R.T.V. fecit"Hamlet Prince of Denwark is back"Dramatis personae

(Dedicated to William Shakespeare and Kittie Klaw) Dramatis personae Hamlet, consumer and stupid Mick Jagger,old rock star Chost of supermarket Two clowns,grave-diggers Romeo,old husband of Juliet Zippy Kid,supergenius + consumers of fast food,sexy fetish ladies,strange gays and freaks. Intro: "Picasso optimising cruel attacks" Zippy Kid: I was infatuated with road trip, She's my fixed ideal, It actually made me kind of lonely, I studied every single detail, So far so good, But it was right for me, The sweetness of your locks, Unbalanced hormones, They all take it out of my skin, Unexpected ways, it's too dark, This is only the beginning, Everyone relaxes in her ballet shoes, This is only the beginning of my greatest blues. R.T.V. fecit 08.05.2006 Act 1 and last. Scene 1 and last.London's supermarket. Enter Ghost and Hamlet. Hamlet I am back to buy poison! I believe in reincarnation, I am back to save the universe! Ghost The modern world is burning, Improve the appearance of your wrinkles effectively, Tell me now what ya want from me? Poison will be available at your local stores, bars and clubs. Express free radicals. Please complete this form and return it to me, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed, I see you are in diffuculty, Have you ever met her? What can I do for you? You find yourself way up above the clouds, Safely on your way. I have no idea which direction they're headed, Their wonk pushes the boundaries of possibility. Hamlet Through the looking glass I love dressing up, I tend to live in ripped jeans, Because they give my bum a greatest shape, To be or use technology, That's not love, that's pure lust, Necrophilia, where's Ophelia? No time to shop, when I put it on These fluorescent knickers I feel fine, jeans are very important part of my wardrobe, I'm romantic hero of this time. Would it hurt me? You've got it all there I would go straight to bed And pray that I could sleep, You're lucky too, it's all over, I do love her And the tears rained down my face, I'll sleep under your bed, I want to be your slave, I get around, I scanned the pages But I couldn't find anything. This was life, ordinary life I was back in it again, There was no reason to hurry, She sleeps deeply, I won't taste it now Ghost Sometimes I like to float around, It's the equivalent of drug in fashion world, Poison is pure, digital age, Digital blues, English design, Art and sexuality, faked reality, Her lashes, happiness, harmony, No access to Hollywood tonite, Too tight on the ass, It is a sign of the place I was in, Last summer I saw Elvis, His sunglasses was big, He said: "Baby, you can wear high heels, I don't need pills anymore" Take a first look at the new season, Rehydrate your skin, Waking up in the morning, Order poison online, The time has come. Hamlet I will watch the parade, 3 spots are reserved for people in wheel chairs, Amazing horse cavalcades, rodeo games, I was Pinocchio, Tell me where I must go? Ghost Join our master storyteller Mick Jagger, As he brings to life your favorite Fairy tales from his magical book. Hamlet Limited seating, come and listen, Come and celebrate, Attractions, boutiques and restaurants, I wanna be superstar too in my 3-D musical Motion picture space adventure, Pizza, drinks, please observe warning sighs, I wanna call home from telephone boxes, Smoking, eating and drinking Are not permitted in attractions, Please leave your pet here, Don't be sad, Don't be sad. Ghost Large items may be handed To me at guest storage Outside the supermarket, I need protection, I'm the target, Don't forget that masturbating Is a quick way to deal with that excess sexual energy, Change the color of your eyes, That's still an unsolved medical mystery. Hamlet When I watch a woman touch herself, I'm getting a private lesson on what caresses she craves And how her body reacts, I'm taking part in a secret taboo ritual, You keep the video at all times, Communication is key, I used to be such a workaholic, I'd spend lunch holding a sandwich in one hand And typing with the other- Every single day, I'm crying, I need poison, brother. (Enter Mick Jagger) Mick Jagger: We had a great time dancing And talking and she gave me her number, C'mon,I've got torturous brain buzz Help me find relief from my head banger, She said she wouldnt have time To hit the nail salon before the event that night And needed to look perfect, So she wanted me to paint her toes, I said Wow! The Future is now! I've finally found the light And flowery scent, I'm feeling well, Please dig all that rhythm and blues, Keep me laughing all night long, Take the pressure off, Thing had gotten a little too hot, Zippy Kid wants to make his digital riot, Nobody could hear me, I'm lonely, Sometimes I think about What it would be like to have my youth back- Even for just 24 hours, Drink responsibly (Enter Zippy Kid) Zippy Kid: I know what ya looking at, Don't be sad, I attack with my smile, Ugly crocodile and golden fish, My sound remains the same, Driving ya brain, I came to stop oddish mess in this supermarket, Whatcha looking at? It's my digital blues, It's my digital blues. Do something for ya dream, Do something for human history. It sounds kind of crazy, But I fantasize freely, I will take ya all in a forbidden place, If you try to fix the problem on your own, Be inspired with my perfection, I wanna discuss the future of music with you, Don't forget me wrong, It's just the part of my strange song, We are just puppets in this play, Hamlet, are you okay? We will move to become the murder weapon, We found bomb components, We are friends forever. (Two clowns put Hamlet in his coffin, Enter Romeo) Romeo: Every morning I take my vitamins, I know official rules, Sorry I missed this show, Take a yoga class, Let's end this jazz! Epilogue: All is well that ends well Just step on it to turn it on again, Pop-art, futurism and post-modernism, I translated tha data of my experience Into this striking paradox, Hey Zippy, remember rock'n'roll is true, Hamlet is you! R.T.V. fecit-09.05.2006 DJ Zippy Freak No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. All rights reserved.R.T.V. fecit-2006 Ruslan Trohnyuk
bonus: "BSDM Love" I see Vanessa Upton shining in my room naked, So we break this edition,spacesynth is warm, Flowers and dancefloor, version, matrix, gently disturbing, My tears gather up all the empty words of this or any moment That constitute your daily datastream and mainlines them directly to your heart. I can satisfy a crowd by playing a set of old favorites, Fortunately, why you first fell in love with me? I need you, so why wait more? R.T.V. fecit-12.2006
"Excellent tube" Go ahead, I renewed energy, Rushing blood to her cheeks, A rosy bush, its possible, It's preferable, my workaholic ways. Tell her now how I'm feeling before you've said a word. Red has been used to symbolize passion, romance, To get the look, To get hot result, Try these tricks. You're in the mood for love. I can set the scene with strip ribbon, Modern romantic, I did it my way. R.T.V. fecit-18.12.2006 Hugo Pip-2005 "Harry Potter is dead" I hate faked heroes, I hate vogue mainstream, Hold me tight Lynnee, Let me realize my dream. Let me be your superhero, Be helpless now! Violence,art and romance, It's our last transformation. No shades, We're burning rubber dolls, We're burning rubber dolls. I need your breath. Black latex, Don't be sad, Harry Potter is dead. R.T.V. fecit-27.12.2006 Hugo Pip-2007C.I.A. No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from Ruslan Trohnyuk.
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