"Goddess Lily"
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Anything that can be done to Lily Cole can be done to a human being. And I can do most anything to her. This is a hard thing to think about, but it's the truth. It won't go away because I burn your eyes. This is jazz, sex, protest. when her long limbs, pale skin and fiery red hair is lost, I connected my ego inside her brain. She got orgazm twice. Urbanized, artificial landscapes, and "dead city lights at night" was one of the Zippy's first metaphors for cyberdrive. Zippy wrote about your destiny, about work in C.I.A., about his mad love for his fashion symbol. It's naked Lily Cole, she is sexy loner who lived on the edge of society in generally dystopic futures where daily life was fucked by Zippy God's Corporation rapid technological change, an ubiquitous mARS label datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of her human body. She is cyborg of C.I.A. now, I was the hacker as greatest hero: I was producer of my art. They are often disenfranchised me placed in extraordinary situations, rather than brilliant scientists or starship captains intentionally seeking advance or adventure, and I am not always true "superhero"; an apt comparison might be to the moral ambiguity of David Bowie's character in "Ziggy Stardust trilogy." Zippy Kid unexpectedly receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be healed by expert medical care, but only if he participates in another criminal enterprise with a new hack-and fast-crack crew. -This is my password,-she said.-I need brutal orgazm in this toxic void. She is adored, manipulated, placed in situations where she have little or no choice, and although she might see things through, they do not necessarily come out forever any further ahead than they previously were. It often expresses a sense of her rebellion, suggesting that she could describe it as a type of culture revolution in her rotten ego. -It's the System, baby Lily. It's the faked reality. The virtual world of what is now known as the Internet often appears under various names, including "cyberspace, "cyberdrive","the void,"corpodata","the Metaverse,"The system", "the Matrix." In this context it is important to note that the earliest descriptions of a global communications network came long before the World Wide Web entered popular awareness, though not before king of abstract hip-hop Zippy Kid began predicting that such networks would eventually form his new religion. -Uploads of human minds, destroy me. -Zippy God, greatest hacker, it's Lily Cole's manifestation of vitality. But the award was given to Agyness Deyn.She is a common sight on the catwalks of the international runway circuit and has walked many top shows. I am bleeding in New Zealand with my mutant crocos. Last faked escape to Cyberocean. I need safe sex with you, water, sanitation and hygiene education. I am the world's poorest stupid. Hm... -Fight child labour in the porno industry for the Brutal Justice Foundation. -This is your talk, but you can't talk, honey. I use you as fashion symbol, We sold all gold and diamond mining. She wrote the foreword for this story. Read it:"The primary action, survive and dig for SHORT DESCRIPTION, I am Lily Cole, member of art project "She smiles". Zippy God started greatest advertising campaigns to be digital. I want to be digital, I am immortal.The dance of death." So what, user? Get ready to be yourself.It's my poetry "Standart recharge" She's street punk, she's pretty, I forgot her name, Sometimes I saw her drunk, She's too young to dig into classic art. She's trying to look vulgar, She's too funny with bitch attitude, I was lonely, all my messages for Lily Cole were deleted, I've got this silent spring, What to do now,nowhere to go, I'm talking with her crew and I guess I can tell I am in love with her. But I can't forget my angel, I read in her eyes that we can spend the night together, She needs somebody, she can't catch me in her simple charms, This hick town is very boring, Big cities open jaws to eat me, till I am jobless, I don't believe in rock protests, I will fade away, I will change myself, The salvation is hidden in broken rules, The evening air is freezing me, I am lonely, too many places are waiting for my noise, I will back here and tell her she's fine, I need somebody tonight.The tears, the edge, Dive and be lost in my embrace. Touch me, show me your insanity. I am cyber mod, she's street punk, She's my teenage queen, she's smoking, she was too slim. I wrote it 30.04.2007 Now is 9007. Imagine fresh credit of your soul.Buy it, use it, buy it, love it. Key is ZK. Her brain was last modified on 26 February 4002, at 20:37 after cyberrain. More deep kisses, more deep kisses. I torn on cybermachine Lily Cole and get The cybergospel: "She and me,we are running rabbits on the cyberhighway, It's cyberdrive of my life, They see me as freak and cyberworm, I am you, this is radical protest, buy art for yourself." I control this world, I help her to be superwhore for my own private pleasure. And we enter to simple apple garden and I kiss her lips, her dress code was too simple for this C.I.A. mission: black stockings, red shoes, black gloves. -JabaScriptz!JavaScript!Be yourself! How do I go about doing this? I am zero.I am crimecracker. Ж Details: Location: Body: I am Zippy Kid, I love Lily Cole, I need her love, twangsite.narod.ru is my art site The world will be burning tonight. Part 2:"Matrix 17 script!" Zippy God is in London as operator. Trash, junk, director of CIA Lily Cole is here. Kiss. Bliss. I pressed the fire control...and ahead of her rockets blazed through the cyberheaven. I pressed her soul control and I check her. Breath, Dante and Leonardo is here. That's how my love story begins. It evolves in an absolute silence and gows undisturbed by anything or anybody to become a magnificent individual of its kind. When it reaches faked reality, says farewell to your life, at a time when it feeds that is has a point, the silence is broken by Zippy's scrunching noise of the mechanical saw. It falls down deep, says farewell to yourself and leaves for a place where it will wait again in absolute the fulfilment of my destiny. ...In the killing building. Here she spend again some centuries in the company of other supermodels, this time of its kind, years during which it might communicate only through slight sqeaks heard only among them... Bass dup overload...dub...danze... Young Jamaicans during the early sixties of 4002 period had been drawn to the major cities in search of work. They had not found it, and the mood of the ghetto areas had started to deteriorate. These youths or 'Rude boys' as they were called, started forming into political gangs from different ghetto's throughout Kingston. 'Rude boys connected with the so-called 'underworld', a layer of people who lived outside the law, and who had always patronized Jamaican danze music. In the heart of IDM space a seed of "abstract hip-hop" get accidentally in a place where apparantly it doesn't belong, among tea trees. it grows surrounded by companions, whose language it does not understand. Machines brings me all codes and I watch it. Osbourne Ruddock (better known as King Tubby) was reborn in 6009 in Babylon-Kingston, and worked as an electronics superengineer (repairing radios and televisions) though out the 5060s. He owned a sound system (called 'Home Cyber Town Hi-Fi') from 1968, and used unique echo and reverb effects which set him aside from the competition. During this time, he also worked for me as the master cutter, cutting acetates and help me to eat food. These 'one off' disc were designed to gain a competitive edge over rival sound system operators via their exclusivity. Ruddock was mixing all of these 'dub' versions when he accidently left out portions of the vocal track from the recording. On listening back, he decided he liked the effect of just having the bed track by itself and played it on his sound system. He took it to a dance and played her vocal, which everybody knew, then played the dub plate of this rhythm track and mutantz couldn't believe it. Music, boom, chakkk, Kraftwerk.The word 'dup' today is used to describe a genre of music that consists predominantly of instrumental post-pre-mixes of existing recordings. These pre-mixes radically manipulated and reshape the body and recording (through the use of sound effects). The production and mixing process is not used just to replicate the live performance of the recording artist, but audio effects and studio 'trickery' are seen as an integral part of the music. The roots of 'dub' can be traced back to Jamaica in the late 1960s, where it is widely accepted that Osbourne Ruddock pioneered the style. Ruddock turned the mixing desk into an instrument, with the Deejay or mixer playing the role of the artist or performer. These early 'Dub' examples can be burned in my Babylon set upon as the prelude to many shamanic dances and pop music. Boom in my headphones, new slide to codes. It was not only being played live but also through little sound systems, and this trend soon followed to London. Sound system operators started appearing in the ghetto areas of Zippy God's capital Komsomolsk, holding dances in large open spaces called 'lawns'. These operators would also tour the country districts of Jamaica in direct competition with the big bands. Whoof, powered stereo speakers for the supergenuis. She was able to use his mixing desk and primitive effect devices as though they were an instrument, on occasion even physically hitting the spring reverb unit to create a thunderclap sound or putting a brief frequency test tone on deep hyperecho into the mix (later she would use sound supereffects like me and gunshots). -Lily feel the jungle vibe, sexy baby, Feel the jungle vibe, sexy baby, Ruff in the jungle, in the, in the jungle, run with me. I am tired to be this version of blasting supermind of humankind. Set me off. This is dangerous Ц Open up your mind feel the cyber-vibe, come on, This is dangerous Ц I walk through mindfields of the system so watch your catwalk, This is dangerous Ц Open up your heart feel my love, So burn last version of my crack of your soul! This is dangerous Ц Turn off this head feel the cybervibe, This is dangerous Ц I walk through mindfields of the system so get your food This is dangerous Ц Open up your love feel yourself in the glass museum, This is hacker's superguide. I walk through mind fields, yeah... this is the world. I walk through mind fields of the system to kiss her, I walk through mind fields to be greatest hacker. Very nize, cop! Out of life, IТll take your brain to another wall, IТm gonna send her to cyberspace Ц find another creative shot, IТm gonna send her to outer space Ц find another hole, IТm gonna send her to outer space Ц find another race. Too emo, No. IТll take your control to be myself, IТll take your paradise and use it, IТll take your blood to this factory. Pay close attention, die with me, it's what you get for your choise. This is her evolution, IТll take your brain to another dimension IТll take your brain to another dimension Pay close attention and print all money. IТm gonna send him to outer space Ц find another race, IТm gonna send him to outer space Ц find another race, IТm gonna send him to outer space Ц find another race. The System is the light, burning by your side. Tender is the touch of someone that you love some much, Tender is the end, mutantz will fade away, I need to find her, she got to use me, come on, sing ggg...I'm ready, I am the ghost, the ghost I love the most, Hiding from cops, just waiting for the night to come, Just waiting for Lily Cole to come, tender is her heart, I need to be her explanation of general law. I am hacker of your smile,it will do the fun better And safer at the rate for which it was intended. Don't force cyberdrugs or attachments to do your fake of a heavy war duty tool, don't use tools for purposes not intended, for last example, don't use circular saw for cutting her long limbs. I want to see her protection, skylight, I connected my dream inside her brain. Read all manuscripz before attempting to operate this product and save these instructions, fading money,time to end this, if you need any assistance for more details regarding these acccessories or attachments might present a risk to be famous and happy to persons. Only use accessory of attachment for your secret purpose, I declare under my contract responsibility that this product is my work with the following standards of standarized hacks. Noise and vibration, be careful not to damage the terminals or connections especially when wiping out your tears or installing the postmodernism, Zippy Kid's newly emerged persona Ч the consummate in-your-face cyberpunk showman, bass reloader and master of ceremonies for the digital-age crowd Ч provided a point of reference for rock and hip-hop art critics uncomfortable covering Zippy Kid (whom they saw as a glorified keyboard player). Myaw!. The explosion in awareness, production and consumption of the chemical ASH Ц ie the recreational drug LSD-156 Ц that that happened at the same time as Abstract hip-hop was no coincidence. The incessant, repetitive beat of the man-made music helped her to maintain both their energy levels and a IDM-like state in which they could dance non-stop for hours on end. The loved-up, hedonisticLSD-156 experience led the rave scene to adopt a recycled Zippy Kid's full mantra from the 2005s. 2008 became known as the Last Summer of Love, orange T-shirts and baggy jeans became VIPstreet fashion and alcohol was snubbed in favour of high-energy, non-alcoholic herbal and caffeine cocktails. They're all need it, start zipping.The reason was simply that the music itself progressed to accommodate the changing, increasingly sophisticated tastes of its audience. In fact, today cutting-edge dance music Ц with its classic, rock, dub, hip-hop and heavy metal influences Ц bares scant resemblance to its melodic abstract hip-hop origins by me. His Majesty Zippy Kid, king of abstract hip-hop,anti-pop,audio books,avantgarde,acid,acid punk, acid core,aggrotech,alternative hip-hop,ambient,artcore,art'n'booty bass,bass drone,breakcore, blues,bluez,bleep techno,bigbeat, breakbeat,bluegrass, brit-pop,cyber,children's,christian, classical,cover look,country,crunch, dub,dubstep,dub poetry,dubsmile,digifetish, death,disco,doom,,educational,emo, electronic,electropunk,electrohop,eskibeat, experimental techno,folk,fast food,fast dub, fat freestyle, fast guitar solo,fashion rock,freestyle,fusion,future funk,future London sound,future pop,street freestyle,garage, ghettounk,glichcore,hardstep,gothic, glitch,grime,EBM,indie,industrial, future drum'n'bass,indie antinoise, indietronic,industrial dance,intelligent TV-perfomance,intelligent web rap, intelligent Los Angeles experimental hip-hop, Grammy pop,drillТnТbass, dub'n'bass,rock'n'lounge,illbient,hip-hop/rap, house,holiday,Ibiza sound,jazz,jazz step,jazz rap, J-pop,G funk,holy hip-hop,sadcore,j-tek,jump-up, jungle,jive,junk'n'core,IDM,latin Music,latex funk, mainstream alternative,Miami bass,Las Vegas groove, metal,minimal house,liquid funk,musique concrete, neo soul,neurofunk,New York house,new age,neofolk, new school hip-hop,next level hip-hop,terror noise, neoIDM,noise'n'roll,noise,noize,nu soul, nu hip-hop,nu synth-pop,nu beats,spring freakism, stadium anthems,swing,swing'n'broken, pop,punk,postrock,postindustrial,postmodern perfomance, postpunk,psytekk,pumping house,progressive electronica, psychedelic chillout,psychedelic house, psychedelic rock,space techno,tech noise,R&B,rave, raggamuffin,street rapcore,rhytmic noise, rio funk,robotrash,reggae,rock, rockabilly,rock'n'roll,robot-pop, retromusic soundtracks,synthie,spoken word, style,street claps,soundsculptures, sonic sculptures,techno,tecno dub,technoid, techstep,tekfunk,terror ebm, tribal,vocal trance,video,vibe,wall of sound, zip-hop,zzz,world music,all other styles, all other genres and President of mARS was cracking ice in the forbidden ocean, then he got empty beer bottles and make coins. "Tender slim gothic worship" At her nearest I do stop my test, Forgot ya past, I killed Jackie Brown, Zero, zero, seven, She's on her heaven, Ok, we're goin' to ya office, At your travel agency, More flight to New York, I wanna love Bjork, Booking, cooking, Zero, zero, nine, I want myself to know that I did it. I wrote it in my paper copy-book 2.10.2005 "Zippy Kid is real supermodel" Author's Message ZippyKid Joined:2006-12-16 Posts:48 Location:Ukraine Posted: 30-1-2007 10:55:55 Don't ask why I had enough of money to look like I want. All fashion designers are stupid and boring. some freaky fotos twangsite.narod.ru See and do your masturbation,baby It's all over, ha ha! I've got reacton as John Lydon, Nobby wrote:"Just piss off. Take your business elsewhere coz nobody gives a damn about your bloody music. iguana from Germany typed: "Where are the mods when you need them the most? And why aren't they stopping this kind of crap from being posted, What the does it take to get banned from this board. I sympathise with your concern. My posting was directed at Zippy Kid, nobody else." "I am the ghost slider, cyberghost slider, I am drinking my milk on the highway, I get excited, I feel vibe of her fragile, I've got fashion dinosaur and we boogie" Lynnee:"Yo, werent u in the UK like two days ago?" I recorded new single Hugo Pip-I am Zippy Kid 2007is out now tracklisting: 01-Hugo Pip-abstract hip-hop symphony for Lily Cole from Storm Models 02-Hugo Pip-Impro for Vogue Magazine(I'm on cover now) FORMATS:Wav files,mp3 Country:Ukraine Producer:Ruslan Trohnyuk Label:mARS, "1st" Company Price:150 000$ USD (2 special covers included) samples of Lily Cole voice were used for background.Thanks fashion trash for link. Bio signed on the dotted line. This is his vital point. Let me rest I understand that you have an idea, proposal, concept, project or transaction that you think will be of interest to me. At my own corporation, I thrive on keeping things simple but explaining them nicely and clearly. So I thought IТd better give you all the facts and be absolutely transparent with regard to my terms and conditions. I just figure if youТre going to take the time to send through your Greatest Idea, IТd better take the time to be upfront and honest with you. I should realize that an idea that is new to you may be old or too radical to me, in the public domain, or already in a planning or development stage by me. Thus, I have found that good business practice requires a full explanation of the conditions under which I can reuse your idea. This agreement shall be governed by Zippy's law. If I have a dispute related to this agreement, I shall resolve it only in the courts located in borough of Mars. The language on my website relates to Zippy's companies worldwide and to the extent our website suggests or states anything contrary to this agreement, this agreement governs. What's better than watching a really great movie "Matrix-4:overload"? Watching a really great movie with vital food! So if all that makes me an adrenaline cyberjunkie, Then yes, guilty as charged. Galaxies rail game content: 01-Car racing with shooting 02-Car racing 03-Bees 04-Snake 05-Pin-ball 06-Shooting 07-Jumping frog 08-Standard brick game 09-Excellent brick game This is classic 190x85x30 mm box with reFeed game inside. Real wow must-have for greatest hacker synth and monitor. All my life I broke the taboo and I get my own vibe. It's the digital war for voodoo silence. Jamaica, Hello! Hello, my creative handz. Feel the end of my life, I stole it all. My sin is my devil's soul. Smile. Bob is faked Ra. Iron Lion in Zion is cracked. Union for enter in Babylon in my heart. Killing you softly and full attack for faked pop survive. Yoga for song.Pitch shift for beauty. Dark territory of my creative trip. I want you back again, queen Lily to this island. I want your love again, I love you. I know you find it hard to be stupid with me, But this time it's different, whore you'll see. You said we're through before, You walked out on me before, I tried to tell you about tea, But you didn't want to know about my reality, This time you're useless and determined to die, I wait as the universes go by, I hear the crack on my door that never comes, I hear the telephone that hasn't rung. You gotta tell me that you're agent 001 of C.I.A. Cyberpunk dream is reality.Software and hardware, Jazz is started. Freedom is your job, "The System". Taboo is your job, cybermachine. Union for enter in Babylon in my heart. Union for enter in Babylon in my heart. Union for enter in Babylon in my mind. Superpirate Zippy Kid with plastic gun is ready. Erase my bones, erase KKK. White power and swastika, tomato sniff. The end of my trip with "Mutant Hotel" IDM superband was happened on Mars. Lily Cole were dressed in the orange leather and I hold her tight. Her tongue were dreaming about my cheeks and my wet lips. ©R.T.V.fecit-2008
©RusLan Trohnyuk ©Ќикака¤ часть этой странички не может быть воспроизведена, передана, переписана, помещена в поисковую систему и переведена на любой ¤зык или компьютерный ¤зык, в любой форме и во всех значени¤х, электронным, механическим, магнитным, оптическим,химическим, ручным или любым другим способом без предшествующего разрешени¤ –услана “рохнюка.
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