R.T.V. fecit "Insanity"©All rights reserved

R.T.V. fecit "Insanity"

"Be young again"
Your times, sonic cosmetic, Oral moon, baby make-up, Stickers and crackers. I am the greatest hacker, I am lost. I will be connected right to your heart. Every bit I downloaded is the step to insanity. More info, more truth. Maybe, it's my last digital blues, Maybe, it's the edge. Be young again, Show me your smile. Years are nothing. I am back, I start new era. I love you forever, My angel Lily Cole. I love you forever, My angel Lily Cole. 02.09.2007
Extensive layers, Biotic uptake, Hazardous wastes, They are not visible at the surface. The protection of my planet Is observed in a stratiform cloud layer. Our skin cancer. I adopt to noise during sleep. One wall of the same total mass, We fall with the acceleration. I've got nuclear burning core in my hand. Green dwarf would begin to fall inward again. I was visible for a week. I wanna be your freak. 10.01.2006
"Recycling is Big Business"
The process used in packaging, Metal food cans, solid waste. Fast-food industry is killing me. Cytoplasmic bridge, lymph fluid, Flexion and extension. Frenulum, swallowing, Heating, preventing the substrate. How does one go about determining The age of ancient object like this? 10.01.2006
It dwells in the realm of possibilities, I immerse myself again. Back in my university days. I was devastated. It's all about vintage. I've lost my appetite, No surprise there. 11.01.2006
"Cheesy track that's crying out to the bubble form"
I saw myself comin' down too slow, I saw myself rollin' up before you. She needs this junk-core, 84,84. 16.01.2006
"Lion of art"
Ups and downs, Who knows turning points of her game? You won, you lost, you want once more, They're your companions all the same. 17.12.2005
The distorting sense Means she should know May I smoke here? Comedy shows, comments. She must be a good mixer. My secret dream, She spends dull hours in the local court. 17.12.2005
"Contemplative blues 2"
Nothing in the movie, Be in the danger. Substructure principe. Do nothing sometimes, Wait for new rock. Last escape. 17.12.2005
"Never really understood that"
The relative importance, I fix them up, She recapture a missed moment, Be no final judgement. I was out, her turn had finnaly come. The field was empty. I was just incredibly excited, I was pleased to see. She's pretty good. 17.12.2005
"Voodoo smile"
Plains, mountains,forests, Sea-cost, oasis and fertile river, valleys. I'd flown over, I looped round and found myself smiling. No, I do, I really do. Come on, what's been happenning? Yes, I know, maybe so. I saw her first. We both sat there in silence, I just didn't know any more, Just do my job, ok? Stay out of it, I said. 17.12.2005
"I am insane"
In my ideas I am outstanding. I am supergenius. I am insane. The world is my creature. 02.03.2007
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