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Act 009. Monster Mutant: "I am the shadow of this corporation, I am the shadow of this corporation, Where's the light?" Salvador Dali: "I am dead now,I am dead now, I am lost in the ocean" Monster Mutant: "Got it! I can't believe it was so easy" Hugo Pip: "Hey, Monster Mutant, when you took my boat, did you read the safety guide?" Monster Mutant: "Hi, Tokyo-city. Nothing can stop my brilliant plan. There must be some kind of way out of here, How many roads must a mutant walk down before you can call him a monster? The answer my enemy is sniffing of the dust, The answer my enemy is sniffing of the dust." Hugo Pip: "My cyber-bug are loaded with toxic gas, save your past" Salvador Dali: "It's free. It's free, yeah! Everything about you is how I wanna be Your freedom comes naturally. Give me all raw noise and enjoy the rest in your mind." Hugo Pip: "I erase all the memories, They will only bring me pain And I've seen, all I'll ever need is meaningless. I am insane" Kurt Cobain: "Dad hates me, mom hates me, I hate mom, I hate dad, Isn't it okay to be dead." Blue astronaut: "Leave us alone, Leave us alone!" Zippy Kid, real cyberpunk: "This is thriller for myself. I am going to try the truth, I began keying, outgoing, outstanding. She's keyboarding my ego. She's free, she's wet. I was next, I was last. Please wait. Please dive. No information, She opened the door. Around the world. I am using my info. I'll tell you, I'll be back. It's all yours. Lily Cole is back. She's the loner who used to return home from work And spend the night without me. Junk food, fashion glam, aggression, watching TV all life." Hugo Pip: "Be passive, be user of it!" Lily Cole: "Why?" Salvador Dali: "He'd check that first. Get back to cyberdrive." Kurt Cobain: "She's machine, she's machine" Zippy Kid, real cyberpunk: "She's my goddess. I am happy". Brian Jones: "I was dead, found at the bottom of his swimming pool surrounded by statues of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh." Zippy Kid: "Violent political and sexual content of my art were coolly received by this stupid world." Lily Cole: "Alone in the dust all dirty, I am dying in London Zippy, you can't rape me, But I can fuck you. Lazing in the foggy dew Sitting on a unicorn No fear, I can break you I change you. Watching buttercups cuff the light, Sleeping on a dandelion. Too much, I won't touch you, But then I might. Screaming through the scarlet sky, Travelling by cyberdrive Hey, ho here I go Ever so high." Zippy Kid: "I've got a gun, you can shoot it if you like, It's got a trigger, And things to make it look good. I'd give it to you if I could But I borrowed it. You're the kind of angel, That fits in with my world I'll give you anything, everything If you want to stop this insanity. I want to tell you a story About Mutant Monster If I can A rabbit named Mutant Monster And little ugly mutants stay in their caves Eating, sleeping, drinking their green tea. He wore a scarlet tunic, A brown-green hood, It looked quite sad. He had a big adventure Amidst the grass, Toxic air at last Wining, dining, biding his time. Look at the cybersky, look at the ocean, Isn't it good ? Look at the cybersky, look at the ocean, Isn't it good Winding finding plases to go. It's all dirty rotten fashion glam, All your dreams is notning at all. Buy faked rock'n'roll. I am empty. Tommorow I will fade, I believe in you. Lily, Lily I'm in bed, aching head Gold is red, choke I'm red, I'm the bread, gold is red Jesus bled, pain is red, Dark room... Oh,no,oooh. Breeze is slow, you are fast, Feeling seems to melt the brain, Seems to cause a painful brain, Lily kindly tell your reflection, That I'm alive, Realize, realize, realize!" Hugo Pip: "Don't be sad, we are dead. We can break it forever. The times is the gates of dawn" Salvador Dali: "Where's my crown? We are strong." Zippy Kid: "Break the ice, Break the ice.Set the controls for barrel of the gun" Lily Cole: "I am the light, I am the darkness." Kurt Cobain: "She's the light, She's the darkness." Brian Jones: "She's the light, She's the darkness." Zippy Kid: "Where's the last code?" Lily Cole: "I love you.All you need is death. Die!" THE BIG BURST Monster Mutant: "Cyber-rodeo is over!" Zippy Kid: "I am meditor, Philosophy is your exit. I am acess for her myth. We are on the right way, I am our prisoner, She glanced at the screen, Where's the last code? Her heart is immortal. She's my light, She's my darkness, She's my sniper, She's my victim, She's my killer. THE GREATEST BURST OF LONDON Monster Mutant: "Zippy rocks!" Zippy Kid: "In another land where the breeze and the trees and flowers were blue, I stood and held her head.I opened my eyes. We walked across the sand and the sea and the sky and the castles were blue. I stood and held her head. Where's her body? I heard the trumpets blow and the sky turned red when I accidently said That I didn't know how I came to be here not fast asleep in bed. I stood and held her head. In another land where the breeze and the trees and flowers were blue I stood and held her head."
bonus poem: "Croco hobo is dancing for me"
I was born in a cross-road jam, And I talked with my mother in the private plane, But it's all right now, in fact, it's a her dream! But it's all right. I'm king of your dream, It's a feedback for this mindless society! I was raised by love and wars in the sands, I was produced with a window out left across my spine, But it's all right now, in fact, she smiles! But it's all right, you're jumpin' Jack Flash, It's cybervibe! Creative celebrity! Happy! I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead. I fell down to my feet and I saw they bleed. I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread. I was crowned with all awards right through my heart. But it's all right now, in fact, it's poom boom! But it's all right, you're jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a Zion boogie! Glide! Slide! Merry-roll-round, noise'n'roll style, Give it up or turn it blues,poom boom! Ziq-ziggg, I need you, I want you, decide.Do my backspin, I'm king of your dream, Programming this mindless crew, respect for Universal Zulu Nation. Come to the abstract hip hop jam this, or the be bop, poom boom, Jam that, Glide! Slide! Zippy griot start, Her graceful decomposition of pleasure, Ziq-ziggg,poom-ka-boom, My name is Zippy Kid. I just wanted to give you these retro jams. The night was drawing to a close, so she had a quick listen to the track That was about to turn me into New York's Hottest art producer. Wow! This is powerful! With its quick-fire sampling techniques and harder beats, There was an instant reaction on the global dance floor, They adore my art, they hate my life. Stop my dialogue of dazzling play. If you're not satisfied that's too bad Because you'll never find another time to escape. And my hope for immortality turned into this brightly colored worm. I'm crawling for these negotiations To take the minimal benefit from the trouble created with them. Be bop, poom boom, nraq, lol, glide! Slide! 命uslan Trohnyuk 坦ippy Kid-06.04.2008
When it came to the Scherzo I could viddy myself very clear running and running on like very light and mysterious ocean, carving the whole litso of the creeching world with my cyber razorblade. And there was the slow movement and the lovely last singing movement still to come. I was cured all right. 命uslan Trohnyuk 坦ippy Kid-09.04.2008
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