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R.T.V. fecit-"The Last Troubadour"


©R.T.V. fecit-"The Last Troubadour"©All rights reserved

"Instro: Incipit…" "The New Performance" …Cum si chantes d'aytal guiza Qu'autruy chantar non ressembles Qu'anc chans no fon valens ni bos Que ressembles autruy chansos… Peire D'alvernha IX,4-7. All sounds add up in one, How far does this music gone? It likes the select rings, I want to hit on my tired strings. I here one the same sing, I listen around the hollow ring. We revolt against the modern world Against that what many of us sold. Refrain: Let's return the wheel of time! Play here strong a friend of mine. Formerly you heard the monotonous rattle, But now get to set the greatest battle. Let's return the wheel of time! We are looking for the meaning, We are trying to find the perfect sound, Which make the magnificent people And their hearts will strongly pound. The notes transit in the melody, The splendid music is near: Only open distinctly your eyes And let the freedom to your ear. From the tune of the first water Your perception enjoys itself, You're delighted our sound Because we don't want to give The keen pleasures to us. ©R.T.V. fecit-04.1998 "TACITURN BLUES". I promised you: "Keep silent in quiet corner", When I thought about the sense of existence, But YO!ur silken voice tilled up the forgetful smoke Sought to invent more foolish joke. The ecstasy of reflection and deeds: You are fancied that traveled in the another surface. With a cushion rise up she got excited, I desired that you fast got cured. But I drank in her sex appeal, when she had one over the eight. I wanted the eternal sequel of blaze And entirely I didn't notice her eye's glaze. Creating the waves, the break, the slow binding… The graceful fingers of delicate gentle hands, Twisted the thread of parti-colored bead... She caught the exaltation as if she was on the mead. Deep in the meditation I were distracted. The stretch pants, the undressed feeling ran high. The inconceivable pushes of smart pleat Slowly turned in the explosive beat. She quenched thirst, when inside all parched, Catching the separated pieces of thoughts, The open faucet cooled down her throat, Her pitiable sight turned my coat. The full-blown flowers on the windowsill Required much time for the observation, You were the entire heated glow, Then questions about it caused the overflow. Qu'aissi'm pasmei, qan vi dels huoills rire D'una doussor d'amour que'm venc feric Al cor, que'm fetz si trembler e flamer Qua pauc denan no'n mori de desire Gaucelm Faidit XVII Refrain: Utterly confused, depressed, inspired The acute outbreak directed in my spirit, Oppressed, suppressed …Stop it! Silence! Really don't you notice how roused this love by your stare? Do you care for? Mm-mm-mm. Pressed to the glass your interest came to the light, Something in & out led me to look again The unexpected flowing change, the touching palm, How it irrepressibly impel to caressing inalm. The mixed fluffy curl lumped in a ball, Awoke & fondled her slender knees. It very rarely with somebody so itself behaved, She stroked the extracting muzzle & the cat for joy twirled. Bent forward she lets her heir down, Drew near I heard your respiration, To the tempt called her perfume refined fragrance, Blushed crimson she had a brilliant appearance. Heavy & viscous like the old wine, Languid and poisonous like the a bite of snake Penetrated in me the charming scent, Why so many comparisons it I lent? The caller split the origins of comprehension, He said that all already prepared. She put on her high-heeled boots with the shining clasp, Thanks to loincendence of circumstances I were anew within her grasp. You didn't realize the right way, Mistook in the choice of direction. The sunny livery of spring, the town Woke up from the winter jelly, Marvelous weather dispelled the accumulated illy. The uproarious season, the blossoming streets, The pink petals of tupelos were about us, The May frolicsome wind flirted with her lock And here I were subjected her next mock. (Repeat Refrain) I left my offence long ago This rum enigmatic woeful weaking, Her slender waist, wet lips, her spiral curl Such I bore in my mind this hippie girl. ©R.T.V. fecit-17.05.1998 "PARTING BLUES " (DEDICATED TO NATALIE) It seems that the gray eclipse prolonged, I understood who sowed this strange disease, When the solitude gathered inside, Broke on the bank this wave's tide. It's quite possible the occurrence disappointed, Made the wrong impression, it doesn't matter. However that meeting misled my mood, Took it away in the depth of mess wood. Like a wounded beast let blood, So I fast suffered by every second Till I found you madly dancing here, And then my wound was washed clean water from the mire. The proud sea, our changes are in process, Is it really to keep watch over this fascinating fair? The ignition of psyche followed during the ice-up The flush lurid liquid acted there by the slight sup. Surely the tendency to temptation seethed in my brain, I was drowned in the quggy seduction, It's a long time since I felt the sorry sore And now I am happy as the day is long at every pore. Clear away this doubts! With ease I breathe! The pin-up keeps the pot boiling, She likely moved her tender mouth as rosebud. The waterfall of my colors is highly rude. Refrain: I wished to everything should be so strange, so magic, When I were tortured the pang of parting, I were upset. The intoxication of long-awaited date tormented me bad. The gladness and the sadness - love brings'em in us, Makes blush and suggest agreeable, Throws the light upon the world, throws into striking hues, Obediently submit to love when it sues. If we'll part with each other, Touch to the WIND,'cause it's my servant, Trust that my aspirations are pure. Its trembling tongue will remind this perpetual oath to be perpetual your admirer. ©R.T.V. fecit- 04.07.1998 "THE THIRSTY BLUES' (Dedicated to Natalie) … E sapchatz, s'ieu tant non l'Ames, La non saupra far verse ni sos Ni non o feira, s'ilh no fos… Peire d'Alverha IV, 47-49 The blue devils after the resplendency, (or the blue notes…) It began since you were absent, Sprang up the incurable illness And so I was tragically pent. Now all the memory of the past is faint, But those evanescent seconds made me love-lorn, Then I can't went in the arms of Morpheus, I've rumpled the bed until the morn, I hanker for She of dark-pearl hair, She, which is became my loss. My lady-luve, how fond you man Shall get convinced that this is not the boss? Is it the poser to puzzle out in this seedy gloom? Overly the languorous air is feeding on my breast, Why your fancy evoked the infliction? Why your likeness gives the frabjous feast? The question that the heart troubles came. I was in the feverish fettle, I slept shadowed the flame martydoms, I was worried now I settle. Refrain: Ooh-ooh, I'm craving for… Who? She arose in me the wailful afflatus. Why did I retire for the night-wanted for? Who? She uncompressed by the emotive sense. Ooh, I cherish for… Ooh-ooh, I crave for… Today I can't retrieve, The wind is shifted, nevermore! I am dying to see you, The moist times are nerve racking, Very seldom showed the azure sky And only the warming rays are my backing. Dear rejoycingly I croon your name, This connection of the letters is so nicely, No prospects of the success but have respect To my sighs, ooh, Natalie! Please, prevent dampish weeks, Darling don't be despair, Gal, gift me the mirth And I'll be in good repair. Allow me to receive joy to see Cure of my melancholy. Reward me; give me a chance, Overcame by your holy. I don't long for your body, Fin'amors inspired to the cleanliness. Certainly your remarkable worthies Betray me without cease. Don't hurt, my adorable engel, Your heart isn't hard, I know, I was afflicted without you, But when you're near I is full of go. Refrain: Ooh-ooh, I'm craving for… Who? She is delightful… Why did I hide myself night-wanted for? Who? She is wonderful… Ooh-ooh, I cherish for…Ooh, no! Ooh-ooh-ooh, I crave for… Today I can't make marry, I try to analyze this floor. In the heyday of my youth I was starry-eyed, Kerly, I were the thoughtful crank. What are you surprised at? Soon this early oddity sank. The gilt is off Instead of the lightsome past, Due to this amazing nymph Now the singleness made fast. …Long Blues Solo…(Amoroso&Carezzando.) I walked about the city in the middle of night, I pondered about my love, I think you get it right. The days slide by, I feel the intimate blight Since the isolation kindled the blue flame. The weather is on the dismal side And much more is in the same strain. Refrain: Ooh-ooh, I'm craving for… Who? My queen... Why? It's my mystery, no one it knows Who? My goddess… Ooh, I cherish for… Ooh, I crave for... I love you always, Believe it, o lor! ©R.T.V. fecit-14.08.1998 " LUMINOUS BLUES" (DEDICATED TO NATALIE) The time is the unremitting sable dusk, It's the idle space without her for stuck on, My life was worse than a stale rusk, I grieved it still flowed on. The nearness was in passing we separated, During the dull summer I got the hump, Captive by the winsome girl, I had the mumps. I shrank in myself and can't forget thou, I buried my merriment in the cyst, There my words transited in the sough, I saw the encirclement in the dearc mist. I descended in the Gloomy State, Here lived Sadness; its caresses gave the ache, I was tied the sorrowful chains, which I can't break. In the oblivious wilderness Under the guidance of desolation, Immersed in the contemplation Of the attractive loom, Where the sufferings whirled in the sand, The land of my imagination, Where existed the boundless outlines of doom... Suddenly my slumbers was shortly cut, I slept when the saving came in place of dream, You entered in the room like the stormy stream And severe turned soft, Hard changed on easy, Sharp became blunt, I had gotten myself into the tizzy… On the chestnuts alleys we were together. You told:"Did you ha' the disillusion? Didn't you indulge in the sugary illusion?" You were in need of my declaration... I disclosed why I idolized. Refrain: I bless your name, Nat. I can't forget you, babe. Without you the world fade, With you it's in the state, babe. Affected by the autumn lunar light, Which shone from the silver disk in the sky. Look on the falling leaf's flight: The nature covered by the golden dye, But the presence of winter is still far. We have the Indian summer. ...Through the black clouds Ran the hopefulness beams, Warm the cold ground, all grow a round... ©R.T.V. fecit-7.10.1998 "QUENCHLESS BLUES" (Dedicated to Natalie) I sat in the trolley bus and everything went wrong, I sat in the trolleys and everything went wrong With the wistful view in my trip all along. Who can explain the human nature? And the affection which makes us blind? But why I must discuss His creature? If it's filling me with the kind. She, who is My Heart's Lady, She's the indeed volcanic wanton schoolgirl And the river reminded about my steady, 'Cause the crystal Waters like her soul. They also when the first tiny stars light up, And the wind is stiff, their calm soft splash Become tempestuous in a flash Soon after the stirring waves will hush… I guess that your disposition, Like the noisy harmless hurricane, Blow out my passing, if it's lying Elles my intense longing will fan. She doesn't reciprocate to my feeling, Why did I build the castles in the air? Really my paradise, my El Dorado Is in the unfortunate fire? Is it in flame of burning arrow? My jewel slipped away, Alack, my vessel is long ago is on the mellow, The aim is so near and so far away. Must the hunter ran swift, When he wants to catch the golden hind? I want to set the sails and drift In the Universe of your mind. When I gazed at you, I got rid of the terrible plight, When I gazed at you, I got rid of the terrible plight. I saw in the mirrors of her inner worlds my life right, did it was love at first sight? ©R.T.V. fecit-4.11.1998 " COMPLETIVE BLUES" (DEDICATED TO NATALIE) The snowfall covered this town, The snowfall covered this town And the winter brought to me letdown. The cubic buildings, the cars, the crowd made haste, The cubic buildings, the cars, the crowd made haste, I need the inhabited place for the rest. The hazy avenues with the naked trees in the neon sigh, The hazy avenues with the naked trees in he neon sigh, I hide from the people to weep on the sly. I bring back you smile from my memory, I bring back your smile from my memory, And your frank conversation with me, Those mysterious spins of the spring dance, Those mysterious spins of the spring dance. Forever gifted and distempered by the everlasting trance. The frost stole the warmth and my tear freeze, The frost stole the warmth and my tear freeze, But I hope that it will dry up from the whiff of breeze. I got to know in the Slouch of Despond the fervent taste, I got to know in the Slouch of despond the fervent taste. My blues' lines forever and ever are earnest. My reverie was dispelled the reassuring blast, My reverie was dispelled the reassuring blast, When I anguished in the ice waste. Now I get used to be drear, Yeah, I get used to be drear. Don't be castdown! Happy New Year! ©R.T.V. fecit-29.12.1998 "The frank ballad" (Dedicated to Natalie) Intro: Lost myself in the Lethean stream, Abstracted in the old legend. The reminiscences are only the dream, My ancient story for you, my friend… Under the high steep rock, Down the bottom of the pool. There is the crystal castel Hwilc made without a tool. The aquatic lengst plants covered the marble floor, Here lives the old ghost of the Rhine. With the graybeard he sits on the throne, He never sees the sunshine. The old house near the river, Its thatch became dark from rain. Here lives the poor fisher with his daughter, Hir long wunden-locc like a golden grain. Once upon a time the young byrde cnyght Got lost in no mood, Her marvelous songs took hym away From the thicket of the wood. He stood and can't understood, That this is not a mermayde, Love struck its root In their hearts, they said... Refrain: The tender words are only the echo, Better seek through in the soul, And when you take it, love will cover all. The fader waited in vain, The girl didn't came at that day. They climbed in the tower, He took his beloved away. The luxurious nifty clothes, The silk and the welvet, The radiance of diamonds, She's the beauty now! You bet! Whan they strolled In the shady forest face to face, His mader warmed Near the scorching fireplace, Froze from the hatred, Greeted for a treasure. "Where is the shining gold, The money of unlimited measure?" "My curse if your will is To marry on the poor bride", -- The mother told him this, The knight was in fright. He said that he'd go to hunt, But went to restore the king's pride. She looked in the window and doubted: The riders departed on the other side. His mother entered in the room: "Those words of my son aren't true, He went to prepare for the wedding, Awaunt! Nothing to do here for you!" She ran through the dark forest To her village until the daybreak, Scared by eagle-owl and howl of wolves, She ran all a shake. "No place for you under my shelter", - The fisher told…The offended With her cheeks in a brine, She wants to drown herself in the Rhine. And the wicked ghost emerged up: "This people hate you as me, Let's revenge, My help will be in your songs, If you'll agree". She's on the top of the rock, Her voice brings the evil, If you hear it, run away From the cliff of Lorelei. Refrain: How many years you sat on the rock of lie And afraid that you'll go to hell when you'll die? You like a rat in a hole, when you accept in Christ, God's love will cover all. ©R.T.V. fecit-1.1999 "The balmy ballad" Narrator: Sit down near the river, Look around, feel himself good, Listen to birds, take off shoes, Sink your legs in water, Make by them the waves And sing this single blues He: I'm tired from the road In the search of truth, In the foreign parts I suffered I was deprived food and house But I continued to loving you". You carry all before one, You had got not easy job to do, You were like a ship in distress But executed her wish: You brought the jewel to your mistress. She: "The time passed rapidly Since I quitted love with hate And ordered you out of my country. You, my knight, submitted to me Packed and went out from the castle gate". He returned and stopped near his beauty And put something in her tender hand. She flushed when he spoke to her. The princess looked on the knight's present And can't distract her glance: it was grand. Suddenly she threw it in the water And said: "I only need your love." Then she held him tight. After many trying years Their lips united in one kiss, The empyrean love lasted all night… And if you want to see the light of jewel, Wait till the sunset And when the burning ball will fall in the river You'll carry away by it, welawey! Because this is all I can you get. ©R.T.V. fecit-04.1999 "Useless blues" (Dedicated to Natalie) The shaggy wild stroller left your home, " P.S". (post scriptum) The shaggy wild stroller left your home The shaggy wild stroller is also the insurgent, With the funky bag on his shoulder he let you alone. His crazy decision was off-hand: Hey, this genuine love was his fatal thread, Read this request in my letter Hey, this genuine love was his fatal thread, And do it to make me feel better. He doesn't hope to the big meed. You reindex the uncoronated queen He consoled himself by the bright morning star, In the poems which I made He threw the burden of care from his heart Keep the royal origin in this life When the hammer crumbled up that agonizing stone. Notwithstanding that the knights fade. Just so! The shaggy wild stroller let you alone. ©R.T.V. fecit-12.1998 ©Written by R.T.V.(His Majesty Ruslan Trohnuk) Itsn't…THE END © "The last troubadour" ©R.T.V. fecit ©DJ Zippy Freak ©All rights reserved by His Sable Majesty ©Руслан Трохнюк No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved. ©R.T.V. fecit-2004-2006

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