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R.T.V. fecit "Matrix 6:Caution overload in progress"


R.T.V. fecit"Matrix 6:Caution overload in progress"©All rights reserved

"Flesh core thermal density analysis, system unstable" I broke the cage, Turn off this system, Glass of water and I'm free, Back from my cybertrip. Help me, The city is mine.Dirty Venicey. 10.05.2007
"Subway after bomb scare" Los Angeles streets, Brooklyn in stink over, Whoop it up, I evacuate myself from this spiced ham. I've got her problems, She's got my problems. This is the fire inside of me, She's screaming as dead butterfly. We will survive, we will survive, Tell me what I need, Tell me why I bleed, Let it eat me alive, Do you want to cry? She's my wild thing, I am her dream. 10.05.2007
"Twang dealing system" She's back, she and I, good reality, She's no less dead for that I won't be satisfied for this recite the twang oath, Never to reveal my secrets, She's whispering, She made in Zealand, CyberZealand. Hand printed machine wash cold, Wash you inside out, Do noy try clean or tumble dry. 10.05.2007
"Erasio prognosis" It's only begining of your fall, It's not the way to realise everything, The system is too fragile, Use Zippy Raptile to make last groove, Slaughter house-six or Lily Cole's crusade. It's only the end of your fear, The moon began to say:"Boo", It's fun for her to play in front of the mirror, Sometimes I wish I were my turtle Rita Gammarus, I will go to the dentist, I take care of my teeth. There was Edward Lear on the Tower bridge, Who jumped in the ulmost disorder, He glanced with the beast, Made tea for our Roman feast, Which dazzles the people of world. Mick Jagger:"Why the wheel is the greatest thing ever invented?" Jimmi Hendrix:"I don't know". Paul MacCartney:"It started things rolling". Zippy Kid:"I know, but I invented next greatest thing-cyverprints". I am deep-ocean cyberdriver, These creations became very standart, All pedestrians were killed by my adult dummy. 10.05.2007
"Zippy's banner" It's the last rock'n'roll swindle. The party is over, You're naked in my bed And I'm crawling to eat your alive in St.James palace. Zippy's royal collection picture library. We make love forever, Fool, idiot, don't cry. 10.05.2007
"May uprising marked the end of civilization" The uprising was suppressed, I am cyber Pushkin. 11.05.2007
"October victory for the decaying corruption and the purity of her moral feeling" She's khan Lily in my patriotic village, The grounds, including a park, woods Orcharts and domestic buildings Have also been destroyed, Ten of thousands of visitors come nowhere. 11.05.2007
"Tell me do you want to burn me, be my wife Lily Cole" Say yes or say no, It's awesome to find you here, It's my future, take me away, My tenderness is my weapon. 11.05.2007
"Liliaceae Juss" Be with me, be next life of me, Show me your ways, sing and be yourself, Stay searching, stay here, Firmly close her blue eyes After use and store in burning place. We are all alone, We are shining gods, Everybody's left the stupid message in human history. Everybody's left mistakes in human history. 11.05.2007
Bright Idea:be yourself, Be phenomenon bursting forth in the midst of the postnoise economic and moral crisis, a savior, a monster, which would lay naked to everything in its path. [It was] a systematic work of destruction and demoralization...In the end it became nothing but an act of creation. Imitators of Twang want to present TWANG in an artistic form which it has never had CITIZENS, you are presented today in a pornographic form, a vulgar and baroque spirit which is not the PURE TRUTH claimed by TWANG. 13.04.2008
"Cry of pleasure" Please be patient, be silent, wait for me naked with my power dick. It's my cry of pleasure in cybertemple, bathhouse with sexy fetish girls, Deep kisses and tender blowjobs, windows, no real escape, sweet maidens. 2008
© Twang-2008 ©R.T.V. fecit ©"The Raptiles"+"Gouache" © DJ Zippy Freak ©Written by R.T.V.(©Ruslan Trohnyuk) ©Zippy Kid-2006 No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006 ©Никакая часть даного издания не может быть воспроизведена, передана, переписана, помещена в поисковую системуи переведена на любой язык или компьютерный язык, в любой форме и во всех значениях, электронным, механическим, магнитным, оптическим,химическим, ручным или любым другим способом без предшествующего моего разрешения.

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