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1 It was called abstract hip-hop, a sensuous mosaic cooked from vast libraries of digitalized pop. It was worship, Lily said, and a sense of community. Abstract hip-hop, baby,' Hugo Pip said. "You're fucking crazy," Lily told him. "Hear okay, angel. Righteous abstract hip-hop." Trying to brace myself for the sudden stopping of breath, a sickness and final slackening of the nerves. Fear of that cold deep dive waiting, down there in the System. So I went out into the night and the neon and let the crowd pull me along, walking blind, willing myself to be just a segment of that mass organism, just one more drifting chip of consciousness under the System. I didn't think, just put one foot in front of another, but after a while I did think, and it all made sense. Maybe, Lily loves me. I love her and I wish to change my life, do my last escape to this secret island and spent my last days with her.I thought about CyberVibe, too. So I went out into the System and the light and let the data pull me along, flying free, willing myself to resist and be myself, just one more surfing user of problems under the System. -No, I can't live without you, but you're fre Lily. Kill me please, stop this evolution of my insanity. Zippy Kid is in his early twenties. Born in Australia, he speaks fluent English, lives in one room in "Mutant Hotel", and does delicate jobs involving information transfer. Lily Cole is an international supermodel, on assignment from a magazine called "Faked Vogue". Lily doesn't exist yet, which is fine; she's used to that. But it seems to be actively blocking the kind of buzz that magazines normally cultivate before they start up. Really actively blocking it. It's nice, even a little scary, if Zippy Kids lets herself think about it much. Which she doesn't; she can't afford to. Hugo Pip is a junkie. A high-end junkie, hooked on prescription antianxiety drugs. Hugo Pip figures he wouldn't survive twenty-seven hours if Asgar, the mystery man who saved him from a misunderstanding with his dealer, ever stopped supplying those little bubble packs. What exactly Asgar is up to Hugo can't say, but it seems to be superhacker in nature. At least, Asgar's very nuanced French would seem to be a big part of it, as would breaking into locked banks. Croco Hobo is a "producer," and an enigma. In his day job, Croco is a troubleshooter for manufacturers of mutant weapon's equipment. He refuses to dig in the "Cyberhole" twice. He meets no one. Lily Cole has been told to find him. -Tell me where I can get my escape from... -We only sell fetish dolls for lonely C.I.A. agents, we don't know anything 'bout escape. -Just want a sample of, sample of the freedom, See the, see the light Want it - no more fake, Sample of, sample of the freedom. -Call da police, Zippy Kid is back on his hacker's track. 2 Into her private darkness, a churning synaesthesia, where her orgazm was the taste of apple, scent of rose, wings of a moth brushing her cheek. She was sexy, naked, and I was barred from her dreams. 3 Spent my last days with a girl of my dreams, Burnt my software and drank all my tea. Made up my mind to make a last start, Going to Notting Hill with a fever in my heart. Someone told me there's a girl out there With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. Took my chances on a big jet plane, Never let them tell you that they're all the same. I am the sad clown, The sea was blue and the sky was brown, Wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today. The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake As The System began to crack. Seems that the code of the Gods Got a punch on the nose and it started to flow; I think I might be rolling, Throw me a line if I reach it in time I'll meet you up there where the path Runs straight and high. To find a queen without a king; They say she's tender and cries and sings. La,la,la,la,kwa,kwa. Ride a white mare in the footsteps of dawn Tryin' to find a girl who's never, never, never been born. Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, Telling myself it's not as hard, hard, hard as it seems. 4 If it keeps on rainin', "The System" goin' to break, If it keeps on rainin', "The System" goin' to break, When "The System" breaks I'll have no place to stay. Don't it make you feel happy When you're tryin' to forget your way home, You don't know which way to go? This is my escape. Zippy Kid jacked out with the last code. A blinking cursor pulses in the electric darkness like a heart coursing with phosphorous light, burning beneath the derma of black-neon glass. Hello? Data now slashes across the screen, information flashing faster than you scan. His body spasms, fighting against the thick gelatin. Metal tubes, surreal versions of hospital tubes, obscure his face. Other lines like IVs are connected to limbs and cover his genitals. He is struggling desperately now. Air bubbles into the Jell-O but does not break the surface. Pressing up, the surface distends, stretching like a red latex coccon. Unable to breathe, he fights wildly to stand, clawing at the thinning elastic shroud - Until it ruptures, a hole widening around his mouth as he sucks for air. Tearing himself free, he emerges from the cell.It is Zippy Kid.He is bald and naked, his body slick with gelatin. Dizzy, nauseous, he waits for his vision to focus. He is standing in an oval capsule of clear alloy filled with red gelatin, the surface of which has solidified like curdled milk. The IVs in his arms are plugged into outlets that appear to be grafted to his flesh. He feels the weight of another cable and reaches to the back of his head where he finds an enormous coaxial plugged and locked into the base of his skull. He tries to pull it out but it would be easier to pull off a finger. To either side he sees other tube-shaped pods filled with red gelatin; beneath the wax-like surface, pale and motionless, he sees other human beings. The metal harness opens and drops the half-conscious Neo onto the floor. Human hands and arms help him up as he finds himself looking straight at Lily Cole, Hugo Pip and Asgar. And others, dressed in bizarre, high-tech white combat gear. Lily Cole smiles. LILY COLE Welcome to the faked world, Zippy Kid. Zippy Kid opens his eyes again, something tingling through him. He focuses and sees his body pierced with dozens of acupuncture-like needles wired to a strange device. ZIPPY KID Why do my eyes hurt? LILY COLE You've never used them before. Lily Cole takes her big sunglasses off and puts them on Zippy Kid. Zippy lays back. LILY COLE Rest, Zippy. The answers are wasteless. I need your last code. ZIPPY KID Lily, what's happened to me? What is this place? There's nothing I can do about being, my mission of the greatest hacker in C.I.A work does not mean cracking government computers and changing the data about the end of digital civilization or even erasing it, which is, if you think about it, pretty stupid because it is futile. No one can possibly find all the data points and all the backups. And it doesn't change my ability to create twang immediately. LILY COLE More important than what is when? Zippy Kid When? LILY COLE You believe the year is 4002 when in fact it is much closer to 60009. I can't say for certain what year it is because we honestly do not know. ZIPPY KID That's not possible. LILY COLE I promised you the truth and the love, Zippy, and the truth is that the faked world you were living in was a work of "The System". 5 Zippy Kid jacked in without the last code, but Lily Cole helps him to get the ice. LILY COLE I did what I did, because I believe we have been brought here for a reason, Zippy. You are here to be my slave, just as I am here to be Goddess. He takes a deep breath. ZIPPY KID Yeah.Free my mind. Right.No problem. The best hacking is always useless, when I adore you. I need you, I love you. 6 "The System" is another term (hacker's slang) for the globally interconnecting computer network also known as digital temple of Goddess Lily Cole. As more and more slaves are bridged together, we are ending up with one network of networks. Soon, as computers are equipped with modems, slaves will be able to pray "the System" from just about anywhere. LILY COLE -No, Zippy, you're my special slave, be ready for your last erotic experience. This is the escape. -Water, water.Food.Food. Ital food. Lionz. Lily has a talent that all great gods have, in that she's very good at interpreting and defining different looks from designers and photographers. She is unique in that way. She may not have a choice. The April issue of "Faked Vogue" goes on sale from 15 March. THE SYSTEM Goddess Lily Cole acted as your insider guide to CyberZoo. Phoned in directly from backstage at the riots. A PHONE begins to SHINE. It is answered and the screen fills instantly with the trace program. After a long beat, we recognize Lily Cole's voice. LILY COLE Hi.It's me.I know you're out there. I know you're working as fast as you can to kiss me. I thought I should call and let you know how things stand. Let me burn your mind! 7 "Love be the thing To keep me broken " Who will estimate your abilities In full details And what for to strike success off the list? It is better to be the focus of attention Thoughtful and refined Under strange circumstances To take part in this game, aspiration to dream, Creating the world... Even in dream... I lay on sand and look the parade of freaks, I did not begin to climb in a loop and to find out attitudes with nice girlfriends of a youth, remember the childhood and time of toddlers, I has arranged festival of the childhood and freedom from society. " For the sake of what I live? " - I asked myself the question, I saw the morning in city of Dream. They have given out the plastic spoon, sugar, water and tea. Authorities of the world have forbidden to you to be yourself, therefore you're like a dirty pig. -I am the stainless steel rat,-she answers. -I am the person and the hero of time. I not the robot, I am not a victim of your promo-companies and your nonsense, I would like to kiss Lily Cole. Stop to cry. Technical support, guarantee and advertising is not necessary for my love. I add chicken soup concentrate with the noodle to one litre of unsalted boiling water,simmer at low heat for 5 minutes. It's the global reconsruction of modern fashion. I observe of all displays of my victim. I do not miss a case to inform her about the approval and the consent. When I combine frankness with my charm, smile and humour I make really serious influence on her. Let her to take pleasure in stay of my dick inside of her. I can suck her small button, and she will be voluptuously curved. We lost our dreams. Bam-boom. Frequently we are afraid to be connected together in our relations because if we let to find out that we are imperfect, they will not accept us. 8 ENJOY TO BE TOGETHER! Lily Cole, goddess of the system Lily Cole is free and I don't want to control her life. I love her, I live my simple life and I hope someday I see her and tell it. 9 We DIVE THROUGH the numbers, surging UP THROUGH the darkness, sucked TOWARDS a tight constellation of stars. Here we go. Under the cybervibe of RIGHTEOUS ABSTRACT HIP-HOP. What about CyberZoo we live in? Mission closed.

Type your last code here, hacker and finish this cybernovel, you're the part of "The System"

FADE OUT. ©R.T.V.fecit-2008

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