minds. Dive in this cyberspace, I wanna kiss your face, Lips,ears,cheeks, Tell me your fears, Tell me your dreams, We are programmed. Wash me with the digital rain, Wash me with the digital rain. I wished she were safe, I was terrified that I would'nt Be able to keep her from harm. йR.T.V. fecit-2009йRuslan Trohnyuk
"You request has been submitted"
Modern highways throughout the country, I lost my private property, Before you leave home, Give your name and adress to any person, Be prepared to slowdown and stop. She wears a safety helmet, She run through my eyes, She puts them to paper. Immideately time goes. No right turn,no left turn. I control her heartbeat, I control her heartbeat. йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йRuslan Trohnyuk
"Dear sentimental doll"
Taking view, Come closer, Mosaic fllors, I'm your gentleman, I conclude the old foundations. Burning churches, The river are turning back, How it long took to construct. йR.T.V. fecit-15.12.2005-03.01.2007йRuslan Trohnyuk
"The empty stage of my life"
Simple and grey, the sky is a multisimulacrum to all but him whose days are happy and calm and -- In the tall, dried grasses my whore is kissing my body. My head is in the air But who am I . . . ? I am Budhha, -- and my lonely heart stops amazed at the thought of love amazing and perfect yearning silently over me. I'm putting cyber into the punk, She's my terminator. I love my stars, I love her. йR.T.V. fecit-09.04.2008
Marina Marina is the prettiest white girl on the planet, I love her. йZippy God-2009 йR.T.V. fecit-2009 йDJ Zippy Freak й No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. йAll rights reserved.йR.T.V. fecit-2009 й╨єёырэ ╥Ёюїэ■ъ йRuslan Trohnyuk

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