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System has you. You’re deleted. Lily Cole, Zippy Kid, raw noise. Break and create, be positive, be yourself, Big brother. Zippy Kid Profile Rating: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!x User Name: Zippy Kid Real Name: Zippy Kid Agent: 009 C.I.A. of United States of Australia and rest of broken world. Gender: Male, female, cyberangel. Age: 25 Location: Mars. Occupation: Cyberdive. I want to kiss Lily Cole.
Hmmmm... Should I be disturbed by this? Josh Baker, United Kingdom Gender: Male Age: 20 Location: Bournemouth, Southampton and London (SHOW studio) Occupation: Photographer/Stylist
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"Another breakdown" Early morning, another breakdown, Leave this hick town, frozen ground, Nuclear calendar, acoustic guitar. I wanna be superstar, I wanna be superstar, zippy, creepy, Angry and hungry, stop me, Stop me, kiss me, and strike me, Another breakdown, another reform, She will burn my uniform, Spark me, stop me. ©R.T.V. fecit-14.12.2005
"Herb's blend" Be radiant and I want to see What has happened to all my sadness, Test everything, glowing lights, Quick movement, zoom off my fire, Get her attention suffering. And she will do it, I will be calm and no longer angry, All the people were amazed. ©R.T.V. fecit-14.12.2005
"The analytical context of historical events" I will kiss the edge of knife, From time to time the world comes back to me. My ideas are tools that would be the end Of political designs. I adapt myself to circumstances. Her answers considered. The camera opens with a wide shot, Showing the family. It deals with my emotions, I discussed the importance Of attracting audience attention. It will capture and hold your interest. I'm going to stop for a moment Because I've lost my voice. It's a waste of space. I sharpen and develop my own taste. Deep response. Get up, get down, and get funky. Innovative layouts, smashing illustrations. The cameras can display Any emotion from joy to shock. I stop to demonstrate myself. My poetry is the flower of life. ©R.T.V. fecit-10.01.2006
"Roads" It got me every time, every single time. I felt dizzy, My guts suddenly felt cold and heavy, It was just stuff, Everybody did something And I whispered to her: "No...I mean. That’s not what I meant" I was only trying to be awful, I shouldn't wonder, I'm up there above the clouds, Above the world, I'm soaring like an eagle. Everyone did the same. Her pale hands were cold, Maybe you shouldn't turn me in. The sun was bright now. I was looking down on the world. I found myself floating down through the cloud layer. It's just an expression. What's it about? I certainly I am. Come on, I’ll give you a lift. "Ooh, will you please",-she said. Don't start setting sloppy. She's coming. You don't know what going to happen. I pulled my mask off. I've got my job to do, just like you. It may not be quite so glamorous. They all turned to face me. I just didn't know any more. ©R.T.V. fecit-10.01.2005
"Faster then any others" Standard typing courses And correct finger placement For the best benefit... To feedback your continuous supports and integrity. All brand names and trademarks Are the property Of her respective owner, Tariff reform and communal services Enterprises her restricting program. I wanna know my future. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.12.2005
"Took a deep breath" Maybe my end had finally come, I was out, I saw it go down. It was fantastic. I was smiling a little myself, by now. She let me go. Never really understand this. I will never surrender. I had no idea, That's incredible And I suppose I'll be careful with ya. The kettle began to whistle in the kitchen, She's only seventeen. You'll have to forgive me. The water was freezing. Nothing happened. No, I do, I really do. Come on, what’s been happening, Yes, I know, maybe so. I looked up but there was nothing there. It was unbelievable. The whole process was painfully slow. The silver leave occasionally fluttered down. They all looked at me, They all turned to face me. Now she looked happy, They all hate me. It needed to be, That's something I would like to see. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.12.2005
"The silent witnesses of life genesis on my planet" Her purity and sanctity, It was hundreds of years ago. Her accessibility, Big City blues, her ophidian pulp, High sensitive jive, My great gift to the humankind. Are you able to percept And accept the beauty of this world? Stop this pop show, I want to kiss her slow. ©R.T.V. fecit-31.12.2005
"NZIS" It was hidden inside of me, Her relief, gold insects, Love is virginity, Love is insanity. Her blood inspired my steps, I destroy all human settlements here. ©R.T.V. fecit-31.12.2005
"Straightforward to use her tips" Choosing my style, You'll see brass buttons and woolly hats. Innovative and fresh, Scarves and bags, My flights and holidays, Not only that, I can't forget, Purchase, shabby surface, Answer to the following question, Please tick this box []. ©R.T.V. fecit-31.12.2005
"Metal body with streamlined plastic front panel" I cry when she's gone, I could feel my pulse on the trigger. Wait. Wait. It was a sunny winter day, It wasn't nearly good enough. They came back again and again and again. I closed my eyes. I heard the drone of an engine. I was alone. She's my nice lady. What am I going to do? How do I know it's not her trick? How do I know it's not her trick? How Do I work that out. Let's all calm down. What's she's saying. What's she's saying. I would be delighted. Is it not true? They left me alone. They left me alone. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.12.2005
"Galvanizing rush" This I understand, I could see daylight through the door, I could see cold air rushing past me. Look at it, I began to cry... That's something I would like to see. Nowhere could I go. There was nothing I could do (Pa, pa, pa, sha, la, la). ©R.T.V. fecit-12.2005
"Escape to live" I was running away From the dirt of my flesh. Layin' in the bed I tried to understand. Why I saw her eyes on the wall. I lost control (fallin' in love) Her hands were embracing me. We're sittin' in the city park. It's burning inside of my heart. Under my skin I feel it And I hope to construct The bridge for the misanthrope. Once upon a blaze I will tell my true story. Don't worry My words were united with this fantasy. My soul is the house of romantic tragedy. I was desperate and tainted As the ash of her cigarette. Stop the flame, I don't forget She's my sad memory. I don't forget what she said: "Zippy, you're a jerk, Armageddon will begin for us with one gun". It's not fun, when I was dancing And one drunken guy saw the mic in my pocket. He showed the gun, yeah, I was scared. We can't make a step Without the main leading vital guide. I can't hide my emotion. I can't hide the fear of death. I don't believe in the destruction of mankind. I'm not blind to see the cruelty Hangin' over me. I'm ready for the street war, But I don't begin it. I can't help in this request When they want to fight I want to stop. I repeat: peace and love are all we need. It's killing me so tender. Stop the war, I was in a flurry. Now I stand proudly. Peace and love are all we need, I escape to live. ©R.T.V. fecit-12.2005
"Her domination" This glitter...taintless, I was cut out for haste. I thought it wasn't lucky. I never expected to rip all the pages away. I depend on you to oblige the hump By scraping off the possibility of change. Let's drop it; I need new dope of your hate. I never be able to constrain the room from huddle. Would you like to show me the relief. Let's drop it; the death is not the end. Safe game, use that key. Turn off the time, smile to be, Emptiness, hole, void, space, Black eggs, dead worms. The past. You're here in my heart, Communication, Merry-go-round. Rise up and walk in the light, Creating new insanity, Flying, that's swell! It's so fuzzy, glide with me, Glide with me through this liquid melody. My little sexy girl, Spiked shoes, White stockings, Tender and slender. I watched the birth of love, Shining eyes and kissing lips, Influenced by the morning sunlight I called her twice. I got some experience. The death is not end, The death is not the end. ©R.T.V. fecit-24.01.2004-30.12.2005
"Web voodoo cabriolet driver" You will understand me, Its time is coming to the end. I give the right impression, Take off the slipcover, It was that kind of feeling And that's good, Because without desires There would be no progress, You must try to fit into your surroundings. They were tired of obsessive luxury and ostentation. Everything fall into place, This is a main reason, Needless to say. It's not the joy that's gone. It's the thrill, I rode burning my face, I rode hiding my face. ©R.T.V. fecit-31.12.2005
"Application for a job" Forest front location, Family formation, Secured territory, Weird and wonderful. The highest possible service. I've got my blood, I ate carrot, I've got nothing, only tea. I push away my love, but she's greatest, She's free from everything, My tongue is my sting, Who's the king of fetish? ©R.T.V. fecit-03.03.2006
"My digital love" I control the information age, I'm on "The Time" cover. I'm person of the century. You spend your money and get this spam. All corp. are over. Lily Cole on "The Time" cover. Hello! Print here: Zippy Kid loves Lily Cole forever. ©R.T.V. fecit-10.01.2007
"The orange carpet treatment" I'm standing without you, Lily Cole, Burning "Business review weekly", Burning all my money, I'm spy of C.I.A. I can't live without you, is rotten and dead, Big Mack for big brother, He's watching how I do burn all money of Beyonce and JayZ To build new cyber reality, General Motors Corporation, Are you ready to jump with me, Lily Cole? Don't stop, its overload, But I'm free, Mitsubishi Motors, You can't catch me. "Rock-A-Fella Records" is good for stupid shows, Nine Inch Nails and Wu-Tan Clan Can't survive after my noise jam. New jump with my cybersnowboard. It's so nice, clean ice, I'm dead frozen food for your big corporation. I'm makin' cybernation. Global teen hard break. It's the system I make every day. And I will fight to kiss you. And I'm your slave, system. And I'm your lover, Lily Cole. And I'm your problem, Fat Joe, And I'm your problem, Snoop Dogg, And I'm your problem, world. And I'm dying with your spam, And I'm dying from your kiss, Kill me system, please. ©R.T.V. fecit-07.02.2007
"Hydro gorgeous lush color" Every night cyber dreadlocks, Dub is good to your hair, Diesel duck, MMS, WAP, Qua, qua, power horse, stop selling noise, Cyberenergydrink, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Transaction declined, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, I'm cyberhunter, vampire for your lips, CNN is dead; kill them all with my noise, Why do you spoil this world? "Ford Mondeo ST 560" is burning, "Aston Martin DBSM" is green. "Ferrari" is broken and dead, Bahnhoftstrasse 32, Curt Cobain helped me To destroy Rock'n'roll hall of fame, I'm in the Billboard at the last place. And I still want to kiss your face, Lily. You remain me dyin', my majesty, my queen. Heaven's dew, you are destroyed, The fear of Zippy Kid is the beginning of knowledge, She will protect me, all this tested by wisdom, I went down in my cybergroove, Before I realized reality, She kissed my nipples. The last testament, This is how the birth of Zippy Kid came about, I was born; I tell you the truth, Then I made my digital blues, my digital news, Twang sensation, follow me. Cyber Sodom and CyberGommorah. Brazil Lord of the dreams, Sorry, Saddam Hussein, I can't stop your pain. It's my digital Alcatraz, The last supper with Fedor Michailovich Dostoevsky. Modern mass production by Henry Ford, I stole statue "David' and put here my little rubber green fly. Goodnight, Lily Cole, don’t cry. Take out this noise from my bible. Ozone is too slim, I need new digital dream. ©R.T.V. fecit-10.02.2007
"Vegetus versus" I'm burning Royal Albert Hall With my digital soul, I escape from Chelsea psychic garden, "Packard super 8", Stalin's "Packard Twelve" New track for Elva, I buy all Harrods, Knightsbridge, South Molton Strett, haute hotellerie, I killed John Fried, John Bon Jovi is faked now! I'm back in my kingdom of noise. Peace less chance, I live in green submarine, Digital Ladhda,Autobot and Decepticon, Bombshell, ravage, mixmaster, Astrotrain, megatron, blaster, Fotobank, she’s my Kali. I have many atomic bombs, Raiffeisen, Kevin Brodus was arrested with Zippy Kid, I'm pissing on my cypress hill, I'm eating my carrot and I will kill this girl. ©R.T.V. fecit-11.02.2007
"Camelia sinensis" America you will get all and now you are nothing, America when I end this war, I'm sick of your supermarkets, Faked hip-hoppers, Allen Ginsberg, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi. I spoiled Chateu Lafite-Rothcchild With my poison. Are you ready Lily to save yourself? JayZ you can't catch me, C.I.A. you can't catch me. Warranty (effective only in UK) C.I.A. accepts no liability for consequential loss, Belgium. I'm Hugo Pip, I’m boss, South Australia, Kent Town, 31 Fullarton Road. Then I jump in Bazler Handelsbank, Bristol Siddeley, Sud Aviation, Lockheed, Boeing, Douglas Aircraft, Air France, British Airways, Zippy's home collection. Via San Raffaelle, The Cadogan. Where's my gun, I’m jumping on. Sloane Street, Look out, it’s Lily Cole. And I kissed her. ©R.T.V. fecit-02.2007
"Hello, it’s Zippy" Every second you're fading, Every second you're rotting, Every second you're crying. Every second you're kissing me. ©R.T.V. fecit-11.02.2007
"Zippy's English jewellery house" Omega, Neo, Premium, excellent, Prestige, Triumph, luxury, deluxe, gallery, Grand exclusive, please forgive me, Please forgive me, Lily. I love you madly, I can't live without you, Lily. I dig it on Cleveland Street. ©R.T.V. fecit-11.02.2007
"Wellington's censorship" I'm author of "The lat testament". It's over now, drilling, crushing, screening, It's my perfect book. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.02.2007
"Sun, soil and water" The sun is hidden in the gloom, The soil has hardened into a mass of sludge And water can no longer be used Because of the mountains of paper, Plastic, metal, glass, chemicals And everything else littering Our environment. What will she do then? What have I done? You can handle your waste. ©R.T.V. fecit-23.02.2007
"Hello, her majesty the Queen of England" It's V.I.P. message from his majesty Zippy Kid, King of world and abstract hip-hop, that’s why I wrote it By myself. I've got one big problem with England and other countries. Afghanistan , Albania , Algeria , Angola , Antilles Lesser , Antilles Netherl. , Argentina, Armenia ,Australia ,Austria , Azerbaijani ,Bahamas ,Bahrain ,Bangladesh ,Belarus ,Belgium ,Belize ,Benin , Bermudas, Bolivia ,Bosnia-Herzegovina ,Botswana ,Brazil ,Bulgaria ,Burkina Faso , Burundi ,Cambodia ,Cameroon ,Canada ,Cape Verde ,Central ,African Rep. ,Chad ,Chile , China ,Colombia ,Comoros ,Congo ,Costa ,Rica ,Croatia ,Cuba ,Cyprus ,Czech Republic , Denmark ,Djibouti, Dominican ,Republic ,Ecuador ,Egypt ,El Salvador ,Equatorial Guinea , Estonia, Ethiopia ,Fiji ,Finland ,France ,French ,Polynesia ,French ,Southern Territories ,Gabon ,Gambia ,Georgia ,Germany ,Ghana ,Greece ,Guadeloupe ,Guatemala ,Guinea-Bissau , Guinea-Conakry ,Guyana ,(Georgetown) ,Guyana ,Haiti ,Honduras ,Hong ,Kong ,Hungary , Iceland ,India ,Indonesia ,Iran ,Iraq ,Ireland ,Israel ,Italy ,Ivory Coast ,Jamaica , Japan ,Jordan ,Kazakhstan ,Kenya ,Kuwait ,Kyrgyzstan ,Laos ,Latvia ,Lebanon ,Lesotho , Liberia, Libya ,Liechtenstein ,Lithuania ,Luxembourg ,Macao ,Madagascar ,Malawi , Malaysia ,Mali ,Malta ,Martinique ,Mauritania ,Mauritius ,Mexico ,Moldova ,Mongolia , Morocco ,Mozambique ,Myanmar ,Namibia ,Nepal ,Netherlands ,New ,Caledonia ,New Zealand ,Nicaragua ,Niger ,Nigeria ,Norway ,Oman ,Pakistan ,Panama ,Canal ,Zone ,Panama ,Papua New Guinea ,Paraguay ,Peru ,Philippines ,Poland ,Portugal ,Puerto ,Rico ,Qatar ,Republic of Korea ,Reunion ,Romania ,Russia ,Rwanda ,Sao ,Tome & Principe ,Saudi ,Arabia ,Senegal , Seychelles, Sierra ,Leone ,Singapore ,Slovakia ,Slovenia ,Somalia , South Africa, Spain ,Spanish ,Overseas Territories ,Sri Lanka ,St.Pierre And Miquelon , Sudan, Surinam ,Swaziland ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Syria ,Taiwan ,Tajikistan ,Tanzania , Thailand ,Togo ,Trinidad ,And ,Tobago ,Tunisia ,Turkey ,Turkmenistan ,Uganda ,Ukraine , United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom ,Uruguay ,USA ,Uzbekistan ,Vanuatu ,Venezuela , Vietnam ,Virgin ,Islands ,(Brit.) ,Yemen ,Yugoslavia ,Zaire ,Zambia ,Zimbabwe you are ignoring abstract hip-hop,king of world and raw noise. I can start last world war with one click of mouse and use my own perfect the most powerful weapon of humankind, but I love humankind sometimes.I'm real invader from "mARS label". I need big plaсe to live and work and create my the most expensive art in your boring country.I need fast citizen-ship of United Kingdom,"sir" and "his majesty" treatment with me.I'm ready to be good artist,if you help me to do what I want. Zippy Kid is Zippy Kid.I need also presence of Lily Cole in my life forever, good money,house,protection,software,hardware,plane,car,drinks,your servants and food support from your goverment and your citizens,low taxes. Yes,I love Lily Cole forever and I want to be her lover,husband,slave,dog, call me as you like it.I'm hero of my time. When I will arrived in United Kingdom (where's your money support for this greatest trip?) I need presence in London airport of Paul MacCartney,U2 without faked Bono,Ringo Starr,Mick Jagger,Pete Doherty with Kate Moss, David Bowie,Rodney Smith,Caroline Trentini with trumpet, journalists from "NME","The Wire",television,radio and your presence with Lily Cole and her family,Symphonic orchestra must play exclusive Zippy Kid's tracks, We must show it to the rest of world for free. Don't forget to make for me my passport of United Kingdom. Remember the most powerful weapon is loaded,when it will burst, No more life will be on The Earth, I'll be lonely on Mars. Don't cry, her majesty, be good woman,read more books, listen to my albums. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, king of world,king of punk, king of cyber-punk, king of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS.
"It's my miracle" Hello, Storm Models and Lily Cole! It's me, tired of love and art, still dreaming, still strong, still crazy, Still incredible his majesty Zippy Kid, king of world and president of mARS, Better known as your lover. If I dedicated this letter to Lily Cole, you must give it to her, Because it's not poison, it’s not horror. Storm Models I want to but Lily Cole for my own use in my coming movie: "Matrix 4: Overload".Tell me price for her, don’t think something stupid about me, I'm the richest man in human history, use me for selling Lily Cole, I’m very busy to use phones. London and UK don't panic. Also I want to invite Lily Cole to my birthday special IDM and abstract hip-hop Home party. No dress code: No clothes, only cables, big black sunglasses, let me see you naked. Headphones and connectors. Lily Cole, take your laptop and empty CD-Rs too. I need you here to hold me, to save me from dying. Enough, I will back in cyberspace again. See you. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, king of world, king of punk, king of cyber-punk, King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS.
bonus: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" His majesty Zippy Kid,king of abstract hip hop and president of Mars,president of mARS label, King of world,King of Europe,King of Asia, King of Africa,King of Australia, King of oceans is back. Rolling cherry,jumping stawberry,field of tango. ©His majesty Zippy Kid, king of world, king of punk, king of cyber-punk, King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS.
© Twang-2006 ©R.T.V. fecit ©"2005-2006 Selected" ©"The Raptiles"+"Gouache" © DJ Zippy Freak ©Written by R.T.V.(©Ruslan Trohnyuk) ©Zippy Kid-2006 No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006 ©Никакая часть даного издания не может быть воспроизведена, передана, переписана, помещена в поисковую системуи переведена на любой язык или компьютерный язык, в любой форме и во всех значениях, электронным, механическим, магнитным, оптическим,химическим, ручным или любым другим способом без предшествующего моего разрешения.

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