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"Supertrick of my ego"
Tea for new company, I've got raindrops and girls, You're running to my house, You're my inspiration, Food in supermarkets, Keys for your questions, Nobody's here. Play for her, forget your pleasure, Be tired after this week, Tell me, I, she's the flower, Kill me wit this weapon. 2007,11.05.2007, fargments of green croco. Be crying, it's your life. 11.05.2007
"Strange wards peep show"
I like to remove parts of my broken soul in this simple play, She's my queen, she's red in tape, follow me in the hell. It's the place to drink and think about mutations, remember This is strange awards. 12.05.2007
Lily Cole does not resist, I do not resist, I dream about it in your minds, You perceive this minute as the eternity, This event took place in the past, Regular sex wll lead you to sucess, But measure the idea of your list by letters and meals. 12.05.2007
"C.I.A. information and raw methods of kissing"
Hello, Lily Cole! It's the reason of survivializm in This beautiful dead society, You're my angel, my burst. I love you madly and I think we're on the right way straight To your lonely heart. Tell me do you want to burn me? Tell me do you want to kill me? Say yes or say no. It's awesome to find you here, It's my future, take me away. My tenderness is my weapon. Don't cry, I love you forever. It's really good fun to erase all insanity of humankind. So this is teh end of your religion, Lily Cole. Fly to me! C'mon, I prove to myself, you can't do it! Yours incredible Zippy. P.S.Ti amo, Lily Cole!
Drive this life, I don't believe in the stupidity. I transform this reality, You can take me all and grind me with the system, Good to dive in my old memories, Colt, charger move it, head cleaner, Master of masks, maximum street craft, Mix ten little legends, try, get, get star time, Pool school, one wipe dry, swim cap, Dive, masta co, the hot surgery, I left the University, I received the lettter from her, She described she became the actress And she wrote'bout her debut, Readin' the lines I feel so good. 2007
"My solvent pendency"
I threw your letters away, I broke the lummy snowman, I did everything that I can do to forget about you, girlfriend. These days we spent together, It took too long. And I'm cryin', I'm cryin' again, The tears filled my eyes, The wasting of my solvent pendency. I leave it behind, It's all meaningless for me. 21.09.2004
"Tangible assets"
I am your electro freak, This track is digitized future quirk, Your forbidden attitude Is the product of my programming, If you excite yourself No one else can stop your chhering. It's the result of my witty creation. I am operating with your anarchic reaction. You need something to turn you on, Take me away from this lonely London Within the framework of my tragedy, I love Lily Cole, Dynamic development of the time, I am sure that the hell is burning me, I love her madly, she keeps confidently going ahead. Powerful growth dynamics has been destroyed By creation of a full-scale risk distribution service. 2007
"Terminator 4:epilogue"
I am stainles, no more progress, I am lonely, where's Lily Cole? I am broken, I am tired, I lost my property, I escape from this sad reality. Now what you want from me? 15.05.2007
"Voltage, type of corrosives"
Her moans hide my dismal shades, This is the last track of liberty. I love to tell about my wings. 15.05.2007
"Matrix 5:cybervibe"
When she has done this, Let her not to say that she knows Better than her dominant for She only holds a candle in sunshine. The fire is out, I love her forever, I closed my eyes, do not walk so fast. You're blessed. 15.05.2007
"Breakbeats for John Keats"
She's back from Chicago, I was loving her too slow, She's my alligator, she's my TV-eyes. I've got this revelation. Are we alone with this mix of raw noise? 15.05.2007
"Bugatti Veyron for Jackson Pollock"
She collected my photos: Zippy driving in his car, Zippy going to a party in Palm Beach, Zippy with his girlfriend, Zippy back in Palm beach on his boat. I burn it all in the name of love, Dig me here, I dissapear. I need you. 22.05.2005
"Elastic train"
Wild years of my green sides, She's my orange rider, I am lonely without diamonds, She'll be gone, New York is dead. Acess all areas, Zippy's world. 15.05.2007
I had no idea where they were. Vibe be vibe. There were voices. There was a plain of black mirror, that tilted, and I was quicksilver, a bead of mercury, skittering down, striking the angles of an invisible maze, fragmenting, flowing together, sliding again...I opened my eyes. 30.03.2008
"Obey the traffic rules"
Her pages are my freedom, I've found the light in her lonely blue eyes, Hello, Lily Cole. Be inspired with these changes. The melting point is the summer fire. I am your hero of primitive post-IDM era. Be naked, I will take it. I want to hold your hand. The summer fire is the melting point. You're my angel. Survive and resist. 21.05.2007
"Lily Cole in my laboratories" Titanium dioxide and fragrance of Avenue des Champs-elysees, More deep kisses, More deep kisses. 08.07.2007
Without me it hurts me living, Forgive my laws, Meet me in the cyberheaven. Heaven, I love your sin. Technodamage, do sex online, It's impossible vibroaction, dirty DNA, Empty heads of society dying. 11.10.2007
"Vintage touch" Amerian polo expository, Love her story, I wrote new guidebook: "Crime beyond human expirience". It's our plastic food, It's our plastic fashion. 12.07.2007
Damage her ego, Net mass, drum'n'smash, Instant bass, storage term, Store for years, Hot water and cream, Spiced ham, I changed this world with my tin bottom, I use proteins and fats. 12.07.2006
"Advertise for my paradise" Zippy Kid is back after cybercoma, It's the cyberresserection, He's director of C.I.A. now. Dive in secret pages at http:\\ 2007
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