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1 Zippy God positioned his fingertips, callused from years of keyboarding, on the tiny orientation bumps on the L and C keys.The boot disk bypassed the machine's Windows operating system and wenr staright to the leaner MS-DOS -The famous Microsoft Disk Operating System, which is the basis for the more user-friendly Windows.The C: prompt appeared on the black screen. His heart raced as he started at the hypnotically pulsing cursor. Then, not looking at the keyboard, he pressed a key, the one for i-the first letter in the command line, lilycole.exe, which would start his secret C.I.A. virus. In the System time is very different from what we know it to be in the real world and the first thousandth of a second after Zippy God pushed that key, this happened: The voltage flowing through the circuit beneath the i key changed ever so slightly. The keybord processor noticed the change in current and transmitted an interrupt signal to the computer itself, which momentarily sent the dozens of tasks it was correctly performing to a storage area known as the stack and then created a special priority route for codes coming from the keyboard. The code for the letter i was directed by the keyboard processor along this express route into the computer's basic input-output system-the BIOS-which checked to see if Zippy God had pressed the SHIFT, CONTROL or ALTERNATE keys at the same time he'd hit the i key. Assured that he hadn't, the BIOS translated the letter's keyboard code for the lowercase i into another one, its ASCII code, which was sent into the computer's graphics adapter. The adapter in turn converted the code to a digital signal, which if forwarded to the electron guns located in the back of the monitor. The guns fired a burst of energy into the chemical coating on the screen. And, miraculously, the white letter i burned into existence on the black monitor. All this in a fraction of a second. And in what remained of that second Zippy typed the rest of the letters of his command, -l-y-c-o-l-e.e-x-e, and then hit the ENTER key with his right little finger. More type and graphic appeared, and soon, like a surgeon on the trail of an elusive tumor, Zippy God began probing carefully through Lily Cole's computer-the only aspect of the girl that had survived the vicious attack, that was still warm, that retained at least a few memories of who she was and what she'd done in her stupid fashion life. ©Zippy God Foto by R.T.V.Ya can buy this foto for 12 169 000 000$ 2 I am hot with you, I am happy, I'm always excited by everything, I can stare into your blue eyes, But your smile hides a bold-laced lie, It inches, it seethes, it festers and breathes, My heroes are dead, they died in my head, My heroes are faked, squeeze out the pain, Something inside me has opened up again. I'm insane, I killed you, Lily Cole. Thoughts of me destroyed. I am paranoid. Gimme any reason why I'd need you, Lily, Gimme any reason not to fuck you up, Gimme any reason why I'd need you, bitch, Gimme any reason not to kill you. I see you in me, I feel you in me. I keep my scars from paparazzi devices, Incapable of ever knowing why Somebody breathe, I've got to have a answer, Why am I so fashinated by your pictures, better things, But I don't care what you think, You'll never understand me, Now take a real good look at What you've fucking done to me. 3 Zippy God's virus had bored a gate through the C.I.A.'s ice. He punched himself through and found an infinite blue void ranged with color-coded spheres strung on a tight grid of pale orange neon. In the nonspace of the System, the interior of a given data construct possessed unlimited subjective cyber- mind. Zippy God began to key the sequence Asgar had purchased from a hacker arab with severe drug problems. He began to glide through the spheres as if he were on invisible data tracks. Here. This one. Punching his way into the sphere, chill blue neon vault above him starless and smooth as frosted glass, he triggered a sub- program that effected certain alterations in the core custodial commands. Out now. Reversing smoothly, the virus reknitting the gate of the System. Done. -I am bleeding. 4 Zippy God is rock'n'roll genius. Having recorded hundreds of tracks, he is incredible, never one to pander to commercial pressure, Zippy God has taken time to develop a unique style. Zippy God rocks! Lily Cole stepped out. Somehow, the end of the tunnel had become its bottom. Zippy God embraced the weak gravity like a drowning man finding a pocket of air. `Up,' Lily said, `you gonna kill me now?' 'No, my angel, my whore, I love you, you can laugh. It's the prison...I can't escape. I want to kiss your lips. Raindrops, her limbs were heavy with rain. It's the lost highway, give me more cybervibe. It's the lost highway, give me more cybervibe. I am goin' nowhere, I can't escape...' `Why?' `Because I need you.'-Zippy God grimaced. `And because you need me.`I don't exist, after that without you...' 04.2008 P.S. All characters in this publication are real persons, living or dead. ©R.T.V.fecit-2008
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