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R.T.V. fecit"2003-2006 (Selected)"


R.T.V. fecit"2003-2006 (Selected)"All rights reserved

"Indigo Blues" Look at her attentively, It's the fantastic daze. Her delightful aspect, that's great! You're coming straight to me And I wish to clasp you in my arms fondly Mary, I can't forget your smile I don't want to be lonely, lonely raptile. R.T.V. fecit-28.1.2003 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** High tension, Urban society, Tainted wits, Rampant anarchy. R.T.V.fecit - 23.12.2002 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I touched your palm. It was so warm. I was burning in love again. Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary... I found in you my standards. No! I can't tell this them. I don't My dreams came true. You're my goddess from the rotten town. It's the time for Cyber-requiem. Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary... I'm dejected again. R.T.V.fecit - 15.1.2003 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Freakless" The expression of my buzzwords Replaced something from nothing That always does the resonance What are you waiting for? Let It Flow! Everything is freakless If you want to dance This is not the good place R.T.V. fecit-29.11.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Tea Time" One, Two. Faddy definition. Three, Four. Leisure Time. Five, Six. Tea Time. Seven. What are your prospects? Eight, Nine. Out From the faked streets We run, we run Search for the quietness inside Jesus Christ, take my heart Lord, forgive my bad Behavior I am sick of my mistaking Jesus Is our Savior. R.T.V. fecit-28.12.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Isolation" I was hungry - monotony, I was moody - so please call me, Call now, I lost my faith, I escape with this suitcase, I escape from the yellow submarine I was happy, Now I'm lonely Sell my skin, Sell my skin, Start the journey, Start the journey It's my isolation, Microcirculation in the society, Infection and allergy If you wish to be plastic We will meet On the rainy evening If you wish to be plastic Forget about your feelings, Forget about your feelings. If you wish to be robotic I want to be your freak. R.T.V. fecit-3.11.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I took the plunge And made some noise, Clap you hands, boys and girls! Now I'm ready to incite, I wanna make some outrage on this stage tonite, It's my racy extremity, Rhythm of my virginity New creative shot for the modern society And your tainted wits... It is safe to say, I'll strike you down today. I get first crack to mix this track And I perform it perfectly, You'll de pleased mightily, I join my forces to involve Rising above the crowd Impaste with the tangible sound. My face is enticing, when I'm smiling, I have a great deal of the vitality To survive in the faked reality. I offend your dumpy monotony, I give you the impulse to inflame Suppose we're goin' insane? Let's stuff our heads with it again! All the time in time in my mind I got pictures I don't know what from witch Where's the ladies I like this tiny bitch Was that not wonderful? Not at all. It comes and goes. 4.4.2003Zippy Freak-2005
*** The forest is still full of sounds They're breaking the silence. You hear the voices of spring It's the time to leave out from my icy cave, The shadows disappeared Now I'm come here to dream. R.T.V. fecit-26.4.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Spiked Tear-Up" I was romantic student With the provoking behavior I proved that I'm the one with my own estimation, I persisted in my exception Excuse me for my demanding, ladies I'm out of index-stream. My individuality suggested inquiring And I demonstrated how to impress My educated taste R.T.V. fecit-24.1.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Furtive Sorrow" New lurid change, Restrain my scream. I pick up myself After my hazy dream. Her aggressive behavior, My erotic anger, House of romantic tragedy, Infinity of mercury, Feed my pride Sweet fantasy, She's my sad memory, Stop the flame! Am I goin' insane? Follow the stream, It's my sincere confession. Lord, show your glory, Cure my heart, Lord, heal the people, Losin' the hope! My smokin' lady She was here before, I can't forget the furtive pain she brought, Her eyes kindled with dark at that first date, She said:"Breathe the ash into me and I'll fade, Turn off the light and jump from the great height To see that we are the same." I was disposable, I was dyin'without pain, Without oxygen. I would rather fetch away From her mortal embrace, But I was depraved With the glint of her gaze. R.T.V. fecit-30.10.2002-12.11.2003Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Thermal dummies" Blast my stereo,hysteria, Check it out, proud,loud, Too insane to be alone again, Before the end of this year, It's also easy to take out At the traffic lights, It would be corny to push this metaphor too far, Take a deep breath, Her tyranny is over, Here are a few more examples (of city life). R.T.V. fecit-26.10.2005
*** The audience were presented, Yeah, it's a long way, Be my black angel, Oh, it's very nice, Be quiet! You can take it, How did you realize your plans? Great! We eat all day. R.T.V. fecit-21.10.2005
"Without oxygen" Mary, do you want to tell me Where you want to take me? Where we are going, sweet baby? Falling and revolving (Am I going crazy?) Dissolving and fading (Am I going crazy?) Yeah, sure! I tumble out of my dream, I found myself in the Thousand miles away from this place. Holding tight each other We tryin' to forget that We can't breath, We're gasping in the space wilderness, Nothing to say, nowhere to save My life was left behind like sand Which I strewed from my tired hand. We're dying without oxygen Kiss me gently, beforebefore R.T.V. fecit-8.2002 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"She is dead now" She is dead now, She is dead now. R.T.V. fecit-29.8.2002Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Spark plugs, noise and teabags. 0645851060965316319 Spark plugs, noise and teabags. 4216321015144193010502 Spark plugs, noise and teabags. 2251852402034315595 Spark plugs, noise and teabags. 3806773026271750082 Spark plugs, noise and tea bags. 94527653703191516 Spark plugs, noise and tea bags. 7675213012142801337 Spark plugs, noise and tea bags. 29088843919012033-121212 Spark plugs, noise and drugs. R.T.V.fecit- 9.1.2003 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Chocolate and Blood" I'm screaming outside My last scream, I was romantic student But They killed my dream. Her gentle skin My Shining Shoes Dreadful acoustic guitar Excitement We kissed We Talked We kissed again They killed my dream And ate my face We talked We kissed again We're dead And our blood is dripping on the chocolate. We can't survive It's too late FIGHT TO BE YOUSELF, FIGHT FOR YOUR VOICE, FIGHT AGAINST THIS ROTTEN REALITY This is our new insanity ...FUCKING POST-MODERN ART R.T.V.fecit-06-07.2003 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Kissing in the street" Why don't you tell me? That was June, That was nice, It's shining in my eyes When we're kissing in the street Now what? R.T.V. fecit-14.07.2003 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"The New Insanity" Visible mist, jaunty flare Humans and machines Neon and Plexiglas Don't move too fast I'm romantic student You're too sexy, girl Are you also too smart? Are you another Modern bitch? Lady, don't break my heart Lady, smile and save me Remember that we're the victims of the fashion industry. We're controlled We're spellbound We are used, We are not free We're the victims of the fashion industry. The clothes you are now wearing It looks suited And creates a nice appearance It attracts my attention, It attracts my attention This urban environment Reflects the changes of our rotten society We're pleased. R.T.V. fecit-2003 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Winter Misery" It's The End Of All Hope, Love Is Stopped Baby,I Don't Need More It can hurts My feelings are the same It's snowing again Looking,asking for more On the dirty streets and on the contemporary art gallery Why stars shine? I don't know She's not mine It's melting me Winter misery Fuck our happy hours. Fuck being late. Fuck Last Friday. Fuck Pain. Fuck phones. Fuck letters. Fuck X-city. Fuck Neon lights. Fuck Freedom's Square. Fuck All These Clubs Fuck the Noise! R.T.V. fecit-16.01.2004 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"The dramatic message" Red is love,Black is the sadness Don't believe me,Don't wait for me. I will bring your hope to the grave I gift the misery,I can't be your slave Don't wait for me.The madness is smiling In the end of the dark corridor She can't wait more...The tears is her words When I keep silent, I can't spent my life with you I'm goin' insane,It's so strange ABC bookYour knowledge is the labyrinth Where's the way? I fell 10-4 today Take a look,There is your fear The sympathy for the heavenly dome Standin' in the middle of somewhere Waitin'for the lightin' My hurried conclusion, Another brick of the help She faded on the verge where the sun is The next uncorked bottles,My heart striptease I saw the walls,I saw my life And my task. But the paper is unperfected For this shining light The culture is screamin' I'm goin wild Still dreamin'. R.T.V. fecit-??.??.2000 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Techno-shamanic" And You're out on the razzle, You've paid for this party with your sweat, My subtle set has the crappy edge It's far and wide of my range Give free play to your fast moving You are twiddling nicely You promised to tell me your secrecy You've paid with your received jollity R.T.V. fecit-03.07.2004Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Shaky Flippancy" Will you give me an early call tomorrow morning? Your messages are stored in this broken heart, Join me in this general strike Inwardly It's our shaky flippancy R.T.V. fecit-05.2004 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Little Star" I saw you raping the sky Speak to me, describe your dreams I want to learn your transparency Enjoy every touch of my verdant sapidity Could your twinkle so close to blind me I've just surprised at your dancing, Will you be shining in the evening tomorrow? Sometimes I can't hesitate Is this pleasure or sorrow. R.T.V. fecit-30.01.2004 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** You may show me that I'm out of your style, But please before this track is over Give me your smile... I wanna spoil your innocense, I wannna incinerate myself I don't need to do What I'm doing Let me Know that you will remember I love ya,I love ya tender... You're so popular. You're so perfect, You blazed my life C'mon, let the raindrops fall freshly Or maybe there are my tearz You blazed my life and slipped away ...I'm too cheeky guy... R.T.V. fecit-07.08.2004 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Triumph My tragedy" I have suffered from depression, If I had the choice, It Hurts, I Speak Out I'd still feel betrayed. R.T.V. fecit-30.09.2005Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
1x4 1x4, 2x2. Radio! Yo! Raw X-city! Play with me, Statistics One in the World Funk unites Hoku for Collo Piccolo! 1, 4, 1! One four one, Motel accommodations Continued my holiday. R.T.V. fecit-08.2005Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Orchid dandismo" Diskobus, I'm too lean, Magnetic reinforced reelong hook Adjust relative number to accurate time, Yellow aeroplane, I've got nothing To Say. Yesterday Nylon Composition Magnetic and synthetic, Magic and electronic, Phine booth, She left me fire Pick Out.Pick out Black gel,psycho delete, We drop out, Wonder how long it will get. 28.08.2005 Zippy Freak-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
The gun Iz my cock (Porno-mixed) I was waitin for your to say it (shit) Im confused and shy, I was killinmyself I cut my soul into the pieces I wanted to die, Waitinwhen you will come Its like to keep the gun Near my head Every second my finger is pushin stronger On the trigger, I do scare And my FEAR iz bigger than I Im crawlinon the earth without the disgrace Ideas are the lamps, Lighting in my head With every second experience I get From this reality into my inner world I want to escape The ghost is chasing me Set me free! Set me free! Set me free! Im gonna to burn at the moment Just slippin by Chorus: Praize Tha Lord! Im ready to fall (I want to cry) When I will die, dont cry for me The body is the ash, The clear river will wash my sins, And cure my soul Im fallin in love When she whispers to my ear When she calls to me Waitin when you will come Its like to keep the gun Near my head. Cmon, Bitch, strip yourself &jump in my bed Thats all I said (all I said, all I said, all I said.) R.T.V. fecit-Written by Tally Zippy29.05.2001Zippy Kid-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sleek Blues" One night stand, the right mix-tape, Your skin, natural look, Come fly with me, Summer in the city, City with a taste for fashion Be schoolgirlish Glamour improves life Right at home The June sun is glowing up Trust us, she asks Odyssey through France He hoped to repeat, Step back, both of them said Luxury, leadership and legal. I have to go ahead with the help of federal goverment. R.T.V. fecit-23.07.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I must confees that I'm not perfect of course we all can make mistakes But I'm searching for the better and I know how hard it takes. R.T.V. fecit-8.2001 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sonnet 1.Been in vain for Tinka,no relief" In the mother's voice, Breathing spaces, Storm and Stress to my mood, Over the steps, My relationship to the bottom in her dear voice, You know if she falls in love again, She demanded He drew her close in the room On the new sensitive. R.T.V. fecit-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sonnet 4.Hotel of Thanatos" Behind his ear And with beautiful brown hair Dressed in big ship, She was like a big angry fruit In a whisper, Ran away when they saw me, I can't understand and they tell me, She was crying during this lesson, But Fernando did not see one face She knew The way I roll around the world, I'm the velvet chairman, Find the strait line and to cross, She laughed too. R.T.V. fecit-05.08.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sonnet 5.Mix" Don't mind of what they saw through cracks and clicks, Wonder, oh gonna take ya away, I will take your slide, For all behind her with wrong eyes Where go the tipsy clothes, Sleep lightly,at our feet, All our hope, Clubworld university mixed with their barbarous, Auto true can not to supply in love, die and cry. R.T.V. fecit-12.10.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sonnet 6" And idle time Fame to all And in my day the sun, My eyes before the dinner, I dwelt alone,she's my sinner In a world where bride shows her pride ever, If she's dead,love, All the flowers, the bells, By the twang an American beauty into time, Replaced change, Replaced cartridge, Her past is too strange. R.T.V. fecit-12.10.2005-07.09.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Sonnet 7. Epitaph" Just a click away of this city, You think who is foolish, It feels in the heart, Big spring state park, Then and now... Picture this... Motel #6, See the light, Weekly rates, We're revengers in San Antonio, Her guide like a whole country, Cadillac crocodile and faked money for ya machine, calling, Hybrid ministry learned in school. R.T.V. fecit-12.10.2005-07.09.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Olympus" ...Places of temporary stay Caught one shark Back home again I was still rolling up And, of course, at the last moment She was standing before. R.T.V. fecit-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Prestigious results" All your comments go directly outside the box Intimacy and fashination, With a smile on her lips Her femininity embraces me Eight million people every day Walk in the wonderful park. Make your contribution, Stop this stupidity, She was with me. Don't hesitate, There are moments of my great system. Rock'n'roll trash killing machine Will remain with the mystery In the sunshine shade I'm putting an end to that smoky bars, Noise,traffic and pollution Reach the point Improve life knowingly. R.T.V. fecit-01.05.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Binary code of my era" My boxed sets and expanded editions, My special compilations, I set the standarts of music industry and entertainment audio, video and film titles, My exclusive long term agreement to develop, produce and distribute my tracks. R.T.V. fecit-07.04.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Buckingham and Brooklyn" Soho,Mayfair, Noegentleman, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Britney Spears, Bit-Bit,my beat, British confidential, Where's my guitar? R.T.V. fecit-30.04.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"#1" One of me, Milk protect, Bluebird, Josephine don't forgive me Barbie supreme, Ordinary rose Blessed, cherish, desert Heaven's wild, Hello, changes Sweety for multi Media system Car's moving faster Rubber eraser corp. The ghost on the motorway Rotatable, be adjusted 300 vertically, each step is killing me, extension, you can apply it to connect, Output/input at the upper impedance, We're mentioned, purple, pink, orange, Ergonomic horizontally, I wanna her sensitivity. R.T.V. fecit-2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Personal beauty" I was too much disturbed, The last drop, It was felt to be hopeless, There was lamps on What do you think I should do The little shopgirl was getting into deep water, She was faintly disturbed too, Her black eyes glittering I'm hero of unwritten story, The boy stood as long as he could, I wouldn't stay with you. R.T.V. fecit-19.10.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"My curse for Kittie Klaw" (Digital blues) I was looking for princess in salade stockings And black suede shoes I was looking for lady to drink her juice, I don't want you, green toad, I'm gonna do my pitstop, Kill her with the fork, Stop screaming folk-rock. Shot talk with my gun, My blade is still sharp I'm trained to beat ya tenderly, I will eat ya madly with her perfect hair. It's my curse for Kittie Klaw, I'm gonna funk,kxx,her slow,(My freaky line) She's the wild orchid, She's the shadow, Complex lifting perfomance, Fast and personal, private,furs, Long week-end,sick end, Swiss, miss,hotel's lips, Her airways,bars, guitars, Baby,fashion,soul, unique clocks, Highway cross, roads, toads, crocks, Caravan, PR and all the people at fresh royal mirage. I'm one and only, nails, poison is pure, Spa, air, Kenzo, giutar, Sun and cities, Soft sculp of her hair, Country, sing with me, Her perfection, Boy slide, Paisley drops, Surface,what I did next, Ozone, park,nouvo,coins, Investment advisory, Sing for me, Glamour rain, I'm back again, I have my own style, It's growing steadily, The cult and her edition, Element, I began to collect recently in Italy This vintage protection, Her charm, it's modest bottles, I spend a long time in her body, I didn't have any reason to change beauty. Why am I going once more, Suddenly I suppose I thought It might brave my company What is wrong with me? I'm the legend. R.T.V. fecit-07.06.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Her imagine" (For Skin Two Magazine) Boot queen, Disco drive, Am I gonna get out of here? To sticky, nylon, latex, C'mon. Let's sing this song together! Too many fetish people! (LOVER) Ya number is mine, My mumber is one, To long, she's with her pack, To her breast Road to flowers. R.T.V. fecit-07.06.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Don't worry.Wait and see. My movie didn't do well. Drive her dark horse. Would you like to take a walk. Wait a little, she has her ups and downs, She shied away from my questions, Come to my office right away, Her pet name is Lily, Every me have dropped, I escape out, All day long working On my manuscript. At the last minute, The idea caught, Soon I got it. R.T.V. fecit-01.08.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** Magnetic pigment, This cotton was born And raised in America And it lived together with my stars, I give her a rose, Every night in her dreams she rides, I became th spot, I was movin' fast on streets, Notning in My pockets And spaces bettwen us Like fire and air She's from the other slide, She's from the other slide. R.T.V. fecit-10.09.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Algos" We will be dealing with your request shortly, Can you believe that? I saw th iron shells bursting in the sand in a line towards her (dead spinster) I ran for the dunes, Black smoke rose up everywhere And I've got odd quickburst in my mind It was unbelievable. R.T.V. fecit-01.01.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I'm the rapist Under the arrest Technical support and reload Click the clock, Click the lock Open me in my mystery, Hate me sadly, Drip my skin Key is strong, Affair on the bay All he wants to do is to love my girl, Say more,Angelina, Tell her want I want ya to do, Everybody's glasses, Out of my cell, Knock, Knock, I need a bad woman, Give her my smile, Magazine queen, I'll blow my dream, Taste the freedom, I'm her man, Her beauty, body, No time to suck, Soldier is gay, I'm loser, Express myself with me, I'm your lover, Waiting to dream, Waiting for thanks, Bee love,change, Eat the book, she's got the look, Smoking lady kill my baby. R.T.V. fecit-30.08.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"I will give my heart" Checking many things Famous, humble, rich, poor, Old, young again Black people, white people, I'm very interested in you What makes a good zip, Live sound, Ya movin' around Again in th enightclub, Eight colors For educational color work, Gold medal, school crayons, Year of clay, Lion and doll, Pear's soap, Ya can't stop, Toner cartridge, Laser tailor, New dandy, muscles, Power pure blended olive oil, Important communication, Beatiful Julia, Free society. Beautiful Kittie, One hour parking, I'm the rat groovin' the rhythm, Livin on the fragment Of this planet, Greeting message, I'll give ya my heart, Pleae visit subway, Pull me down, Pass away, poy of sight, Speak out. R.T.V. fecit-30.08.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Check control,replacing cartridges" I was late for class. As usual, I like jazz, At first, she seemed to find me Very diffucult, but late She made very good progress, My fashion came into style in the late 80's Come on, she's waiting for us, Her dream came true- She bacame my lover, Please cut your answers, I can't do without a car of course, We are in different finacial situation, My movie fell short of her expectation, I feel sick, She is highly qualified and fits well For that kind of blowjob, The beauty is get-at-able for everybody, I don't know what you are trying to get out, Come on, get in my car, I was lucky enough, How are you getting on in your new deal? Food prices have gone down, Food prices went up recently. I got this information at first hand, I wanted to say it, by held myself back, Now I have her idea, You have me? I killed time on a flight To Europe by reading magazines, Lock me up next time, You're in London, It's too dark, She will be able to make use of my knowledge to sing tha blues, I'm up to my neck in work, We need odds and ends, What a pity that you couldn't join our party, This was my set down, She drove slowly, Everything went wrong that day, Avoid breathing dust, Avoid eye contact, Shake well before using Don't go under, please, I went out of my way, Not on my life, Now and again, I see her in the supermarket At the end of the year Who is running my show? I'm running out of typing, It goes without saying, I wanted to say it, She kept cool, I made a strike, I'm afraid of her, Come after, come again, Come along, feel free, She turned off the light, I turned on the radio. R.T.V. fecit-01.08.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** We had to wait It's time to play, Because no matter how She wiil be able To make use of your knowledge, I am out of money, Bad, she missed the boat, She likes her job, This toys, dead boys, Out of the band, I'm tha greatest commander, I've got all the flags, I don't need drugs anymore, Tommorow at six, Easy interesting, Two letters and four cars, It's too shamy, The building are fallling, People are broken, You've got to know, Where the street lamp, Who are here to dig yourself, I've got her respect, I've fact to fact, Writing my lifelines, Wash myself away. Wash myself away In the river I've got papers, I was too insane to get her letters, It's too darky, It's too groovie, Angel's movie, Angel's movie I was tha gansta, You never float, Drinking tha juicy, Come here again, The sky was not too pure, I really need free cure, I want to play with you, Her big black boots, Her blue eyes, The lights, wrinklin' lights, I don't need to smoke, Kill my lungs on the station. R.T.V. fecit-01.08.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
*** I am still alive, I immerse myself out, Do it, diagnose, Take two tablets daily, Kill me, I care to admit, When I got home, When no boys wanted to kiss me, Please help me, I left her eyes in discomfort, Refresh your beauty routine, I like to float around, I like my look, She gets the reference, Why did all this happen? R.T.V. fecit-21.10.2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Our urban lifestyle bite" Anyone can have a beautiful smile. If you would like whiter, straighter, Healthier teeth, then why not visit Dr.Z For a complimentary consultation. Dental implants and cosmetic densisstry, Effective method of smoothing. Casino entarteinment,a breath of fresh air, With glamour, eye catching, dress you, Lingerie and swim wear, collars, Everything I see owe to me, I've got ongoingbattle with destiny, Your route to the body, Look like a star in Zippy's sensational sunglasses, Please don't give me a ticket, I can see that art of erotic, There's more than one way to love a scarf in the shade, Trust me, this is it,village people, Her heel's grown taller, Eveyone can enjoy my bit, Direct to your door I said: "Away, sail away" R.T.V. fecit-23.10.2005 Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Snooze5-Product placement" I'm real human being and not a spam source, It's my last curse. I want to stop my cut-up. I want to stop my lifelong process Inside of me, I was travelling in the X-city Who can really help me? Around the globe You can stop my randomness. Now I became cyber machine, I was reloaded Tell me your secrets In my dreams. New York,punk,guitars, Burning hotels,break her chains, Don't be strange, I can't forget you, I was tired,now I'm better, The work is over, How can you sleep tonite? I'm lonely. Do you really want to kiss me? Do you really want to save me? Ruslan TrohnyukR.T.V. fecit-31.05.2006-03.06.2006
Twang-2003Twang-2004Twang-2005 Twang-2006 Twang-2006 R.T.V. fecit "2005-2006 Selected" "The Raptiles"+"Gouache" DJ Zippy Freak Written by R.T.V.(Ruslan Trohnyuk) Zippy Kid No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. All rights reserved.R.T.V. fecit-2006 , , , , , , , , ,, .
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