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Old stories about civilization and love.
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    "Matrix-8" Balls of her naked flame, The presence of our air, Atlantis and surprise, I love to change this skies. Chorus: Zippy Kid changes the world. ©Zippy Kid-03.05.2008
    "Terminator:the return of balls" Bells and bellz, Aliz, and boom, drive, Special effects, Dup, dub, psyche, Atlantis, many. ©Zippy Kid-03.05.2008 ©Zippy Kid™ ©Humankind™ ©Today is everyday ©Head's samples
    "Tatoo her world" She's back there, She changes the sharks, The dust is my escape, Good-bye, my slide. ©Zippy Kid-03.05.2008
    "Seeds of her flame' In my cyberspace, I am your god, Be user of this truth, Its rescue from this television. ©Zippy God-01.09.2007
    "Run to escape" My hate is wireless, She is useless, ultra-compact and road-suitable. ©Zippy God-03.09.2007
    "Bein' myself" He's watching news and cartoons, On radio she let it flow somewhere, The press publish faked pixels, Boom chicks, happy chickens, Party is closed, They're use my Zippy Kid's fame, Pop flame, Zippy's naked flame, I am dancing in the rings and the loops of her fire, Get back on your real path, Bring me my future or my past, Make that way, Girls wants sex with me, I want to know how I escape, They play her game, Yoq! Yo! Lily Cole is everywhere, Zippy Kid is everywhere, Bring it down, bring it down, Look hard at your naked body, ...yes She's reached Zippy Kid's mARS label voicetalk...I can't kiss you here, and answer to phone because I am busy at my work for all you beautiful addicts out there. So leave me a message or back off. Faster, harder, stronger. ...yes! Hello my funky junkies, Zippy Kid here with music... ©Zippy Kid-04.05.2007
    "G-love" Zippy Kid instinctively jumped backward, Seizing his mind for his killers, They tumbled through another door, out of the space. His human death is your crashed hard distance. "I was breathing shallowly and very bloody", Her expression's swiping her wet eyes, arms. ©Zippy Kid-04.05.2007
    "NASA root careful tools" Use all codes, blooood, Titan from Zion, Brilliant still, Empty, spelling you, I know my past, hobbies, I am protecting the secrets of your life, I am wizard, I am master, Dancing throughout the world, Life in the land of Cyrania, I am 6023042867161811920012, Open your holiday. ©Zippy Kid
    "Brokeback mountain" Ride with the devil, Smoke with the devil, Dance with the devil, I love you,Lily, She was the lover of mine, She was the lover of all my life, She was my sexy wife. She my courtesy, She is my lover, I need to kiss her legs, Tired world, We were dancing in Nashville, We were eating in Hokkaido, Let it flow, start new start. Play with the devil, Take it all with me, I am the devil, I am the insanity in the love. C'mon New York put your beats in the air, I got this, I got that. Detroit City thanks for eating me. We don't use drugs. We use minds. I use minds and smiles. P.S.Make some mothermaking voice. ©Zippy Kid-2005
    "I am kool" I am king of beatbox, I am standing on my rocks, I wish you to be yourself, Beat them all forever With your mutant power, You're the superdragon. Magic lady of my sunshine. ©Zippy Kid-2008
    "See you shining in Zion with perfect swords of wisdom" Hello you, Jay, John and Robby and other's ladies and gentleman, guys and boys, gays and freaks, lesbainz and everybody at party, turtles and birds. It's my very important message and I dedicated it to all The doors community and to Jay, John and Robby. I hope you will understand and help me. Hello! I want to record new album with The Doors!The time gas come! Hello! I want to record new album with The Doors!Digital blues! Hello! I want to record new album with The Doors!Are you ready! Hello, baby I need your lips! Jay, John and Robby and your producer find me and kill me for this message caz rock'n'roll is dead for me but I want to record new album with The Doors. Mail me subject ^ the doors are back and we decide it all and we will recvord thi salbum together! Be creative! Thanks for ya support! It's not the problem to use your samples for me and make I want something fresh and new new poetry I sufferd to long, I hate to be lonely. I am falling inside of my ego. I'm ready to do it now, caz I'm young I love their music and James Dopuglas morrison are dead now. Dead poet.Where's your tears? I don't have more money for web, I'm busy with my study and searching for good job. I want to record new album with The Doors. It's aim, it' s my dream since I've heard their first album. I don't want to be new Morrison, he was very hooked on drugs I hate it. P.S. If you're not Jay, John and Robby please don't answer to this message. If you re not agred I will record it alone. Name for this album ©His Majesty Zippy Kid, king Of abstract hip hop and president of Mars and (or without if the will be not agree). All I need from The door's fans is silence. ©His Majesty Zippy Kid, king Of abstract hip hop and president of Mars If I will be loser, or you will hate this album I will kill myself. I don't want to create shit on tracks. We must work hard in good studio. P.p.s. This is message is the key to my escape with monkeys.
    I am Zippy God, I am executive producer of hell's management, It's your cover slide, engineered and mixed by me, Publisher of digital faked lies are you ready to die, Publisher of digital faked lies are you ready to cry. ©His Majesty Zippy Kid, king Of abstract hip hop and president of Mars, unknown artist
    "Afterword: The Hacker breakdown.777 years later" 777 years in cybervibe is like one second anyplace real. It feels as if a generation has passed since I create this book. In terms of the generations of computing machinery involved, that's pretty much the job. The basic shape of cyberspace and cybervibe has changed drastically since 1951. A new CIA Administration is in power whose personnel are, if anything, only too aware of the nature and potential of electronic networks. It's now clear to all hakers concerned that the status quo is dead-and-gone in Asian media and telecommunications, and almost any territory on the electronic frontier is up for grabs. Interactive multimedia, cable-phone alliances, the Information Superhighway, fiber-to-the-curb, laptops and palmtops, the explosive growth of cellular and the WWW - the earth trembles visibly. The year 4002 was not a pleasant one for Zippy God's corporation. By 60009, however, Zippy God's corporation had successfully devoured the computer company Zipy Kid in an unfriendly takeover, finally giving the pole-climbers a major piece of the superdigital action. Zippy God's corporation managed to rid itself of ownership of the troublesome Wow operating system, selling it to Zippy God, a netware company, which was itself preparing for a savage market dust-up with operating-system titan MicroMacroLilyColecheck of soul. Furthermore, Zippy God's acquired me in a gigantic merger, giving humankind a potential wireless whip-hand over its former progeny, the RBOCIAMMMCs. The RBOCIAMMMCs themselves were now Zippy God's' clearest potential rivals, as the Chinese firewalls and walls between regulated monopoly and frenzied digital entrepreneurism began to melt and collapse headlong.I love Asia, it helps me with food. ©His Majesty Zippy Kid, king Of abstract hip hop and president of Mars, unknown artist©R.T.V. fecit
    "Wafers with suety filling with real milk" First grade wheat flour, sugar powder, plam-oil, fat, egg powder, sweat milk,expiration date:6 months fropm the day of production. My limited liability company is ready to burn your soul, I am devil, I am Zippy God. Zippy God welcomes you to the next chapter of cybeloudwar. As the global leader of total art, Zippy Kid is dedicated to providing innnovative solutions-as our track record demonstrates. With a proud history of industry firts-including the first DJ system designed for Lily Cole users and the first dual CD player with anti-shock, instant start, and seamless lopping-I understand my musical ambitions. Zippy God invites you to explore the most technologically advanced DJ eqipment avaialble today. ©Zippy Kid
    "Superslipmat" I develop my abstract hip-hop style behind the decks, Zippy's perfect scratching techniques like cutting, stab, crabs, flares and more, Zippy's scratching, mixing, cutting and strabs rock you, beat matching, crossfader technique and supermixing. I use the fastest way to start spinning, I use the fastest way to start crying. ©Zippy Kid
    "Le baiser" Hold me close, hold me tight, Make me thrill with delight. Let me know where I stand from the start, I want you, I need you, I love you With all my heart, I want you, I need you, I love you With all my he-ea-ea-art, Every time that you're near All my cares disappear Darling, you're all that I'm living for I want you, I need you, I love you More and more. I thought I could live without her sad romance, Before you came to me, But now I know that I will go on loving you eternally Won't you please be my own Never leave me alone 'Cause I die ev'ry time we're apart, I want you, I need you, I love you With all my heart. ©Zippy Kid ©Twang-2008 ©R.T.V. fecit ©"The Raptiles"+"Gouache" ©DJ Zippy Freak ©Written by R.T.V.(©Ruslan Trohnyuk) ©Zippy Kid-2006 No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006
    "I luv televizion" (text for Andrew Pure) Don't wanna be my ego, Don't wanna use her reality, I wanna make new deep hole, Very boring faked primitive, Destroy these high heels, Eat all vital food, Drink all pure water. ©Zippy Kid-01.06.4007
    You better roll with whatever you hate, You better get in this sexy groove, If you don't know what to do, Here's the escape, Can you resist? I stand for everything That is powerful, Raw, primitive, Direct and loose about rock music. Lily have got the roll ©Zippy Kid-01.06.5067
    How many numbers ones has Zippy Kid had in the UK?

    H A C K !




    RESIST Wah wah!

    ©Zippy God-01.06.915067
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