R.T.V. fecit-"Simple Fragments Part 1: Scrappy Effusion "


R.T.V. fecit-"Simple Fragments Part 1: Scrappy Effusion"All rights reserved

*** The love and the hate are boiling within, Don't ask me why, I don't know: The wounding sounds of my heart's sting Explain it, when you bow. R.T.V.fecit-27.03.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** She came to me on the railway station And with her the spring was back again I saw the wide meadow within her green eyes When we're waiting' for the train. R.T.V.fecit- *.03.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Clockwork orange" Dedicated to Anthony Burgess The metal clock details are Pined into the plastic orange peel You can see the spring And it will roll with the reel There is my young age; it's hidden Within this "dead fruit". The time which is comin'after the magic childhood. Ruslan Trohnyuk-24.04.2001
*** (For Steff) She was dancing, She was holding my arms, I felt her breath, embracing her waist, And I understood her simple charms We made slow moves and They were the best. R.T.V.fecit- 08.10.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The cup is empty, The tea was drunk, It's another mournful night. The paper is waiting for my hand Does the pen stop this plight? R.T.V.fecit-5.05.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** One China girl lost control In her dancing, well, I did so too And we were the reckless pair Which behaved us true. R.T.V.fecit-12.11.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I was playin' the guitar In the kitchen, And the girls understood The blues that I feel But they didn't know What I was singing Sitting on the dirty window-sill R.T.V.fecit-22.11.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** We whiled away the evening, Drinkin' the beer, the room was dim I watched the ugly crocodile Swimming on the TV screen R.T.V.fecit-2.02.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** On the riverside we sipped the wine Then I wrote somethin'on the sand, But the waves erased my lines, The water won this battle in the end. R.T.V.fecit-12.03.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** To live without her is to lost my mind, To see her beside is to feel the calm, When everything inside is burnin' up: That's why I wanna be with her again. By Zippy 4.12.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Why is she still hurting me? I can't pull these roots from inside, Why is she still hurting me? I can't put things straight. R.T.V.fecit-14.08.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** It's stuffy; I need the remindful air, Where that girl with the raven's hair? Without her I feel the intimate blight. It's necessary to open the windows wide. R.T.V.fecit- 22.07.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Flyin'so high, trying to remember, How many days I spent alone. When I get down I'll jump in the train, Driving thru da desert To cry ya the song. R.T.V.fecit- 4.06.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The little stupid girl stole my big turtle Rita, But I returned her happily back in the aquarium. R.T.V.fecit- 21.4.2002 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Slow and sure be My mouth with such kisses filled As the drops from the clouds In which streets have been distilled You may bite, You may slip in my heart if you will, When the scent of the rain hang around us still R.T.V.fecit-12.04.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** My dream is on the highway, It's hidden in the noise of car When the wheels were rollin' rapidly, I was gazing' at my star. R.T.V.fecit-8.06.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I'm the little part of the Universe. My world is the bright star I guess it will shine everywhere When you see me with my guitar. R.T.V.fecit-22.7.2002 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The sunlight's touching your hair, The presence of the summer We feel everywhere. The lizards in the grass felt frightened, When my melody became sad. R.T.V.fecit-8.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The hot spot & the American flag, She's my drug; she's my dope. I often think about my life But I can't find the hope. R.T.V.fecit- 22.06.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I believe the voice of my heart Lookin' into your eyes, beauty... It said the love was made from your smile. R.T.V.fecit- 23.01.2002 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Under the sombre clouds on the bench I rested lonely and sad And the shining stars sang Their still melody over my head. R.T.V.fecit-3.7.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Sparkling bright colors Are the treats for your eyes, I see the shadow strayin' from his route, Too heated to feast, to loud to luck I smell as the hungry wolf without the flute. R.T.V.fecit-5.04.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I'm missing you, I'm writing these lines: The swat covered my skin after the rain. I found the sin inside my ugly suitcase And I want to kill myself again. R.T.V.fecit-27.06.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** My fingers are finding in the space Something to get hold. The game is over. I lost my own world. I spread it on the glass: Look at the dirty pink spot Of my youth protest. R.T.V.fecit-25.2.2002 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** When after the rock concert We're walking down the street And in our dialogue We told about something, it doesn't matter, I understood that she's not the beauty, But she looked so sweet, She's just the perfect girl and I didn't flatter. R.T.V.fecit- 22.11.Y2K Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** When I called her on the phone, We made the date, three o'clock, She came and stopped my long wait. I was overjoyed as I wished myself to be, Then we went to watch The art-works in the picture-gallery. R.T.V.fecit-25.11.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** When you stooped to my ear, I heard your warm voice; It was so gentle To listen through the chaotic noise, What you whispered to me And my face was flushing again 'Cause your tempting lips Are driving me insane. R.T.V.fecit-25.12.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** It was the time to say "Goodbye", I did it like this: I made two timid steps, Then I kissed her lips. R.T.V. kissed Loona-27.12.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The strange lulling music was playing around, I showed her my stunning cheap loop tie. Maybe I had the loose taste To combine it with the red shirt, But I behaved myself like a Bohemian guy. R.T.V.fecit-28.1.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Since she's gone I don't know what to do, What I forgot to say, it brings the stinging pain. The real love gives the answer slowly, When I'll take her in my arms again. R.T.V.fecit-22.1.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I bought CD to make the music on the PS, Six hours after my fuss I felt tired, Sitting in the tram crossing the center of X-city I thought that my songs must Be rhythmic and pretty. R.T.V.fecit-5.03.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The broken dish marked another day, The time has come and slipped away. And those seconds were melting into black, When I lost'em there's, there's no way back. R.T.V.fecit-23.11.Y2k Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** The thick fog covered my little hick town, When I was coming back To home from my friend. We watched two films on the video, And I didn't grudge about the time we spent. R.T.V.fecit-31.1.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** "Jazz celebration" (dedicated to Louis Armstrong) If you're agree that The musician must be born, Then his birthday started The beginning of all jive, Cause the trumpet was Inside his soundful soul And the melodies were Taken from it during all his life. Written by Journo.From his own Diary.4.07.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"ANIMALS:THE TOUR OF RIPPING FUN" The crumpled ticket in my pocket was The expectation of dream which came true, Then their Rock'n'roll riffs insisted the people to scream and shout With tears on my face I heard old Rhythm & Blues from 60's: The unique age when youthful views on life were bright and loud, They believed that the rebellious dances Can really change this musty world. What's now? I guess their hopes are the tarnished splinters of gold Written by Journo.From His Own Diary.25.04.2000 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** My present dreams are so spicy, Probably, I can pretend how you look nude I remember your formal bliss Even without your kisses I feel myself good. R.T.V.fecit- 30.08.2003 Ruslan Trohnyuk
Twang-2002-2006 "The Raptiles"+"Gouache" DJ Zippy Freak Written by R.T.V.(His Majesty Ruslan Trohnuk) No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. All rights R.T.V. fecit My own diary-2002-08-30 Ruslan Trohnyuk , , , , , , , , ,, .Gouashe
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