RTV FECIT:"Freaking Alone"
Zippy & LilY
"Zippy & Lily"

I created this page for Lily Cole, cuz I love her! I dedicate fresh truth for this amazing girl. Find out more about this little angel at her official web site ©Zippy-09.02.2006

"Shake it, Baby"

I am his majesty Zippy Kid, king of abstract hip-hop And president of mARS, man-symbol of modern culture, I know whatcha ya looking free, Sleeping and stayin' crazy, Shake it, baby, madly, I attack with my love, Ugly crocodile and golden fish, My sound remains the same. Driving ya brain, I come to stop oddish mess in this world, I use my old knowledge To make the same greatest deep root, Whatcha ya, you looking at? It's my digital happy monday, Give me enough money, Do something for me, for my dream, Do something for my freedom, please, I love my girl, she will be my wife. I know love will cover my sins. I will sing for my death madly. Shake it, Lily, madly. I attack with my love. Let me start my life again. Twang! Fashion! ©R.T.V. fecit ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
Zippy Kid is king of rock and hip-hop forever! ©R.T.V. fecit
Home festival of drum beats and lonely tears, Lily Cole is kool for Zippy, But nice for Ruslan Trohnyuk ARt=0
"X-mazz of 4002" I'm inside this love, It's not the game,it's not faked reality. "The system" is my creation. Bip-chip, chiz, kiss me please. Black empty boxes for consumers. Lift me down in her hell. Lift me out to "Twang tour 2008". Lily Cole, I love your egos. I'm inspired with your love. I'm not Zarathustra, I'm Zippy Kid, Use USA for your dream. Frozen dezert of our fashion compozition. We're gods forever. We're lovers. Decaydanze of post-modern immortal televission era. Never is there,it is starting in your mind. I lost my hate. I am burning this club. ©Zippy Kid-21.11.2007
Television is virus of utopia, Be producer of Zippy's anti-televison.
Boiled condensed milk. ©Zippy Kid-21.11.2007
Beatz,Beta,beatz. ©Zippy Kid-11.07.2007
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