©R.T.V. fecit"The marriage of Figaro"©All rights reserved (For Lily Cole)

(Dedicated to Lily Cole and Turtle Rita Gammarus) Hugo Pip,supermodel and stupid sometimes Pete Doherty Chuck Berry,singer of simple rock'n'roll songs Keith Flint,monster from hell Keith Richards,drunkard with broken finger James Brown,King of funk Zippy Kid,2nd King of Funk and 2nd King of rock'n'roll Lily Cole,amazing red girl and supermodel Figaro,cowboy and spaceman Intro: He said: "I want to kiss her, I love her,it's my love, I want to kiss her, She's Lily Cole." Act 1. Scene 1.Tokyo's supermarket. Enter Hugo Pip and Lily Cole Hugo Pip I'm Zippy Kid, You dig inside, display balancing hormones, You hit the streets, feel no pain, No remorse, analyzed rewards, Calling you, link me to depression, I'm the receptor of this effect, Crystallize everything and develop free thinking. I'm young fool keeping my trademark, It influences vision and other important function in the brain. Lily Cole I love modeling, but also see it as a platform for the million other things I want to achieve and create in life. Hugo Pip Where's Zippy. He needs young sexy wife. She wants you to die, she said: "Right now emo kid. RIGHT NOW. GO TO HELL. RIGHT THIS MOMENT. YOU'RE DISGUSTING.AND I HATE YOU. AND YOU'RE AN ATTENTION SEEKER.PROBABLY A TOWNIE. I HATE YOU. DIEEEEEEE, DIE, DIE, DIE, RIGHT NOW GOOOOOOOOOOOD And I don't care if this is old." Zippy Kid (with his immortal smile) So well I sell hell, suffer well, I'm well trained killa, Use your tongue to kiss me, All my enemies are dead, baby,Lynnee Hugo Pip A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. ABC, you will get the best for me! Figaro You are God. You are hanging out in heaven with Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and James Brown (R.I.P.) Just jamming and stuff (I play bass). Listening to The brilliance emerging from this impromptu Afterlife collaboration, You realize that the problem with rock among the living Is that the perfect mergence-of-known-to-be-brilliant-minds? Band has yet to develop. Good thing you’re the creator of the universe. You send my angel down to earth to remedy This situation. Who does the angel recruit? Tell us what you think of Zippy Kid, we need your spam. Zippy Kid Cover Story for Rolling Stone, Watch my exclusive performance, I will sing old romance with my old guitar, I'm King of abstract hip-hop, Call me superstar. Move the mouse cursor over her images, Click with right mouse button, She's Mickey Muse, I’m making my digital blues, Refresh desktop screen and I will chill your chip, Get this beats, after the image has fully loaded to full size You will see paradise; tell me its over, I'm on Rolling Stone's covers forever, She said she's the sculptor of the news, Wallpapers and screensavers. Keith Richards Mick Jagger is the singer, I play guitar and I broke my finger, I don’t like the way drugs now are working On my brain area instead of just through the blood stream. That’s why I don’t take any of them anymore. We don't need drugs! After falling out of that palm tree in Fiji, I try to find label mARS, broken guitars, He loves Lily Cole,oooh,I know, Zippy Kid will change this world. Zippy Kid You wonder how they can get up there one stage anymore, Gouashe,The Doors,Led Zeppelin,Massive Attack, I will use you, you only live once, Drugs will get two Keith’s. Cigarettes are drugs. Alcohol is a drug. Guys like Keith, Zippy and Iggy have a mixture of constitution and pure luck, Digital funk,they still drinks and smokes weed By the way, I stop it, everybody hated his guts. Yes you have a problem with policemen, You don’t have a problem with drugs, samples, cracks, I want you back, Lily. Pete Doherty I, I, try to wash away this blood on my face, I, New York, tobacco and alcohol, You will stop rock'n'roll,Kraftwerk,Suicide,Gouashe, I'm spy in the hell, Build your own supergroup, Destroy and kiss, You're making your own greatest music of humankind. I'm making my noise. You're stupid, so why don't you fuck her? She loves you, can’t you see, Zippy, She loves you, she’s angel. Zippy Kid It's my poetry, read or listen: "Time is killing me" I've lost myself, I’m lonely, Time is killing me (Against this vibrant background) I wish I was immortal, But no one set me free. So what you're trying to get Before you will die? Be happy, don't cry, Be happy, don't cry. ©Zippy Kid-29.10.2006
Act 1. Scene 2.Komsomolsk town,Poltava region Zippy Kid I'm hungry, I wanna make some beats, I need powerful computer, I'm typing letters, I love Lily Cole, It's my simple world. It's my protest, it’s my blues, Here you can download my mp3s. If you agree with my label mARS, I'm president of this crew, Tell me what to do, I love you. Lily Cole ... Zippy Kid ...Singer James Brown, The self-proclaimed "Godfather of Soul," Who billed himself as the hardest working man? In show business, has died at age 73, CNN reported on Monday. He was king of funk. This music was astounding range Of primitive emotional sounds: grunts, groans, screeches, Screams, wails. I still can't understand its reality, What to do? I'm 2nd king of...beep now, oooh. James Brown Soul is all the hard knocks, all the punishment The black man has had ... all the unfulfilled dreams That must come true, Mr. Dynamite, I’m bringing the word "beep" Into mainstream musical vernacular and influencing a new Generation of black music that spawned rap and hip-hop. Zippy Kid "Beep" is funk. I’m shocked. Lily Cole ... Zippy Kid I will get Nobel Prize for my art, Comments have a good time with that heroin, supermodels! "One thing" Over one second later I still offer innovation in my action, Frosted glass, having great ideas and being able To convert them into perfect prototypes. ©Ruslan Trohnyuk-15.11.2006
Act 1. Scene 3. Thank You Lucky Star,TV stupid show. Lily Cole Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture. Pete Doherty These photos are not necessarily approved for commercial use. Zippy's blues is greatest, it’s real protest. Zippy Kid I want to kiss your left leg, Lily. I want to kiss your lips, Lily. I want to kiss your face Lily. It's my insanity, do you believe me? Lily Cole ... Chuck Berry Oh, Lily, don’t let him steal your heart away, I'm gonna learn to dance If it takes me all night and day, Climb into my machine so we can groove on out. I know some swinging little joint where we can jump and shout. It's not too far back on the highway not so long a ride, You park the car out in the open you can walk inside A little cutie takes your hat and you can thank her ma'am 'Cause every time you make the scene you find the joint is jammed. Now, if you want to hear some music like the boys are playing, Hold tight, bang your foot, don't let it carry you away, Don't let the heat overcome you when they play so loud, Won't the music intrigue you when he get a crowd Well you can dance I know you would you could. I got my eyes on you, Lily, because you dance so good. I got my eyes on you, Zippy, cause you dance so good. Rolling Stones' first single release - a cover of Chuck Berry's "Come On", I created this hit. Lily Cole ... Keith Richard I had been recording riffs on a tape recorder and fell asleep; when I woke up, I wanted to erase the tape, but decided to listen to it again. Two minutes of satisfaction and forty minutes of me snoring. Lily Cole ... Zippy Kid Fresh loops, funky beats, amazing lyrics, Hate me critics, it’s my secret how to make art, Art is love, get inspired. When she opened the rug to reveal her naked body, Her apparent immodesty was used as evidence in the later trial That Marianne Faithfull had been under the influence of drugs. Bridges to Babylon, it’s my song. "5th Avenue NYC, get inspired" Come on, I’m trying to kill Paul Smith With my beats, run again, Term Twang borrowed from blues lexicon In the mid1990's by Zippy kid, Charles Edward Anderson (Chuck) Berry Chronicled the teen culture of the century, Lily Cole, can you help me, I'm lonely, I’m insane, I wanna stop my pain, I wanna stop teen angst, I'm outrageous stage persona, Breakbeat hotel, love me, Royal house of fame, wisdom and wealth. I'm too weird; I will be her slave, This dance floor bouncing with my bass overloading love. She's hip enough to help me to produce new stuff, Twangsite was mobbed and everything sold, I don't smoke, There are people doing their best to look like me, Act like me, ok, you want to be free, Be yourself, I'm the worst, Zippy's movie, I’ ve got full version, Modern art needs Zippy Kid and Leonardo da Vinci, Now I will slide on 5th Avenue NYC, USA, I will give you my energy, Productivity and madness. Say hello, say love, say Lily Cole, Say hardcore, say you're the last born free, I'm your oxygen, you need me, Lily. ©Ruslan Trohnyuk-04.01.2007 Keith Flint Come on over, do the twist, Do,do,ooh,ooh,I'm monster,magic,electric, Superfreak,pink,ice and fire. Act 1. Scene 4.Los Angeles, CA. Zippy's Party Private Event "REQUEST SENT-01.2007 UNAUTHORIZED USE IS PROHIBITED" Zippy Kid Here is the message I sent: "Message Body: Hello Darenzia, tell me how to fuck you, use my mail to talk or visit me. Anyway, thanks for being patient with me-there will be 2 big ass updates tonight/tomorrow! His majesty Zippy Kid, King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS Lily Cole !!! Zippy Kid I love you. This is because I have been through a very heart earring breakup with my gun. I will kill myself tonite. Now I feel much better. Painful tragedies. Skin Two Rubber Ball Now in Australia! Lily Cole ... Zippy Kid Contact me in the first instant by e-mail, her majesty Lily Cole. I'm waiting... roll with me. Hugo Pip I need you, you’re my angel, Taste the protest. Act 2.Mars.Zippy's bathroom. Zippy Kid I wash myself after my dirty job, I saved Jesus. I'm happy,where's Chuck Berry? Lily Cole It was nice play. Kiss me now! Сhuck Berry It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well You could see that Zippy did truly love the mademoiselle. And now the young monsieur and madame have rung the chapel bell, "C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell. They furnished off an apartment with a two room Roebuck sale, The coolerator was crammed with apples,oranges,TV dinners and ginger ale, But when Hugo Pip found work, the big money comin' worked out well "C'est la vie", say the young folks, it goes to show you never can tell. They had a hi-fi phono, Boys, did they let it blast Seven hundred little records, all rock, rhythm,hip-hop and jazz But when the sun went down, the rapid tempo of the music fell. "C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell They bought a souped-up jitney, 'twas a cherry red '53, They drove it down New Orleans and LA to celebrate Suicide's anniversary It was there that Hugo Pip was married to the lovely supermodel. Act 3.The Earth.2007 Zippy Kid I found her. I want to kiss her, I love her,it's my love, I want to kiss her, She's Lynnee. Now what you want from me? Back off, Lily! I was lonely. Now what you want from me? Now what you want from me? She is so young and vulnerable. She is so young and vulnerable. She is so young and vulnerable. (repeat to fade) Opening for the Stones is a serious right of passage for young artist. She will fade in the mist, I bless her,she's my goddess, I'm dying on the lonely island. ....After 10000000000000000000000000 light years Zippy Kid left Lynnee, Zippy Kid kissed Lily Cole, And they lived happy digital life. My cybervibe will cover ya all. The end ©R.T.V. fecit-04.01.2007
Bonus: "The Earth is dead" You're too, You're too. Tell them what to do! You're insane! Cyberpain.Bеzumno.Devotshk. Trenzini. ©R.T.V. fecit-08.02.2007
©DJ Zippy Freak © No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006 ©Руслан Трохнюк ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
P.s.Reviews: Name:fashiontrash Location:Sweden heyy, are you serious...? coz if you are, I feel really sorry for you. Zippy.. you are mental... really mental. You creep me out.
Name:yummytofu Location:Australia Ahh those are amazing. They show her in a more sexy light. Zippykid.. rightt.. anywayss thankkss!
Name:jellybabedeluxe Location: Germany Posted: 20-1-2007 10:10:58 @Zippy,Stop writing your lyric's in here. She'll never take a look at this page and this thread is for her. If you won't stop,nobody will visit this thread anymore.

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