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R.T.V. fecit-"Naked Hearts"


R.T.V. fecit "Naked Hearts"йAll rights reserved

Intro: "I was born from the egg" DJ Zippy Freak "Reminiscences" Hey, you're listening the wet melodies Which the rain brings, Yeah, you're listening the sad fantasies Which the rain brings, And your heart will be touched Softly by the guitar strings. As my fingers was walking in your long fair hair, When on my shoulder I was holding your head I want to repeat all that: I'm waiting for this time 'Twas the 5th season of year What's the strange winter weather! You're near, Now we are together again, Standing under the shady clouds With the majestic moonshine. You're so fine... The drops were falling from the sky, But these heavenly tears were my joyful sigh, I was satisfied with it, I was happy like a little kid, Which caught a glimpse of the shooting star And his wish came true: I'm again with you. йR.T.V. fecit-27.12.Y2k
"The tears" I met her on the street, She cried on my sight... Tell me, baby, why I see The drops of broken love in your eyes? This little tears like little pearls Flowed down near your nose, I besought you:"Come back to the house", But the tears run, run, run again Like a strong spilling rain. She cries and doesn't talk with me, She wants to be free. Tell me, baby, what's going on? Tell me, baby, don't lie, c'mon, Tell me, baby, but I love you! Your words, your answers must be true. Wipe your tears, rise, awake, Walk with me, don't shake, Don't worry, trust me, Don't weep and you will see The flowers, the grass and the blue sky If only possible, please, don't cry. She cries and doesn't understand That I came to give her my hand. Tell me, baby, why I see The rosy cheeks on your pretty face? C'mon, let's leave this place And let's go down; Wait the end of the rain In the tunnels of underground. йR.T.V. fecit-1997
"Pastoral" Carezzando I heard her remote voice, Singing' tender to my flute She's dancing' on the field, Seeing' her I feel so good. The sun is shinin' so bright Touching' the ears of golden wheat. The birds are cooin'with me, When she's dancin'on the field. йR.T.V. fecit-12.02.2001 R.T.V. fecit
"Witch" She hides the sun tonight On the edge of time. She likes the darkness There she feels fine. Time to burn, Time to turn, She returned from her flight. йR.T.V. fecit-13.07.2001
"The Blazing Angel" She was born where the sun dies, She came in my world from the skies. Everywhere I look I can see her Even if I close my eyes. She came to bring the dawn, To break the darkness with her shine, She came to take me away, She came to be mine. When she gave me her mouth, She breathed the lust into my soul. In the spurts of this mighty flame I forgot about (all this world). Her lips were thrilling wild, When the tip of my tongue was inside, Crawling' there as a snake, My excitation I can't hide. йR.T.V. fecit-2.02.2001
"The Blazing' Angel" Part 2: Embracin' your wings, I do the Principe of radio (Waves are the sounds of unknown birds) Vertical limit, unforgettable Kiss: It's not like the butterfly wings I took her breath, she took my light Baby, will you stay here tonight? Baby, you thrilling me wild! (Other inner voice said: I'm yours) Baby, I'm holding' your arms on the chest I lost control, and I do it the best. Refrain: Embracin' your wings I do the Principe of radio, vertical limit Unforgettable Kiss, it's not like the butterfly wings Echo: (I'm losin' control) Repeat to fade I'm gonna fly at the moment just slipping' by If you ready to fall, you gonna crawl And built this style, Yeah, yeah I'm the mindless raptile I'm just the one in the human history, Will you wait 4 me? I need to see her; she's the sniper Pointing' the arrow into my soul I lost control fell in love Coda: We're goin' high Flyin' away in the dream! йR.T.V. fecit-26.03.2001
"Divine Romance" Take me to the place Where I was, show me your face And your dance: We're lost in the world With this divine romance. My fine feeling is excorting me THE END IS NEAR And I need the glint of craze Take me to the place Where I was, Show me your face And your dance We're dying With this divine romance I'm bleedin'... You're fetching; you brought the fever, We're evanescing under the eventide We hide ourselves from the fate, But it's too late, my bride Take me to the place Where I was, show me your face and your dance We're lost in the music With this divine romance. йR.T.V. fecit-07.2001
"Demulcent" I spent my life in the little hick town, Standing on the roof I see it all. The clouds are orange And the Dnieper is muddy... I rise up my hands, I need ya to embrace To take me in the other space It's the wonderful place Where we're free: It's the daze for you & me. йR.T.V. fecit-30.12.2000
"The grievous lay" Maybe you comprehend and stop it, When I reveal the hidden pain. This myth is implicit: Your touch made me insane. It was strong than the wizard incantation, When you stood at the spelling gaze, On the edge of deflagration- And drove in the daze. It had the momentary effect: My heart was torn by this whirl, But in place of the warmth You brought the stinging chill. It rend and bled restrained my inaudible cries, Which spread with every instant, Since we said our good-byes. It matured and burst into blossom In the flower with the petals of flame. Pick my ardent bud for your garden And cure my invisible pain. йR.T.V.fecit 1999
"Sensitive test" Girl, close my eyes, let my heart throb, With the sound-bite I escape; this is the last beat: I jump out, no buzz, Just the acid jazz is around. My exquisite taste is So strange for the mob, I like the poetry and it's my job To collect the words with the rhyme. Take my arms will lead you In the secret garden of our wishful land, The kisses I left as the marks: They're the sparks of my flame. We're in the darkness, You're the viper; I'm the raptile. Please, don't bite me, Scratch my back with fingertips, I worship your berry lips And play with your strand. Girl, desire me, treat with me As you like to do, I feel the sweet pain under my skin, You're the sting And your destiny to poison me So gently as it can be. йR.T.V. fecit-07.2001
"Barcarole" (Dedicated to Natalie) I can't find the bridge to your bank, Is this dividing obstacle blank? All riches I'll give for the hammer, Which make a hole in this wall. I saw the boat on my sight: This is the exit from my dire plight. I was blindfold, When the night replaced the day, But the candle of courage Threw the light upon the way. When the gondolier said: "I need your consent (Don't afraid) (Don't hesitate) To leave the Kingdom of Fate (The Gloomy State)" Under the full sail we went, The boat drifts and takes us away, You have nothing to say, But your tight lips explain me more, - That I belong to another shore. I can't see the spark in your eyes, You're fading, what's up? Maybe your soil became bad for His seed Or the thorny bushes are your inward weeds? The darkness folded your rocky land, Which built on the sand. She looks back and can't take my hand, I felt cold: you return in the lower world. I said:"I can't begin it again Like I can't go in the river twice", - This inevitable rule disturbs my brain And I want to break it at any price. The time flies and gives me the dust, It's impossible thing to change the past. йR.T.V.fecit-1999
"Serenade" The common people slept at the home, When the streets became deserted, The walk led me in the Town Park, I was here alone after dark, The romantic mood was born inside my head. Under the bush I swam in the see of enchanting lilac lush, If filled me pleasantly with the dush, With the closed eyes I was lost: The influence of this sweet taste Conjured up the ghost: The strange return of the shining lady, I wanted to fold her to my breast. The blood in my veins ran the colder, When my lips touched to her naked shoulder And the hands prepared to embrace. But I was stopped by her disappearance... You're so far away, in the another place, The April midnight took the clear chord: My sudden declaration to the sleeping world, Wake up in this wondering hour And the moonshine gives more... йR.T.V. fecit-20.06.1999 йR.T.V.fecit
"Acoustic heart" The empty vase, no flowers inside, The noisy evening... I hide, yeah; I hide my tears in the pillow. Where you are my red rose? I suppose it's the end, My room is the house of romantic tragedy, Stay here, please, don't go away, I beg of you, please, don't go away I beg of you, please, stay here. I need ya, don't disappear Where you are my red rose? I suppose it's the end and I close my eyes I dream about the garden Where my dear is, I beg of you, please, stay with me, Please, don't dissapear. I miss you so. Where you are my red rose? You're back in my arms And I feel you near Only you I adore, Don't disappear. Where you are my red rose? I suppose it's the end, My pillow is wet, I'm cryin', my friend, I'm sad, yes, sad. йR.T.V. fecit-5.08.2001
"The inmost scald" I was sitting on the high chair Drinkin' my steamin' tea I was waiting for the time When she will back to me I can't bring her back She moved so far away I feel myself tired, I lost my way. {Going downhill the way you feel is the misery} The door iz closed for me I'm fallin' down, my cup is empty: I need another round, my life is bitter No sugar there, I'm the looser but I don't care {Going downhill the way you feel is the misery} I'm losin' her with my wonderful world The dreams are crushed, my hands are cold. I hanker for these eyez But they're withdrawn, she burnt my heart And I'm cryin'alone. йR.T.V. fecit-18.04.2001
Gouache: "Overdosage"(single2002)
"The right for the mistake" The stars are still rollin' When I'm lookin' at her The umbrella I need when the cloudz cry, What the feeling she had, I don't know why... Chorus: Can we have the right for this mistake? When we took our route? Can we have the rule to survive If we ate the poisonous food? The noise is speechin', You clap the hands in the air, The swan is flyin, singin' there We can' here his voice Like the turtles we're deaf. The words in the papers Are new as the yellow raincoat, We're gettin'sad after the fertile rain, Just he flowers are growin' All stayin' the same... йR.T.V. fecit-24.04.2001
"I wanna be your freak" Babe, tonight I'm tired & sick, Babe, tonight I'm tired & sick, The dishes are dirty again... No tea, no milk, no hope I'm the misanthrope 'Cause love iz dope Babe, I want to be your freak, It's better than 2 be your man Baby, I need your presence near, Babe, please understand I'm insane. If I can hold you in my hands (or arms) I will feel myself Ok, Babe, I want II be your freak, That's all I wished to say. йR.T.V. fecit-18.07.2001 йR.T.V. fecit 23.9.2001+17.7.2001
"Subway fading" So you hear the noise: It's erasin' your conversation, Your mind is in the surrender It's killin' ya so tender. When the wind is blowin' in my ears, I pretend my dream It's the dramatic power, It's the tragical scream. Close your eyes with the tears, No freedom there: How to outgrow- The unknown ways, My dark thoughts, The sadness is around, I represent the New generation of sound The danger is on the line, No hope... It's just the roar of monster truck (or monster train) See ya, good luck! (or I will see you again.) йR.T.V. fecit-05.2001
P.S. Yeah! She's dead now... DJ ZF Bonus poems: *** Turtles, girls, Cops, bullets, Drugs,guitars,sounds! C'mon,come to my party... йDJ Zippy 18.7.2002
*** It's exciting me, Add the milk In the plastic bottle. йDJ Zippy 8.2001
"Airplane L-39 Albatros" Aero,aero,I love her, Airplane,BDSM,cyberdive,sweet pain, Kiss her stocking,she's my slave, Aero,aero,I love her,do my suck, Aero,aero,Airplane,fuck. йZippy Kid-19.03.2007
Thanks to M-Max,Voldemar, Black Elve,D7J,Andrew4Nola, Tinka,Steff,my big turtle Rita,The Beatles, Radiohead,Pulp,Beck,The Rolling Stones,Tricky And others for help and inspiration...
йTwang-2006 йR.T.V. fecit й"Naked Hearts" й"The Raptiles"+"Gouache" йDJ Zippy Freak йWritten by R.T.V.(His majesty Ruslan Trohnuk) No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. йAll rights reserved.йR.T.V. fecit-2004 й╨єёырэ ╥Ёюїэ■ъ All materials on twangsite are copyrighted intellectual properties. Violators will be prosecuted to the extend of the law.

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