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Superherous: Zippy Kid, producer and stupid Lily Cole, whore and supermodel Intro: "Dream of Zippy Kid" Decaydance,decaydance. Act 0001.Scene 0001.Los Dangeles. "Black Ice Cube" club.
Enter Zippy Kid and naked Lily Cole. Zippy Kid: "My flying bride, I am not afraid, I am not dissapointed, Creative shot of her surprise, My flying bride,X-mazz. Tonight, I'll be gentle. Take a look inside. Stupidity of tommorow Sleng, twang, another, Nothing is snowless. Recordless is breakless. And justice for glass. Pseudoparadise. In this world they will say, My life:juice and jazz and jive, I am standing and hiding your things to realize my dreams, She's my queen, She's my bride. Bank lottery, bank robbery. Hide me. Do this talk, Touch my head, look in the mirror, My law is the tea. I rule this life, I understand her mind, No more masks and spam, I am the catcher in the smile, I am the one flew over Los Dangeles' crew. Her riots and wars. November's kids. Between the drugs, Between the money. My satanic majesty request is to respect her ears. They're running, they're thinking the freedom is the agression. The world is your exit. Your lift is my door, Break my hate." Act 0002. Scene 0002. Mars. The exceptional cyber mining.
Enter Zippy Kid, dressed as cyber hip-hop producer and topless Lily Cole, dressed in pink shinning latex gloves, blue leather boots and red stockings. Her hair-do is simple, lips are red. Zippy Kid: "Allow to infuse caterpillars, Net weight, ite missa est. Finely selected speciality free. No other shine will ever make you feel This way again. Dada of Zippy can be recognized and realized by the superior and newest materials Of manisco. I am superfighter." Chorus sings: "From ass-hole to rock'n'roll, hip-hop. Survive for forever." Zippy Kid licks Lily Cole's tits gently. Lily Cole: "You're free to save me from myself, Save me from this college." Zippy Kid: "Last reason to be Zippy, I am Zippy God. Trust my heart, you're taking truth, You're my lover, Lily Cole. Zippy Kid and Lily Cole: "We have it all, Holes of our info, Rights and laws, We're family". Act 0003. Scene 0003.Nowhereland. The yellow nylon fence.
Enter sexy girls, plastic robots with TV-boxes and sexy Lily Cole, dressed in little black dress. Zippy Kid is sitting on the fence. Zippy Kid: "Dramatise the difference of human machine, Your brains are my sculptures, I am Zippy God, I do this art from air, I do greatest media hype. No return to Nowhereland, I wanna be Zippy." Lily Cole: "I hate you, stupid. Are you singing me the digital blues? when the system finally knew itself, there where we're going tonight." Zippy Kid: "I am going to Los Dangeles, Lily, I do love you madly, fuck me now! In my dreams I realized what I need, My friends are strange, Mass culture is the stupid way to find food for your fat body. Watch the end on this superbig display" Plastic robots with TV-boxes unite in one big superdisplay. and turn on the collage of frames: numbers, codes, bursts. Soundtrack Zippy Kid-"The burst of your world" from album "I am Hugo Pip" by mARS label #33 2007 Zippy Kid: "Watch my death, The day can come when I get old and sick and tired of life. I just never realize maybe the choice I made wasn't really right, but I go out and escape. I'm just sittin' on a fence, You can say I got no sense, You can say I am insane, Trying to log in your mind, Really is too horrifying, So I'm sittin on a fence." Act 0004. Scene 0003.The system.
Enter Zippy Kid and Lily Cole, dressed in brown leather boots and yellow stockings. Zippy Kid kisses Lily Cole's lips and pussy. Zippy Kid: "These laws and walls are too fragile, Burning system is my aim, I am not insane, I am not lazy. Lily Cole is my mistake for big sleep, She thinks she's supermodel, I am greatest artist, USA. United states of my art, United states of american dream, I realized all I wanted, I realized all I need now! The universe is too litle for this big creative shot. The streets and billions of my fans are loveing my moves, text and this music. I am not your victim, mofos and crocos, meck you. (Soundtrack Zippy Kid-"Lily Cole,let's kiss" from album "Lily Cole,let's kiss" by mARS label #33 2007) Lily Cole: "The system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation in hiring or in granting, denying, or revoking security clearances. To be considered suitable for System, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last 12 years. The issue of illegal drug use prior to 12 months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing. Drug abuse is one of the common reasons applicants are denied a security clearance. You cannot work for the CIA without a security clearance. I must take responsibility for my actions and decisions. This is part of integrity as a group and as individuals." Zippy Kid: "I depend on the personal commitment and effort of every individual on The System. I expect you will do your best sex, every day." Zippy Kid and Lily Cole: "Thank you for taking the time to watch the burst of this world. This message is generated automatically when the System successfully processes your submission. It is your assurance that your comment has reached us; you do not need to live for further confirmation." Lily Cole: "The strange thing is that there is something inside the system!. But nobody can take possession of its real sense, because if the system is opened this sense is lost irreparably. The system is the virtual representation of human stupidity." Zippy Kid: "I need you only,Lily, I want you,break me, change me, Kill me with your silence, No way to escape from this pleasure, I have too many tenderness for you, I hate faked feelings, I'm fading in your bliss, I keep it all inside, I keep it all inside, I keep it all inside, I keep it all tonite. ...I lost you... ...I want you..." HAPPY END. (Something else will happen to this project some day)
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