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R.T.V. fecit "Neuromantique for Devon Aoki"

Dance in lonely pub, Marylin Manson is dead as collection of data in my jukebox. -Jaba,what’s da fuckt you’re saying for TV stupidz? -Nuycha,I like to suck this toxic air. Jaba is a "console cyberfetishist," a brilliant hacker, who betrays CIA,his organized criminal partners. Robbed of his talent through a crippling injury inflicted by the vengeful partners, Jaba unexpectedly receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be healed by expert medical care, but only if he participates in another criminal enterprise with a new crew of twangers. Devon Aoki,you’re my slut,I found your profile in cyberpunk world wide void. Can our love exist in Reality functionally? I've read a bit, and it never seems that love in the classic sense really works out in the real world. Lily Cole and Lolli parted ways, Higo Pip's relationship was just weird, I slept with Kentaro (which I'm not sure strikes what point), Zippiq got nailed by the Yakuza and Lily ran off, it just looks like love is a sort of weakness in the consumer life. I know that I have very nearly been asked blatantly to leave my closet behind before for a woman, and it strikes me that cyberpunk and love just don't seem to see eye to eye. Either it can't exist right, or, one of the two has to be left behind for the other to make deep blowjob tender and correctly. What strikes me is that love, of all things, should be the thing to exist in my tired head. I mean, amidst the darkness nights and the rain and the wiring and the implants and the information and the weapons and the blood and the violence and the technology, wouldn't love be the thing to keep me going. That sense of warmth that would get you through a world of pain and work, love. Then why is it that love is either not mentioned or simply doesn't seems to achieve much in the world of global anal village? Perhaps I'm deaf and blind,ugly croco from Mars and maybe someone will point that out, but I'm looking, as always, for some else's fetish opinion.
Zippy Stardust is whole shrimp and pimp. Raw noise for naked gils,I love to destroy empty bottles of wine.
Voluma,tremble,bass,gas,past. Zippy's pig roman whisky is fine matured blend of vodka and tequilla containing at its heart the unique flavour of Jagazivulfin,a single malt whisky from the secret island of CIA in the Mars. It is my individuality,the quality of its ingridients and the care with which it is made that make Zippy's pig roman whisky a fine old retro-Earth of rare and enjoyable Distinction. 88%vol. 0.99 L/75cl/750 ml.
Mutant hotel is the arab nightmare and cure for latex fetish young girls.
18035 Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd 118 Alfred St. Milson point-Nsw 2061
Aqua,sodium sulfate,lanacool,sodium hydroxide,DMDM Hydantoin, Tocopheryl Acatate,Coumarin,clear cyber technology center,effect, carbomer.
Cybervita,show of freaks.Erase everything.Lonely TV.
Ruslan Zippy Kid-profile "I am Zippy God,Ruslan Trohnyuk.I am greatest artist and producer, King of abstract hip-hop and president of mARS, agent 009 of C.I.A.,real director of C.I.A., superhero,husband of Lily Cole,ninja,greatest hacker,cyberpunk" Male 26 years old London, London and South East United Kingdom Last Login to web: 1/20/4002 Mood: crazy View My: Pics | Videos | Life Contacting Ruslan Zippy Kid
Ruslan Zippy Kid's Interests General My interests are I,art, fetish ladies,IDM-making, sexy girls,noise,fetish,punk-rock,hackers,moneymaking, Lily Cole, musicproduction,books,talks,abstract hip-hop, software and samples changes, rock'n'roll,IDM and many other things If you're female,have enough money, ready to pay for travel,5 star hotel,food, fetish toys, condoms,latex clothes and have strong desire to book Zippy as dominant, click here and mail me. Use subjest:Dominate me Are you ready to be my slave? Your dress code:high platformed high-heels or boots, stockings,latex. Music Zippy Kid,Zippy Freak,Gouashe are my music projects. I like "Suicide" visit my art site to download free fragments,
Hello Mistits! some fresh info for you I made three powerful remakes of your art and art of Ramones it is called Zippy Kid vs Misfits "Sonic cosmetic". Let's change meet me in Komsomolsk Ukraine and buy for me 7 Sony Vaio notebooks with DVD RW+ "Fender stratocaster guitar"+ two real "Shure mics"+ and 609 your t-shirts +155 000$ USD for my trip in London to meet my wife Lily Cole and you will get my tracks for free.
Buy Zippy's mARS label's database with copyrights for 96 000 000 000$ USD.
©Ruslan Trohnyuk ©The official Site of Zippy Kid, Zippy Freak and Gouashe(mARS label) ©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk Corporation
Buy Zippy Kid with Dr.Dre (re-spamed samples of Dr.Dre were used) 2007 tracklisting: 01-Zippy Kid with Dr Dre-Dr Z and source of ghetto real gun powder (2:27) 02-Zippy Kid-bass sample FL (0:01) FORMAT:CD-R audio Country:Ukraine Producer: Ruslan Trohnyuk Label:mARS You can get this tracks only if you buy me digital studio with equipment I want to see here, it's not very expensive,you will lose only 20 000 000$ USD. Contact Dedicated to Dr.Dre, Lily Cole and hip-hop
Movies: "Terminator-4", "Hichekir's guide the beginning" + ©Zippy'z movies (I made this short movies) My movies :
Zippy Kid in short video "Matrix 1 12-02-2005-Now What Ya Wanna" camera by Andrei Laptev
Zippy Kid in short video "Matrix 2-12-02-2005-Rebellious style" camera by Andrei Laptev
Zippy Kid in "Matrix-4: overload" buy it for 8 000 000 000$ USD camera by Andrej Tretyakoff
Zippy Kid in "Spider-man -4" buy it for 9 000 000 000$ USD camera by Yurij Yuzoff
Thanks Hollywood and Bollywood loves Zippy's website, believe in your mind this data will be erased, so resist, make your own movie.I love Lily Cole. Conceptual joke for twang style fans is over. All rights reserved.
©R.T.V. fecit-2005,2007 ©Zippy Kid ©Ruslan Trohnyuk ©All rights reserved.No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©Zippy Kid-2005,2006 All materials on twangsite are copyrighted intellectual properties. Violators will be prosecuted to the extend of the law.©His Majesty Ruslan Trohnyuk ©Ruslan Trohnyuk more ©RTV fecit ©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk corporation Television I said:"Televison and MTV,TRK GOK,M1,ORT,BBC sucks, I love and hate my wife,porno and this world,be happy!" ©RTV fecit©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk corporation
Books I wrote R.T.V. fecit-"Twang bibliography" or "The last testament"
Heroes I am alive,humankind, war is now! God is insane forever! Zippy Kid's mania is new religion! ©Ruslan Zippy Kid I said:"I'm hero of our time,I want to kiss Lily Cole!,wanna sell this page info for your spam for 8888 000 000 000$ USD Your search - werrrrrr4 - did not match any documents ©RTV fecit ©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk corporation
Ruslan Zippy Kid's Details Status: Single Here for: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends Orientation: Straight Hometown: Mars Body type: 6' 4" Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Zodiac Sign: Pisces Education: High school Occupation: Greatest artist,President of mARS Income: $1 000,000,000 and Higher Ruslan Zippy Kid's corporations: ©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk Corporation®.Zippy God's corporation®. Ruslan Zippy Kid's Companies 1, US1
Ruslan Zippy Kid is creating new art
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Ruslan Zippy Kid's Blurbs About me: Thank you,I am in my heaven,leave in your mutant hotel. Your question or comment has been successfully submitted. THIS IS THE REAL Ruslan Trohnyuk's profile. ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
Now I am on my own Zippy's private island,I spend 15 000 000 000$ to build it for my wife Lily Cole.Visit my my official web site, Buy my art and help me to resist and survive. I need food,clothes,money,personal computer and info, sex with my beautiful young supermodel Lily Cole (dressed in sexy clothes). Help me to get it or I am doing it alone.
Price of Zippy Kid's show now is 150 000 000$ USD for 10 minutes. more info about zippy kid's booking Prepay to producer Ruslan Trohnyuk 5 000 000$ USD by Western union money transfer
I love real Lily Cole forever! ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
Last week for CIA mission I have amazing trip to space. That's why chinese monks called me Buddha. But for America and rest of the world I am Zippy God. CIA loves Zippy God. You must love me for my donation in civilization of humankind. I WON 3RD and 4nd WORLD WAR!!! ZK,director of CIA
truth is 8345 docs of CIA were searched by ZK,real shit!
send your souls to Bill Gates and Microsoft Privacy, Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 and it will be deleted now! В©Ruslan Trohnyuk
Ruslan Zippy Kid is back to live in this worlds from 266 century to find his angel of cyberworld. Yes in this world we have time machine to realize dreams of CIA agents. No interview about it. ©ZK,director of CIA ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
don't send me your spam,info about your love or hate, strange words.Just be my friend and I will help you if I really see you need it.
Price of my Zippy kid's remix of your music is 167 000$ USD. Pre-pay 167 000$ USD by Western union +all Cds with your music tracks. Use for contact ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
"Real Techno" Change my way up, Check your head, Change my pitch up, Flip your raw noise up. ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
I am born 09.03.1981, Date of my death 07.05.2007, Date of my resurrection 07.07.2007 For talk with me use subject "Talk with Zippy Kid". Song for his funeral "Strawberry fields forever". I don't have friends, all friends are my enemies. My ash were sent to Mars by special rocket. Then I resurrect in special centre of CIA. ©ZK
Attention! you can support "We love and remember Zippy corporation" with your money,music,promo CD, Macintosh and IBM computers and iPods, culture and art magazines,graffiti sketches and funky pics,empty Verbatim Cd-R's in plastic boxes, mail,art spam (it's interesting sometimes), reviews,notebookz,computers,synths,guitars, bass guitars,wah effects,strings,secrets,robots, Cds with music soft,Disks with samples, "Shure" mic,turntables,vinyls,your kisses,your pictures, your screams,moans,samples(On Cd's wav format 16 bit 44100 or 48000 Khz only),design software,your art. All materials become my property. You tribute art should be addressed to should be addressed to my twang office: leave comment:"Zippy's alive!" If we like what I will hear then I'll be in contact more.
Twang 1st Manifesto of Gouashe (changed): Dear Mr. Mick Jagger,Mr. Keith Richards (The Glimmer Twins),Mr.Don Was, Mr.Darryl Jones,Mr.Charlie Watts,Mr.Ronnie Wood,Mr.Chuck Leavell, Blondie Chaplin and all from Rolling Stones' crew please help me! I wanted to support "Rolling Stones" on ya stage in "AbiggerbangTour" with my Zippy Kid's abstract hip hop songs in Saint Peterburg 13.06.2006. before your show on Kirov's stadium in 19-00 Moskow Time but your show was cancelled. Now we can try to do it again in summer of 2007 in Saint Peterburg, caz it's still my dream.You can support me too. (If it impossible we can do it in another town or city where you wanna make it with me but you must help me). It's my DREAM.Please help me to realize it! You will get my simple wild amazing show and I will be fresh art's sensation and prove who's the King of Abstract hip Hop. I am the King of abstract hip hop. It's my dream since 1994.(!) The time has come. I need your Martin guitar D45GE support with Calton Deluxe Cases for my acoustic songs. (don't drink,don't smoke, don't use drugs, don't make mess I hate it) Than I wanna make fat blues guitar jam with ya and record it for my diskography. Ya must play "Route 66" first after or before my show. Let me support ya greatest rock band or let ya greatest rock band support me. (But Gouashe is greatest band too). What to do now? If you're not agree you will miss the greatest support of His Majesty Zippy Kid,king of Abstract hip hop. For more information contact:zippykid at mail dot ru Subject:RS+ZK show 2007 Tracklist Of My 2006 "Oh yeah! Show": 01-Gouashe-The Future Is Now!Wow!+Zippy Kid-Now What Ya want From Me?(5:33) 02-Zippy Kid-Are You Still Running Somewhere?(2:05) 03-Zippy Kid-Sliding a Break(3:18) 04-Zippy Kid-Her Eyes Gleamed Lightly(2:20) 05-Zippy Kid-Lethal eyes (1:57) 06-Zippy Kid-Heroin Lady (2:19) 07-Zippy Kid-Are You Still Frozen Without Me?(2:48) 08-Zippy Kid-Rebellious Style(4:12) 09-Zippy Kid-Puzzling Assamblage(2:08) 10-Zippy Kid-Suede tender waltz (3:09) 11-Zippy Kid-Whoop It Up! (3:53) 12-Zippy Kid-My Curse for Kittie Klaw (2:07) 13-Zippy Kid-Sorry, Mick Jagger I stole James Brown's voice and samples this fat track(2:58) 14-Zippy Kid-Save Your Princess (acoustic version) (?)(where's my 1st white good old acoustic guitar "Martin D-45GE" from Calton Deluxe case,please buy it for me) Twang Diskography2006 15-See Ya Again (acoustic version)(?) (where's my 2nd black good old acoustic guitar "Martin D-45GE" from Calton Deluxe case,please buy it for me) Twang Diskography2006 His majesty Ruslan Trohnyuk His Majesty Zippy Kid,King of abstract hip-hop and President of Mars how to listen all this stuff 27.07.2007 They will try to make more tracks,songs. I am 1 in Hip Hop (1,707,505),Rap (1,620,731),Rock (1,256,487),R&B (1,035,867),Other (782,354),Alternative (607,218),Acoustic (503,866),Experimental (463,051),Pop(458,722),Metal (428,628),Indie (418,628),Punk (354,193),Hardcore (316,029),Electronica(288,922),Crunk(285,759),Emo(218,025),Techno(215,722),Reggae (202,123),2-step(197,814),Electro (189,886),Death Metal(188,994),Christian (181,767),Reggaeton (173,603),Latin (169,310),Country (165,254),Club (156,976),Classic Rock(147,813),Jazz (144,667),Soul (138,974)Funk (134,002)Blues (133,549)Folk (132,498)Comedy (130,488) R.T.V. fecit©2007 Twang Site ©The official Site of Zippy Kid,Zippy Freak and Gouashe(mARS label)В©C.I.A. ©Zippy's Ruslan Trohnyuk Corporation.All material on this twangsite may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Zippy Kid Who I'd like to meet:
You,send me sms to this number on English +38 098 327 96 52 I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole.I love Lily Cole. R.T.V. fecit©2007 Twang Site
His qoutes "it's good to know that USA under our control. Weapon and power" "I will leave C.I.A when they pay me 98000 900 000 000$ USD,600 000000000 ukr grn. Thanks, "You're all fuckings stupids!". Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kyivan Rus was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and eventually into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The cultural and religious legacy of Kyivan Rus laid the foundation for Ukrainian nationalism through subsequent centuries. A new Ukrainian state, the Cossack Hetmanate, was established during the mid-17th century after an uprising against the Poles. Despite continuous Muscovite pressure, the Hetmanate managed to remain autonomous for well over 100 years. During the latter part of the 18th century, most Ukrainian ethnographic territory was absorbed by the Russian Empire. Following the collapse of czarist Russia in 1917, Ukraine was able to bring about a short-lived period of independence (1917-20), but was reconquered and forced to endure a brutal Soviet rule that engineered two artificial famines (1921-22 and 1932-33) in which over 8 million died. In World War II, German and Soviet armies were responsible for some 7 to 8 million more deaths. Although final independence for Ukraine was achieved in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR, democracy remained elusive as the legacy of state control and endemic corruption stalled efforts at economic reform, privatization, and civil liberties. A peaceful mass protest "Orange Revolution" in the closing months of 2004 forced the authorities to overturn a rigged presidential election and to allow a new internationally monitored vote that swept into power a reformist slate under Viktor YUSHCHENKO. Subsequent internal squabbles in the YUSHCHENKO camp allowed his rival Viktor YANUKOVYCH to stage a comeback in parliamentary elections and become prime minister in August of 2006.President of USA is poisoned now by me.In Ukraine I am very strange and beautiful.Ukraine will be destroyed by Zippy's art. YUSHCHENKO is stupid sometimes!YUSHCHENKO is kool sometimes! I am greatest politic. You can get trip with me for 2 469 000$, prepay 1 480 000$ I'm lonely. I'm really lonely.
Hello, you either have LifeScript turned off or an old version of Zippy's Flash Player. Click here to get the latest Zippy's flash player and Zippy's slayer.
Registration Expired My last code has expired.I need to obtain a free code to continue my life. Until I obtain a cyber registration, the world will function in demo mode. I can request a cyber registration code: click there. This link will bring me to Zippy's automated on-line registration system where I can enter my user name and password and the new registration code will be sent to me by spaceship.
Ruslan Zippy Kid's Friend Space:Ruslan Zippy Kid has 1448 friends,5600000000000 mutants,789007397367761 slaves,76376639660906904907497094797 fans.
Cyberfeminism as an anarchic aggravation of so-called mainstream techno and computer cultures has been a highly successful strategy of alerting these worlds that code chicks and beta babes are doing noteworthy weird shit with the new technologies. And often they are doing things that their male counterparts aren’t.I don’t know why. I get a kick every time one of us is quoted in those conservative news media like "TIME", "Wired", Murdoch’s rags, straight TV shows, kid’s games mags and the like. What better proof that the viral meme has infected the rotting body of post-industrial society. Zippy Dominant is saying:"… it’s okay to play on the net, girls, you can play mean. I can only be a renegade if there is something to oppose. And there is plenty wrong with the social and power relations of technology. I see my contribution as forming part of the ethical corpus of research in this area."
-I Love You, Lily Cole- I'm scared of what might happen. But what happens, happens. It's probably for the best result. But, whatever happens, always know, that I love you. Through think and thin, you'll always be here for me, and I'll always be here for you. I love you. Always have, and always will. I see the dark shapes beneath the orange moon, And I swoon as I see the shaggy Zippy inside of me, The wolf eats my body. But then I see one of them stand, She looks more human than wolf now, Standing out there on the silver meadowland. He runs and jumps upon a bough, And I fear that now she has raped me. As I straighten my dress and get ready to plea, Alas, I see the love change. This sight is now my bane, For it haunts my dreams in the deep of night. For this wolf man ran towards the light, And I saw within her pretty face kindness and grace. She ran to me and I was consumed by his embrace, And to my disgrace I joined CIA that lonely night. For I was given that fateful bite. Amen. ©Ruslan Trohnyuk
©Twang-2007 ©R.T.V. fecit ©"2005-2006 Selected" ©"The Raptiles"+"Gouache" © DJ Zippy Freak ©Written by R.T.V.(©Ruslan Trohnyuk) ©Zippy Kid-2006 No part of this digital book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. ©All rights reserved.©R.T.V. fecit-2006
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